1. How did you start out your writing career? Did you always know you wanted to be a writer?

No, hardly. I did not write professionally until I was 37. Before that, I dabbled in some nonfiction theological writing. I certainly never expected to write fiction. My first fiction I started on a whim. It was never something I expected to turn into a career.

2. How did you get the idea for your first novel “Dinner with A Perfect Stranger”?

There was some material on comparative religion from my first seminary theology class that I wanted to put into book form – thinking nonfiction. Later in seminary, after taking a class on creative writing, I had the idea of putting it and other material in the form of a conversation between Jesus and a modern day cynic.

3.Did you come up with the title “Dinner with a Perfect Stranger”? If not, what was your
working title?

My father in law handed me a card with a few words on it and said, “There’s your title.” I don’t remember what I had before that.

4.How did you come up with the idea for your second book “A Day with a Perfect Stranger”?

I don’t recall. But I do know that I wanted the theme to be the sufficiency of the love of God in Christ to fill the human heart.

5.Did you come up with the title “A Day with a Perfect Stranger”? If not, what was your working title?

Once I decided on the time frame of the book, a day, the title just seemed natural for a sequel.

6.Can you tell me of two “Wow” moments you have had on your journey to being published and now afterwards? What made it a “Wow” moment for you?

Two of my biggest Wow moments have been emails on the Perfect Stranger movies: one from a man in the South who showed the movie, The Perfect Stranger, to three Muslim friends who subsequently came to Christ. The other was from a woman in Texas who said God used a scene from the movie Another Perfect Stranger to help heal her from a devastating incident during her teen years.
7.Are you satisfied with how the movies came out about your books? How involved were you in the movie making process?

Yes, extremely satisfied. I had no idea how the movies would turn out. Kelly Filmworks did an outstanding job with both movies, which were true to the books and yet had their own unique spin that added to, instead of detracting from, the books. I was not very involved in the movie making. I approved the scripts and for the first I was there for several days of filming as an observer. I was mainly there just to have fun.

8.What was your favorite book as a child? Why?

It’s hard to pick one. My favorites: A Wrinkle in Time, Alice in Wonderland, Bambi, The Wizard of Oz.

9.Do you read Christian fiction? If so, who are your favorite authors?

I don’t read a lot of fiction, period. I am trying to train myself to. I have always been a nonfiction guy. I lean toward C.S. Lewis’s fiction because it reflects his nonfiction so much. Two of my favorite fiction scenes are in That Hideous Strength.

10.It says in your bio that you didn’t go to college for writing but business. What do you do at your day job? When do you have time to write the books your have?

Writing is my day job now. Before I was able to write fiction fulltime, I was editing for Chuck Swindoll’s ministry, Insight for Living. Once upon a time I spent ten years as a compensation analyst – not that anyone knows what that is.


1. Tea or coffee? What brand is your favorite? Neither, except Frappucinos.

2. Beach or Mountains?

I like forested mountains coming down to the beach, as we have here in Oregon.

3.What is the neatest place you have ever visited and why? What made it so neat, special, memorable for you?

Yosemite National Park. The grandeur of nature there is incredible.

4.If you had all the time in the world (and just as much money) to do anything you wanted to do; what would you do?

If I had all the money in the world, I would provide clean water, adequate nutrition, adequate health care and education to all the developing world; I would provide the gospel message to every person on the planet; I would provide the message of our union with Christ to every believer; I would make sure that everyone in America was adequately educated on the political philosophies of the Founding Fathers and the economic philosophy of Thomas Sowell. That would be a good start.

5.Who is your favorite chef on the cooking channel? Why? Have you ever tried any of their recipes? What did you try and did it turn out?

Are you kidding? Why would I want to watch people cook?

6. If you could interview or hang out with someone for a day who would you pick? Why?

An elderly friend of mine in Michigan. She describes herself as “the most joyful person in the world.”

7.Would you rather watch a sporting event on TV or in person? Which sporting events do you watch and why?

My top sporting event to go to in person would be a Dallas Stars hockey playoff game. NHL playoffs are the most exciting events of all, though I am not otherwise a big hockey fan. Next to that, I like to watch football on TV (the action is too start and stop in person), basketball live, and baseball on TV (too slow in person).

8. If you had 24 hours to hang out with anyone dead or alive in the history of the world, what two people would you pick and why?

Adam and Noah. Just think of the historical holes you could fill.

9. Have you ever been on or would you like to go on a mission trip? If you have been where did you go? If you haven’t where would you like to go and what would you like to do?

Not a mission trip per se. I’ve been on a short training trip with a Christian organization to northern Mexico, and I’ve been to Croatia to speak at a week-long Christian conference.

10. Star Wars or Lord of the Rings? Why did you pick that one?

Oh. That is difficult. Lords of the Rings, I suppose. The themes more closely parallel the themes we see played out concerning the Kingdom of God.

Thanks so much for dropping by David and letting us get to know you and your books a little better!!

All the best to you!!

Nora :)


  1. Loved the interview and Dinner & Day with a Perfect Stranger books & movies! Can't wait to read The Next Level.

    Gail Mundy

  2. I loved the simple way the truth of Jesus was presented in these 2 books. We make it so complicated but David Gregory demonstrates how easy it can be for all of us.

    Ginger, Suwanee, GA