Page Turner Book Club meeting at Borders Mall of GA store. Cindy Woodsmall is our special guest. This is the First Authors to speak to our group.
Cindy and I had meet at her book signing held at Life Way Mall of GA store a few weeks before this book club meeting. Ane Mulligan had given me Cindy's book to read because she thought is was so good. I read "When the Heart Cries" and was facinated how timely the book was. Cindy had discribed the Amish and their ways in her book. She discussed how the Amish handle things their own way or not at all. Little did Cindy know (or the publisher for that matter) that a man would go into an Amish school house and kill children. It was all over the news a few months before our book club meeting. People were very fascinated by the Amish culture and how they handled that tragedy. The community finally burnt down the school house. No kids would ever be there to be harmed again. I was glad they did that. Cindy covers a different type of tragedy in her book. It's an inside look at how a family handles harm done to them.
This is Cindy Woodsmall's first book to be published. It is also a first book in a series of three. The book "WHEN THE HEART CRIES" covered many first for our book club and for Cindy. It was Cindy's first book, her first book club meeting and this was our first time to have an author come speak to our club. I had experienced Cindy's first book signing at Life Way as well. It was exciting for both of us. This was uncharted territory. Everyone had great questions for Cindy and she was wonderful to take her picture with us and sign our books.
Cindy said that when she first started to write she didn't want anyone to see her work. She had finaly managed to show some people her work in high school and won a few awards. She then put that aside because she felt she had to get onto the real things of life. Writing was something she did for fun. It was her passion.
She later had to be true to herself and what the Lord made her to be. She started writing the stories down that the Lord was giving her. She went to an agent and started shopping around the story of an Amish family. She had known Amish kids at school. She was fascinated by them. One because her friend as much as the Amish allowed them to be. It sparked her imagination to write the story. Her Amish friends read the story for accuracy.
We loved having Cindy Woodsmall talk to our group , share her heart and give us an insight in the the writing world we didn't have before. It was fascinating and inspiring. It was a very special night for my book club and me.


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