Page Turner Book Club meeting at Borders Mall of GA store. Cindy Woodsmall is our special guest. This is the First Authors to speak to our group.
Cindy and I had meet at her book signing held at Life Way Mall of GA store a few weeks before this book club meeting. Ane Mulligan had given me Cindy's book to read because she thought is was so good. I read "When the Heart Cries" and was facinated how timely the book was. Cindy had discribed the Amish and their ways in her book. She discussed how the Amish handle things their own way or not at all. Little did Cindy know (or the publisher for that matter) that a man would go into an Amish school house and kill children. It was all over the news a few months before our book club meeting. People were very fascinated by the Amish culture and how they handled that tragedy. The community finally burnt down the school house. No kids would ever be there to be harmed again. I was glad they did that. Cindy covers a different type of tragedy in her book. It's an inside look at how a family handles harm done to them.
This is Cindy Woodsmall's first book to be published. It is also a first book in a series of three. The book "WHEN THE HEART CRIES" covered many first for our book club and for Cindy. It was Cindy's first book, her first book club meeting and this was our first time to have an author come speak to our club. I had experienced Cindy's first book signing at Life Way as well. It was exciting for both of us. This was uncharted territory. Everyone had great questions for Cindy and she was wonderful to take her picture with us and sign our books.
Cindy said that when she first started to write she didn't want anyone to see her work. She had finaly managed to show some people her work in high school and won a few awards. She then put that aside because she felt she had to get onto the real things of life. Writing was something she did for fun. It was her passion.
She later had to be true to herself and what the Lord made her to be. She started writing the stories down that the Lord was giving her. She went to an agent and started shopping around the story of an Amish family. She had known Amish kids at school. She was fascinated by them. One because her friend as much as the Amish allowed them to be. It sparked her imagination to write the story. Her Amish friends read the story for accuracy.
We loved having Cindy Woodsmall talk to our group , share her heart and give us an insight in the the writing world we didn't have before. It was fascinating and inspiring. It was a very special night for my book club and me.


This was the FIRST book signing that I have ever gone to. I had gotten an e-mail from Karen's website that she was going to be in the Nashville, at the Life Way Christian Store. I called the store to confirm. that fact. The store said yes and gave me directions.

I had told my husband that I really wanted to meet her. He told me that Nashville, wasn't that far to travel. Then he surprised me and took all of us to meet Karen Kingsbury, at the Life Way Store in Nashville. My husband took a picture of my three lovely children with Karen Kingsbury. Karen had someone from her staff taking pictures of everyone with her camera to post on her website. I thought that was very thoughtful. Not everyone brought their camera with them.
We had gotten to Nashville the night before so I was able to be one of the first people in line. We got there a couple of hours before she was expected to come visit the store. The store was ready for the line and had robes off areas to show how the line would be forming toward the back of the store.

The only thing to do while waiting in line was to look out the big picture window at the front of the store. I was stairing out the window when I noticed ELEPHANTS walking down the street. You read that right - Elephants. I couldn't believe my eyes. I quickly asked the woman next to me "Hey can you please hold my place in line? I've got to get my kids they won't believe this." She smiled at my and said "Sure".

My children had headsets on listening to music. I yelled at them, "Kids, come with me to see the Elephants". Yeah, right was the look they gave me. I'm sure they were convinced I had totally lost it. I finally convinced them to follow me to the front of the store. They quickly saw what I was talking about as we stood in line stairing at the huge creatures walking down the street. It was so unbelievable. I never realized how large Elephants really were. I found out later that this is how they advertise the Circus coming to town. The elephants weren't the only animals in the parade but the only ones I can recall. It was just so amazing to watch these giants slowly walk down the street holding each others tails with their trunks - just like you see on TV.

Soon after the elephants went by Karen Kingsbury walks thru the front doors of Life Way. She too had to stop and watch the Elephant parade down the street. She then focused on all of us waiting in line and said "That's something you don't see every day. I've never seen that before. That just might end up in a book of mine some day. " We all laughed about that. None of us realized just how LARGE these animals are when you put them up against REAL life.
Karen Kingsbury started the book signing out by saying to me "Hi, I'm Karen. What is your name?" Wow! I didn't expect that. Of course I knew her name. I thought it was nice of her to do that. It relaxed me and I was able to view her as a real person - not a celebrity. I had gotten nervious waiting in line so long. After she said her name and I mine I relaxed. I was able to brethe again. I felt right at home. I had given all my children one of her books to have signed by Karen. As Karen stood up and started to talk to us and sign books; I noticed that people behind me in line had bags of books from home for Karen to sign. She stood up; talked to each of us ; signed each book; and took a picture with us. No sitting down for her as talked to everyone and signed every book. Wow!! She was so down to earth.
As my daughter Hilary gave Karen Kingsbury the book she held in her hand to sign I heard her say, "My name is Hilary. That is spelt with one "L". Not like Hillary Clinton who spells it with two. " Karen made a note and signed the book accordingly.
It was my second child Isaac"s turn to hand Karen the book he was holding. I saw him walk up to her close and say in his loud small voice, "Hi, I'm Isaac. I-S-A-A-C. Can you get that right. Everyone gets the spelling of my name wrong!! Isaac. That's the way it's spelt. Just like it is in the bible." She laughed and made sure she got that down right for him. I rolled my eyes. Oh, boy. What a kid!! I'm glad that he his proud of his name though and knows where we got the inspiration for his name.
Karen then turned to my third child and said "And what is your name? "
"My name is Luke." he said as he got close to Karen in order to hand her this very large book . He was stuggling just a little to hold it with on hand and give it to her. (The book I gave Luke was one of Karen's three in one books)
Karen then said "Would you like me to make this book out to you."
He looked at her timidly head down a little; I could tell he was a little nervious. I could hear by the tone in his voice that he was kind of exasperated as he slowly lifted his head and looked in her eyes said "Here you go. Boy if I had to read this book - I would just die. I hate big books!"

So, there you go. Out of the mouths of babes. Karen and I laughed again. I couldn't believe it. But then I could coming from Luke who hasn't caught the reading bug yet. He couldn't imagine why anyone would want to read a book that large.
You can see the large book I have in my hand and why Luke could be intimidated to read it. I was a little embarrised but I too had to laugh. Karen took it all in stride she leaned over to me and said "I have kids to. I understand. Here I have pictures of my kids with me on my laptop." She smiled big and then points me to the laptop where a slide show is running of all her 3 kids and her 3 adopted children. They are very happy and beautiful.

After amazing visit with Karen Kingsbury I was of a tour we could take of Headquarters for Life Way. We started looking into that. It sounded really neat. Since I worked at Life Way Christian Store in Alpharetta for a while it would be a very insteresting thing to do. The comute would be close (it was attached to the Life Way Christian Store of Nashville) we called for reservations. We toured the building. I'll show you pictures of that tour in another blog. It was all quite amazing. I am thankful for a very caring and giving Husband. THANK YOU HONEY, for your special gift to me and our children.