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Hungry is a Mighty Fine Sauce
By Shellie Rushing Tomlinson
Published by Shiloh Hill
224 Pages

ABOUT BOOK: Shellie Rushing Tomlinson, the Belle of All Things Southern, is serving up down-home southern dishes with a healthy side of laugh-out-loud entertainment in Hungry Is a Mighty Fine Sauce. Featuring dozens of tried-and-true recipes complemented by entertaining stories, your hunger--and your craving for humor--are sure to be satisfied! Uncomplicated, delicious recipes including Bodacious Black Bean Salad and Spicy Sausage and Crawfish Spread (125 recipes, to be exact!) fall into categories including Feeding the Funny Farm, Carnivores Are Us, Holidays in Dixie, and Watching the Curves. Eye-catching photos, guaranteed to make your mouth water, are included throughout . . . sure to be a much-appreciated gift or centerpiece on your very own kitchen counter top.

REVIEW: Sometimes I receive surprise books in the mail to review; this was one of them. Not only did I receive 125 Recipes with 80 full color photos inside this book I was introduced to an author whose stories are hilarious. The sections titled Connect with Shellie are sprinkled throughout the book and helped the reader get to know her and her family. The author says, “This cookbook is dedicated to the food of my raising and the hand that prepared it. I’d rather put my feet under your table and swap stories with family and friends than place them under the most celebrated five-star restaurant around.…To treasured readers – Thank you for the friendship and the support. Now put your feet under my table and let’s chat.”

Subtitle to this book says it all, “Recipes and Ramblings from The Belle of All Things Southern” Here are some of the recipes I’d like to try Apple Sauce Breakfast Muffins – Parmesan Bread Bites, Summer’s Shrimp and Feta Cheese PoBoys, Simplest Cathead Biscuits Ever, Chili Cheese Corn Muffins, Pumpkin Bread, Broccoli and Cheese Corn bread, Cheesy Shrimp Spoon Bread, Buttermilk Chicken, Challenging Fish Taco’s Black Olive and Salsa Chicken. (Heck truth be known I want to try all the recipes in this book and most likely will be years end! LOL!)

Below is a peek at this author’s fun personality and wit in the section titled Appetizers to Take the Edges Off – Thoughts on Love and War
“Where there is strife, there is pride.” Prov 12:10 NIV:

The author says, “…In the middle of my story telling you will find me sharing recipes, be seeing as how I believe that all the best recipes come with a story, there’s only one thing left to say, Have a seat, folks let’s chat.”

She continues, “I had to wait a good long while to tell this story, but ever since I got clearance from the parties involved, I’ve been busy telling it here, there, and yonder. It’s just too good. I even put it in my storytelling CD, Y’all Asked for It, a work of love so titled because folks had been asking me for audio recordings of my stories at my product table. I can work this tale into most any speech, given a minute or two to come up with a clever segue, but it’s a perfect opening for a chapter on love and war.” (You’ll have to get the book to read the rest of the story LOL!)

Not only is this book jam packed with mouthwatering Southern dishes it’s filled with fun stories that will make you smile, and laugh as you get to know who Shellie Tomlinson is. I’d never heard of her before being sent this ARC review copy. She’s hilarious. I’ll be checking out her radio program as I make some of these yummy easy to make dishes for friends and family who are not on the gluten-free journey I'm on. I did see some recipes I could eat too! Grin!

ABOUT AUTHOR: Shellie is the fun-loving energetic storytelling host of ATS LIVE, a radio talk show that airs live every Monday evening on TALK 540 out of Monroe, Louisiana. In addition, her pretaped All Things Southern radio segments air Monday through Friday on 28 affiliates across the south. Shellie is a popular humorist, speaker, and the author of the nonfiction humor titles Suck Your Stomach In and Put Some Color On” and Sue Ellen’s Girl Ain’t Fat, She Just Weighs Heavy!” Both received nominations for SIBA Nonfiction Book of the Year and led Jeff Foxworthy to call her, "Laugh out loud funny!" Kori and Missy Robertson of A&E's Duck Dynasty endorsed Shellie's latest release and debut book in the faith market, Heart Wide Open, saying it will fuel your desire for a deeper relationship with God. Watch for Shellie's upcoming storytelling cookbook, "Hungry is a Mighty Fine Sauce", set to be released from Barbor Publishing October 2016.

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255 “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising”

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Danielle Walker’s Against All Grain
Published by 10 Speed Press
345 Pages HB

Book Description: From the two-time New York Times best-selling author of Against All Grain and Meals Made Simple, comes 125 recipes for grain-free, dairy-free, gluten-free comfort food dishes for holidays and special occasions.

When people adopt a new diet for health or personal reasons, they worry most about the parties, holidays, and events with strong food traditions, fearing their fond memories will be lost along with the newly eliminated food groups. After suffering for years with a debilitating autoimmune disease and missing many of these special occasions herself, Danielle Walker has revived the joy that cooking for holidays can bring in Danielle Walker's Against All Grain Celebrations, a collection of recipes and menus for twelve special occasions throughout the year.

Featuring a variety of birthday cakes, finger foods to serve at a baby or bridal shower, and re-creations of backyard barbecue standards like peach cobbler and corn bread, Danielle includes all of the classics. There’s a full Thanksgiving spread--complete with turkey and stuffing, creamy green bean casserole, and pies--and menus for Christmas dinner; a New Year's Eve cocktail party and Easter brunch are covered, along with suggestions for beverages and cocktails and the all-important desserts. Recipes can be mixed and matched among the various occasions, and many of the dishes are simple enough for everyday cooking. Stunning full-color photographs of every dish make browsing the pages as delightful as cooking the recipes, and beautiful party images provide approachable and creative entertaining ideas.

Making recipes using unfamiliar ingredients can cause anxiety, and while trying a new menu on a regular weeknight leaves some room for error, the meal simply cannot fail when you have a table full of guests celebrating a special occasion. Danielle has transformed her most cherished family traditions into trustworthy recipes you can feel confident serving, whether you’re hosting a special guest with food allergies, or cooking for a crowd of regular grain-eaters.

REVIEW: I was intrigued by the subtitle of this book “A year of gluten-free, Dairy-Free, and Paleo recipes for every occasion.”

My family and I are on a dietary journey to wellness very similar to the journey this author went on. I found this book to be very helpful, the recipes easy to follow and ingredients easy to find.

I liked how the author engages family members to be open to try new foods, embrace new traditions and look at holidays differently. “…Memories are woven into the food we enjoy during those special times of the year…when you are forced to alter your diet drastically for the sake of your health, you may understandably fear that your fond memories and traditions will be lost along with the newly eliminated food groups…there is a deep sense of loss when you can no longer experience the joy that comes from lovingly preparing and serving food to the people you care about…I have made it my mission, with my blog and with my books, to break the misconception that you have to live a life of deprivation and alienation when you adopt a new dietary life.”

I think she has done a great job of accomplishing her mission in this book. The celebrations start out with the menu for a New Year’s Eve Cocktail Party. Then she lists menus for Game Day, Valentine’s Day (I liked that she includes fun ways for younger children to be involved in the holiday along with a menu for a special Dinner for two), Easter Brunch, Mother’s and Father’s Day, Birthday Parties, Fourth of July, Summer Showers, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. The recipes can be used for everyday not just on special occasions. The recipes include ingredients easily found in your grocery store, and instructions are easy to follow. I loved the fact that every recipe in the book has a beautiful color picture to go with it.

I thought the list of Top 10 Tips for Effortless Entertaining fun and helpful. Near the beginning of the book the author has a glossary and substitution list for the ingredients she uses in the book. She lists the ingredient and explains what it is and where it comes from. She also tells readers’ two to three places to obtain the ingredient and the best way to store it.
The menu list for Game Day Buffet (along with many other items listed on other celebration days. I could see me and my family using these items often.
1.    Sweet and Sour Meatballs
2.    2. Buffalo Wings with Herb Ranch Dressing
3.    Cauliflower Buffalo Bites
4.    Carnitas Tostones
5.    Green Chile Chicken Soup
6.    Whoopie Pies

I thought the recipe and instructions for Christmas Ginger Bread house looked fun and yummy to eat. I also wanted to try some of the other recipes for in that section, Thumbprint cookies, Sun Butter Buckeyes, Gingersnap Cookies, Cut out Cookies, Chocolate Fudge, Eggnog, Peppermint Hot Cocoa, Marshmallows, Pumpkin Spice Latte, Gingerbread Late and so many other recipes through the year.

This is a hard back cook book that is beautiful to look at, fun to read and filled with yummy looking recipes that I know will soon become family favorites.

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received a complimentary copy of this book from the Blogging for Books site. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255 “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising”

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BETH MOORE is releasing First Ever FICTION novel
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I almost fell over last night when I was in Barnes and Nobel. I hit the JACKPOT for coloring books at such a wonderful price too. $5.00 WOW! Check these titles out.

Yes, some coloring books had pencils with them for $5.00 Great deal!
It seemed that every where I turned there were coloring books of all shapes and sizes. I was stunned and grateful! They were all different inside. The quality of paper was different too. Some had thick pages others pretty thin. I enjoy coloring on the thicker pages. I also like the books that have bold out lines and larger designs.

Yes a small supply of coloring pencils

My Favorite - This is on my Christmas list

Barnes and Nobel is an incredible place for coloring books. The prices are wonderful, The variety of coloring book styles are unbelievable. It could take a week to look inside each one. Oh, the places you can go inside those pages. Barnes and Nobel has the deals. Go check it out for yourself! Grin!

Is there a Favorite place you enjoy buying coloring books? Do tell!


Until next time.

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 Pop Manga Coloring Book
By Camilla d’Errico
Published by: Watson-Guptill; Clr Osm Edition
ISBN# 978-0399278472

REVIEW: Here I am coloring again and loving it. The cover of this coloring book caught my eye. I’m not familiar with this artist or the Pop Manga pictures. I just wanted a chance to color these pages; they are really unique pictures; not like anything else out there.

My son says that this is a popular style that the kids have gone crazy over.  Note from the author: “In this collection, I hope to provide you with a really interesting and unique experience. I want whomever picks up this book and flips through its pages to feel an irresistible urge to fill in all its images with all sorts of vivid colors…..I have re purposed some of my artwork, adding cool patterned backgrounds to fill the negative space – and to give you more elements to color!”

I have a sample of uncolored pages from this book and the two that I colored. I had fun and felt free to create with colors and coloring style. The only thing I wished this artist had done in the book was make the girls smile. My son said that this is not what this genre is all about! I’ll have to look into that. I enjoyed the pages I colored. They made me think outside the box in reference to colors  and style. I look forward to coloring the other pages inside.

I’ll have more information about coloring featured here soon! I'll be talking about where the best collection of supplies are and different ideas for coloring! I'd love to hear your input!
ABOUT BOOK: Manga artist and Pop Surrealism superstar Camilla d’Errico presents her first ever adult coloring book, filled with portraits, patterns, and the stunning artwork her fans and collectors have come to love.

This one-of-a-kind book offers you the opportunity to collaborate with d’Errico, adding your colors to her gorgeous black and white linework. Featuring everything from haunting and surreal character portraits to pages filled with patterns and designs all rendered in d’Errico’s inimitable style, Pop Manga Coloring Book is guaranteed to provide hours of coloring fun and excitement.

ABOUT AUTHOR: Camilla d'Errico is an Italian-Canadian comic illustrator and Fine Arts painter. Her illustration and publication clients include Dark Horse Comics, Image Comics, Slave Labor Graphics, BOOM! Studios, Simon and Schuster and more. Camilla's comic illustration projects range from her personal passion project Tanpopo to collaborative projects with Neil Gaiman and Grant Morrison. Find her titles Burn, Sky Pirates of Neo Terra, Tanpopo, and The Art Of Camilla d'Errico vols 1 & 2 on Amazon or in your local book store.

Nora :o)
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Disclosure of Material Connection: I received a complimentary copy of this book from Blogging for books site. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255 “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising”

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ABOUT THE MOVIE: Brandon Burlsworth is perhaps the greatest walk-on in the history of college football. Brandon dreamed of playing for the Arkansas Razorbacks, but was told he wasn’t good enough to play Division I ball. Undeterred, Brandon took a risk and walked on in 1994. Written off by fellow teammates and coaches, Brandon displayed dogged determination in the face of staggering odds. The awkward kid who once was an embarrassment to his teammates and an annoyance to his coaches, ended up becoming the most respected player in the history of the program, changing the lives of all he touched.

Movie Blurb from publicist: “Starring Neal McDonough who plays Marty Burlsworth Brandon’s older brother. It’s an inspiration and uplifting film about one of the greatest walk-on stories in college football. It’s also a great story about perseverance in not only Brandon’s efforts on the field but his relentless faith in the Lord to help him through the challenges he faces in his life. It is that persistence that allows him to reach greater heights in his college football career.”

Bring plenty of tissues to this film as you see how many people Brandon’s life touched on his way to making football history.

For additional information and to locate a theater near you click on this link.

Nora St.Laurent
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How did you come up with the idea for The Looming Storm?

DAVID/DIANE: This inspirational thriller percolated in our hearts and minds for some time before we began putting thoughts on paper. In our nine earlier books, we’ve written about a variety of law enforcement and justice issues. We wanted to partially set our tenth novel in Florida, and we wanted to feature more of David’s undercover cases and techniques. Our prior two books contained history, and the new novel is totally contemporary. Ideas kept developing, so we took a fun research trip to the Florida Keys. While listening to Bertie Higgins singing ‘I was your hero, and you were my leading lady’ from his hit song Key Largo, we visited a landing strip on a tiny island in the Florida Keys where David once landed while working an undercover cocaine smuggling case. Offshore we spotted another small island where he stayed with drug smugglers who didn’t know David was a DEA agent. We thought the setting was perfect. The Looming Storm links startling events in high-powered Washington D.C. with the relaxed lifestyle of the Keys. Enough said … It’s suspense.

Nora: It's nice to get the behind the scenes scoop about your new novel!

What do you hope readers take away from The Looming Storm?

DAVID/DIANE: There are several takeaways we hope readers will have. They’ll find an insider’s view as they experience undercover activities of Federal agents gathering evidence and intelligence about an international cabal of spies, which readers often hear about in the news. After reading The Looming Storm, readers can know that while the news may be frightening, there are Federal agents and police officers who are working, sometimes for twenty-four hours straight and through the night while the reader is sleeping, to protect our freedoms. Also, the reader will realize some of these heroes are Christians whose actions are influenced by their Christian worldview. 

Without giving away too much of the exciting plot, the reader receives a glimpse of end times prophecy, which points to a “looming storm.” And finally, and perhaps most importantly, though Federal Agent Eva Montanna is challenged during the trials she and her family face, her faith comes alive. She learns how to trust God in every storm she faces. Because the Lord has protected us in so many situations, we strive in this novel to display His power and faithfulness.

Nora: Thanks for sharing this perspective. Things do seem crazy. Thank you for letting us know that people are working to help keep the peace and many of them are like both of you whose actions are influenced by our Maker!

What was your favorite scene in The Looming Storm? Which was the most fun to write? Which was the hardest? Why? 

DAVID/DIANE: For David, his favorite scene is when FBI agent Griff Topping flies undercover in the Keys. This is so like what David experienced when he infiltrated smuggling rings. 

For Diane, her favorite scene is the courtroom scene when a federal prosecutor questions a witness in a federal criminal trial. This is similar to her courtroom dramas when she served as an Assistant United States Attorney.

Nora: Your work experience helps make your stories believable and at the same time giving readers hope!

A fun scene for David to write is we introduce an informant by the name of Louis Clark. He tries so hard, but has made many wrong choices. Will life become better or worse for Louie as he helps the federal agents go undercover? David has worked with many informants, developing their evidence, and reaching higher into criminal organizations. 

For Diane, the most fun scene is introducing a new character—DEA agent Brett Calloway. David spent many years as a DEA agent, and he and Diane became a bit creative with Brett.

Nora: Thank you for sharing what your past work experience has been. It's fascinating to know this about you both!

DAVID/DIANE: The hardest scene to write takes place when Eva’s daughter Kaley goes to Eastern Europe for her class trip, and faces a dangerous situation. Though we have traveled near the area we write about, we wanted to portray events realistically for readers without being too graphic or dark. We aim for a light touch in writing suspense to keep our novels family friendly.    

Nora: Thank you for not being too graphic and dark!

Can you tell me of two “Wow” moments you’ve had in your writing career? What made it a wow for you?

 DAVID/DIANE: Diane first had the desire to write a historical novel. Now you know why three of our novels include history: The Camelot Conspiracy, Stolen Legacy, and Embers of Courage. At the suggestion of a publisher, Diane asked David to join her in creating a suspense thriller. Neither of us knew how two people could go about writing the same novel.

The first Wow for us came as we discovered we could do this together. Clearly God was moving in our hearts, minds, and hands. There are some co-authors where one does the research and the other does the writing. We both do the research and the writing. It’s fun for us to pick up one of our earlier novels, and try to figure out who wrote which scenes.

The second Wow is discovering that we haven’t run out of ideas. We know some authors who complain about writer’s block. That is something we haven’t experienced. Our years in the criminal justice system have plied us with endless thrilling, and sometimes scary, stories that just need to be fictionalized.

Nora: These are definitely two fun WOW'S I'm glad you shared!

Can you share your testimony with us?

DAVID/DIANE: We are both Christians who have accepted God’s gift of salvation through Jesus Christ’s selfless and loving act on the cross. He is the Lord of our lives and directs our steps. It is our desire to praise and worship Him in all we do. Although we’ve had exciting and dangerous careers that provide us with unending fodder of plots, we are eager to include in our novels characters who are Christians, living out their faith in their daily contact with family, coworkers and even criminals. A few times, we have been given reviews by readers that complain our novels contain “religious rubbish.” It’s hard to see those reviews, but we don’t have any choice. We are told to not hide our light under a bushel.

Nora: I'm thankful for your faith and your stories!

Out of all the sounds in the world, which are your favorite?

David’s is the Pan Flute.

Diane’s is David’s lively and spirited whistling. 

Nora: Fun!

We all live busy lives and all of us are in different seasons of life; that as a given what part of your day requires the most patience from you to get through? Causes you to pray the most?

DAVID/DIANE: Each of us keeps pretty busy schedules both researching and writing, or scheduling and supporting book events. We serve in the food pantry and sing in the choir of our church. The stress comes in the evening when we’d like to relax and unwind toward bedtime. Adrenaline is still kicking in. That’s when we are most likely to turn on the TV where we find the producers promoting “if it bleeds, it leads” or the constant mantra of baiting people groups against one other for political advantage. We tend to read a lot or watch nice movies instead. And we are inspired to pray at this time of the day praising God for how He has moved throughout our day, and for His protections, and provisions. We ask Him to bring peace to our spirits as we turn over to Him the many needs of family and friends and the persecuted church around the world. 

Nora: I'm glad He's called you all to write as a team!

If you were asked to create a theme park, what would the theme be and what would you name it?

DAVID/DIANE: Welcome to Urban Alley. In each stage of this venue, the guest is equipped with a body camera and an electronic gun, something like laser tag or paintball. They walk about the streets and alleys playing the role of a “good” police officer. The guest approaches actors playing the role of residents. Some are friendly and others are antagonistic. Some may be complainants or victims while others would be witnesses. Suddenly, the paying patron is confronted by a person with a knife or a gun. Do they shoot or not? At the end, they are critiqued on their reaction and temperament. Urban Alley is what rookie police officers and federal agents must go through in their training. Even after extensive training, they may still be accused of overreacting in the heat of the chase. If we could all walk in their shoes, we might better understand. Maybe it’s too realistic to be a successful theme park.

In a separate part of the park, Diane wants a replica of Jane Austen’s home to tour, a movie theater playing movies based on her books, and beautiful gardens to walk in after experiencing Urban Alley.

As you can see, we don’t always agree on everything. Imagine us writing a 320- page book. It works, thanks to Jesus!

Nora: LOL! That sounds like quite an interesting park. I know that my boys and husband would love to go there! I'd be there cheering them on watching!

If you knew you couldn’t fail, what would you wake up tomorrow and do?

Cure zika virus, cancer, ALS, and Alzheimer’s, giving God all the glory.

Nora: Love your answer!

If you could write yourself into a novel, which book would you choose and what would your character do?

DAVID/DIANE: We’ve both had the chance to do this in several of our thrillers. In Confirming Justice, Hero’s Ransom, and The Looming Storm, the prosecutor or defense attorneys described are based on Diane’s many hours dressed in a suit and high-heeled shoes while arguing before stern judges and needing-to-be-convinced juries. Hero’s Ransom features a young attorney named Madison Stone who takes on a difficult child custody case. Maddy is inspired by Diane’s experience as a fledgling lawyer and also on one of her cases.

In Confirming Justice, and The Looming Storm there are undercover DEA agents doing the risky things David did in his career. Diane says that FBI agent Griff Topping, who appears in each of our novels, is really a compilation of the qualities she finds in David, including a terrific smile, sense of humor, and gutsy determination in facing life’s challenges. Go Griff! 

Nora: Fun! Thanks for answering this question!

ABOUT AUTHORS: After a millionaire drug-dealer wrote a memoir that became a movie starring Johnny Depp, Diane Munson decided the good guys wearing white hats should be the ones to write memoirs. A former Federal prosecutor, she asked David, a former undercover DEA Special Agent, to join her in writing about David’s arrest of Johnny Depp’s character in Chicago and other criminals in what the Munson’s deem “high velocity suspense”. Now, this husband and wife writing team reveal the thrills of back alley deals and legal drama in their intriguing suspense novels.

Diane Munson is an attorney of more than twenty-five years who transitioned from her law practice and writing briefs for judges to weaving inspiring fiction for readers. David Munson was a Special Agent with the NCIS and with the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). As an undercover agent, he infiltrated international drug smuggling organizations. David also served on Capitol Hill as a Congressional Fellow for the Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations where he investigated the government’s efforts to co-opt foreign spies and other classified military operations.

More recently Diane flew solo in a law practice specializing in family law. She and David also worked together as Christian mediators and have seen that justice and forgiveness are possible no matter the circumstances. As they travel to research and cloister to write, they thank The Lord for the blessings of faith and family. A verse they hold dear is Jeremiah 29:11, “I know the plans I have for you,” declares The Lord, “Plans to give you hope and a future.”

Nora: I'm so thankful to have David and Diane Muson here today. I appreciate you both stopping by and helping us get to know you and your books. I’m excited about the Signed copy of Looming Storm Giveaway Opportunity at TBCN blog We will run until the Sept 1st.

Three questions for your readers. 

PLEASE ANSWER ONE of the following questions to be entered into the drawing.  (Note: For USA Entries only)

1.Do you read the last page of the book before you start reading the beginning? If so, why? If not, why not?

2,Many TBCN fans have read many of our books. Authors don’t always hear from readers, so we’d like to know from the TBCN fans. If you’ve read our books, which one did you like the most and why? Secondly, do you have a favorite character? If so, who?

3,In The Looming Storm, teenager Kaley Montanna considers her mother, Federal Agent Eva Montanna, to be her role model. Do you have a hero/mentor? Who is it and what difference has he or she made in your life?

NAME DRAWN for a Signed copy of The Looming Storm is Loraine Nunley. CONGRATS!



Nora :o)

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God Gave Us Thankful Hearts
Lisa Tawn Bergren
Artist David Hohn
Published by Waterbrook
40 Pages

BOOK COVER: Adventurous Lil Pup is bummed that hibernating season will soon be coming to the Great North Woods. Why should so many of his friends have to go in for the winter and leave Lil Pup without pals? Mama reminds her little wolf that not all animals hibernate, and how he can be grateful for the beautiful autumn season – for jumping in leaf piles, eating apple treats, and celebrating the wonders of fall with his forest friends.  And she points out…

“I think the trick to having a thankful heart is thinking about the things that make us happy, rather than the things that don’t.”

As Mama and Lil Pup explore, she reminds him that God is the giver of all good things. Lil Pup learns that even when something fun comes to an end; his heart can be thankful when he sets his mind on the best things in his life.

This inviting addition to the best-selling God Gave Us series, with nearly 2.5 million books sold, helps little ones to understand how giving thanks warms hearts and brings joy.

REVIEW: When I saw this children’s book written by an author I’ve enjoyed I wanted to read it. The cover was lovely and made me want to look inside. I liked many things the Pup and his mom discussed this is one that started their journey. “The trick to having a thankful heart,” Mama said, “is thinking about the things that make us happy, rather than the things that don’t.”

“Hmm, Like What?”

Little Pup and his mom start searching their hearts and the world around them to discover many things they are grateful for, including the leaves falling and the winter that was quickly approaching. They came up with many things to be thankful for.

This is a story that would be great to bring out before Thanksgiving day and great to read the rest of the year. The artist brings the story to life with an array of fall colors used in the sweet beautifully colored illustrations. I can’t wait to read this with my grand-kids. It’s definitely a warm and cozy story! One that will make you smile and feel good inside. I highly recommend it.

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received a complimentary copy of this book from Blogging for books site. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255 “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising”

Nora St. Laurent
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Next Door As it is in Heaven
By Lance Ford and Brad Brisco
Published by Tyndale House Publishers
181 Pages

Back Cover: There was a time when neighbors knew each other’s names, when small children and the old and infirm alike had more than their families looking out for them. There was a time when our neighborhoods were our closest communities.

No more. Neighborhoods have become the place where nobody knows your name. Into this neighborhood crisis the words of Jesus still ring true: Second only to the command to love God is the command to “love your neighbor as yourself.”

In Next Door as It Is in Heaven, Lance Ford and Brad Brisco offer first principles and best practices to make our neighborhoods into places where compassion and care are once again part of the culture, where good news is once again more than words, and where the love of God can be once again rooted and established.

REVIEW: The authors describe a time “When neighbors knew each other’s names, when small children and the old and infirm a like had more than their families looking out for them. There was a time when our neighbors were our closest community.”

They talk about how we have compartmentalized the different communities in our lives.. “Our work”, “our church”, “our schools” none of them intersect.”

The authors then describe a movie titled Avalon that shows the breakdown of close communities. They say, “Avalon begins as a portrait of a robust, relationally rich extended family. Life is lived with others, both in times of shared joy and periods of struggles and hardships. People are connected. Conversations are many. Common meals are the norm. Life is rooted not only in relationships with others but also in relationship to place.”

“Three forces are introduced into the life of Avalon that fragment their relationship connectedness. But once the family fully embraces the modern American way of living there is no possibility of holding the pieces together.”

1.    Creation of Suburbs 
2. The Rise of the Automobile 
3. The popularization of television.

The Suburbs was viewed as a better place to live.” Automobile took every day fathers away. They were able to relocate their families to the suburbs without giving up their jobs in Avalon. Every day they would drive out of the neighborhood, alone, to work in a place that was no longer home.”

“Change in our culture - Jesus went to masses. Embraced people. Talked about who our neighbor are and how Jesus saw community.”
At the end of each chapter there is a reflection time and suggestions on how to apply what you’ve learned to your life, at the same time assessing where you’re at! 

I found it fascinating to learn about how exciting innovations to help improve life degraded our sense of community. I always wondered about how we’d gotten to a place where we do not know our neighbors names and they don’t know ours. I wondered how we’ve become so isolated and compartmentalized while we are a society that is more connected than ever.

This was an eye opening read showing how we’ve lost our unity with each other – the sense of belonging. How we’ve become isolated and compartmentalized. It helps to explain about how we’ve gotten this way relationally. I liked how these authors showed what Jesus did to connect with people. How he created community no matter where he was. I also liked that they gave examples and urged readers to reach out to their neighbors. “Take hold of the heavenly vision and run with it. If we do this “you and your neighbors can experience life next door as it is in heaven.”

Can you imagine how life could be if we all gave this a try? 

ABOUT AUTHORS: BRAD BRISCO has been involved in church planting for over 17 years and is currently a church-planting catalyst for a network of Baptist churches in Kansas City. He is the cofounder of Forge Kansas City and co-author (with Lance Ford) of Missional Essentials and The Missional Quest.

Together Lance and Brad serve on Forge America, a missions-training network, and they train and consult for churches and faith communities. They both are co-founders of the Sentralized Conference.

LANCE FORD was a church planter and pastor for 20 years. He is the author of several books, including Revangelical, UnLeader, and Right Here, Right Now (with Alan Hirsch).

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received a complimentary copy of this book from Tyndale Publisher. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255 “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising”

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