BEST Birthday Present for 2008

My daughter Hilary has just given me my birthday present early. She created this blog spot for me today and my birthday is Sunday. I appreciate all the hours she put into making this spot for me to use and my ladies to enjoy. Now for the rest of my present; she has to give me lessons on how to maintain this spot. I have to say this is the best present she has ever given me. THANK YOU HILARY!!!!!

I will be posting to this as least once a month. All our book selections and events are posted on this site for you to view. I told Hilary that she has saved hundreds of trees. I don't have to keep passing out handouts about the books we will be reading next. They are all in one handy spot. Blog Spot that is.

Remember Ladies of Hope, Book Ends and Ladies of Giggles N' Grace for the first three months the Authors are actually going to speak to us at the Monday night book club only. You are welcome to join us for this fun filled night. If you can't make it I will be taking pictures and will share them with you at the Tuesday night meeting and the Thursday morning meeting as well.

This blog looks better than I had imagined Hilary. Thanks dear one!!!
Until next time.


We were honored to be able to meet Chris Coppernoll Barbara King's family friend. We were all excited to hear about his new book "PROVIDENCE". I gave him the floor at the end of the book club meeting so he could tell us what his book was about and when it was expected to hit the book shelves.

Chris Coppernoll was in town to MC a benefit concert for Olivia King. The Benefit concert was to raise money for the organ transplant she needs along with some other children who have silimar medical struggles. Chris sold his books at the benefit concert before and after the concert. He was available to talk with folks and sign their books.

Barbara King is a member of our book club we were so delighted that she was able to share her friend Chris and his book with our group. THANK YOU BARBARA.

I asked Chris to consider coming back to officially SPEAK to our book club after we had the chance to read "Providence" his new book. He agreed - Hooray!!
The original Pager Turner book club that met at Borders Book Store near the Mall of Ga. "EVEN NOW" by Karen Kingsbury was the book we discussed that night. It was interesting to hear Chris's reaction to our group discussion. He got to hear first hand what we talk about before the author comes to speak to our group. I'm sure he was taking mental notes. It was fun to watch his face as we discussed the book and give our opinion . It was a really fun night. Page Turners went on to become Ladies of "HOPE READERS" and meets at Life Way Mall of GA store.
I have KAREN KINGSBURY on my T- Shirt. My husband blessed me with a trip to TN to actually meet Karen Kingsbury at Life Way Christian Store in Nashville earlier this year. The whole family went and got to meet her. The picture on the front of the T-shirt is of my whole family with Karen Kingsbury after she signed my books. It was a thrill to meet her. She is delightful. My husband had that picture put onto a shirt for me. Words on top of the shirt say "I WORK FOR BOOKS!". How true that is!!! :):)


Creston Mapes saved the day because he had his camera with him this night. I was disappointed that we could not take more pictures of this night because I was having a camera malfunction. Ugh!! Creston was great and e-mailed me this picture share this night with all of you.
I appreciated Creston's speaking another book club that I run. The week before he spoke to the Borders Mall of GA Book club. This was the beginnings of my Monday Night group. We had so much fun that night. Lots of laughing. I learned more things I hadn't heard the night before from Creston and how he got the idea for this great book. I LOVE book club.


I got to know Creston as I helped put together Creston's Book Signing at Life Way. I also helped with the drawing for a basket he created with his lfie to promote his new book" NOBODY".

These are some of the Hope Readers that had been meeting at Borders Mall of GA store (many were out sick or their schedules were crazy at work) This was our last meeting at Borders because I moved all the clubs to meet at Life Way Mall of GA store. I needed to get organized with the three clubs I had. I needed ALL the clubs to be reading the same book, meeting at the same location and scheduled on the same week. This has really helped me to keep things straight. It has been better for everyone. :) We really had a special night thanks to the Ladies and especially to Creston.


This is the beginning of my Monday Night book club. The Lord has given me some very special ladies.

Amy Wallace was gracious enough to take pictures with us before we discussed her book. This is Amy's Second book club with me. I apprecaite her doing both meetings. It was so much fun.
We have discussed the book "Ransomed Dreams" We are ready for Amy Wallace to come speak to our group. The Lord did amazing things in the ladies and I that night.

My first set up for an author book signing at my new location at Life Way Mall of Ga store.


Discussing "RANSOMED DREAMS" by Amy Wallace for boook club.

Creston came to our meeting and sat down. NONE of us knew who he was until Amy Wallace arrived. We generally have an ALL women's crowd. We were all polite and didn't ask many quesitons of our new visiter. We all laughed when Amy introduced Creston Mapes to us all. He was going to speak to the book club in a few months when his new book came out "NOBODY". It was very nice to meet him this way.

ALL of us pose for a picture before the meeting starts. Creston has to leave and we want to make sure that we include him. We were discussing RANSOMED DREAMS that night. Amy Wallace's first book in a series. The book was published a month before this meeting.

June 5th, 2007 Women's Book Club meeting at Borders - We were called the Page Turners then. Creston came to encouage Amy at her first book signing wth this group. We had so much fun that night.


Tricia is a members of the Christian Fiction Blog Alliance. She also has a blog, It's Real Life and a parenting blog Generation NeXt.

TRICIA GOYER is the author of five novels, two nonfiction books and one children's book. She also was named Mount Hermon Christian Writers Conference Writer of the Year in 2003. In 2005, her novel Night Song, the second title in Tricia’s World War II series, won ACFW's Book of the Year for Best Long Historical Romance. In 2006, her novel Dawn of A Thousand Nights also won book of the Year for Long Historical Romance. Tricia and her husband, John, live with their family in northwestern Montana.

We are pleased to be able to review her exciting Chronicles of the Spanish Civil War, A Valley Of Betrayal

For reasons beyond her control, Sophie finds herself alone in the war-torn Spanish countryside, searching for her beloved Michael. His work as a news photographer has taken him deep into the country wracked by civil war. What was once a thriving paradise has become a battleground for Nazi-backed Franco fascist soldiers and Spanish patriots. She is caught up in the escalating events when the route to safety is blocked and fighting surrounds her.

Secrets abound in the ruined Spain. Michael is loving but elusive, especially about beautiful maria. The American who helped Sophie sneak into Spain turns up in odd places. Michael's friend Jose knows more than he tells. When reports of Michael's dissappearance reach her, Sophie is devastaed. What are her feelings for Philip, an American soldier who comes to her rescue?

Sophie must sift truth from lies as she becomes more embroiled in the war that threatens her life and breaks her heart. On her darkest night, Sophie takes refuge with a brigade of international compatriots. Among these volunteers, she pledges to make the plight of the Spanish people known around the world through the power of art.

Acclaimed author Tricia Goyer creates a riviting cast of characters against the backdrop of pre-WWII spain. Love, loss, pain, and beauty abound in A Valley Of Betrayal, the first book in her new series, Chronicles of the Spanish Civil War.


GARY CHAPMAN is the author of the New York Times best seller The Five Love Languages and numerous othe rbooks. He's the director of Marriage & Family Life Consultants, Inc., and host of A Growing Marriage, a syndicated radio program heard on over 100 stations across North America. He and his wife, Karolyn, live in North Carolina.

CATHERINE PALMER is the Christy Award-winning, CBA best-selling author of more than forty novels--including The Bachelor's Bargain--which have more than 2 million copies in print. She lives in Missouri with her husband, Tim, and two sons.

IT HAPPENS EVERY SPRING is the first of The Four Seasons fiction series, based on the ever-changing cycles of relationships detailed in Gary Chapman's nonfiction book The Four Seasons of Marriage. The novels will focus on four couples, each moving in and out of a different season.

Word travels fast at the Just As I Am beauty shop.

So when a simple homeless man appears on Steve and Brenda Hansen's doorstep, the entire shop is set abuzz, especially when Brenda lets him sleep on their porch.

That's not all the neighbors are talking about. Spring may be blooming outdoors, but an icy chill has settled over the Hansens' marriage. Steve is keeping late hours with clients, and the usually upbeat Brenda is feeling the absence of her husband and her college-age kids.

Add to that the unsavory business moving in next to the beauty shop and the entire community gets turned upside down. Now Brenda's friends must unite to pull her out of her rut and keep the unwanted sotre out of town. But can Steve and Brenda learn to thaw their chilly marriage and enjoy the hope spring offers?


ABOUT AUTHOR: Amy Wallace is a member of the CFBA and an avid Blogger. A self-confessed chocoholic, this freelance writer is a graduate of the Gwinnett County Citizens Police Academy and serves as the liaison for the training division of the county police department. Amy is a contributing author of God Answers Moms' Prayers, God Allows U-Turns for Teens, Chicken Soup for the Soul Healthy Living Series: Diabetes, and A Cup of Comfort for Expectant Mothers. She lives in Georgia with her husband and three daughters

Drama. Tragedy. Thriller. Romance. Can these four actually go together? Amy Wallace's meaty first book of the Defenders of Hope Series, RANSOMED DREAMS, has successfully united these genres.

It is one of those books that after you read a little and put it down, the desire to see what will happen next is so strong that it will occupy your thoughts, compelling you to make the time to finish. But watch out! It is best consumed where no one will hear you cry because, if you have children, it will hit you like a stab in the gut and wrench you with a twist of the knife.

Although the subject at first depresses, the characters are so real and likable that you need to see what will become of them.

This book will NOT bore you.


Chained To Yesterday

When tragedy struck and Gracie Lang lost everything, her faith crumbled, and nothing but the drive for justice propelled her forward. But after two years of dead-end searching, the truth Gracie seeks is the very thing her stalker will stop at nothing to hide.

Forgiveness Unlocks the Future

An FBI agent in the Crimes Against Children Unit, Steven Kessler spends his days rescuing other people’s children and nights caring for his son. He’s through with God, embittered by his ex-wife who abandoned them both, and definitely doesn’t expect what’s coming next.

The Past Is the Key

A plot to kidnap a British ambassador’s daughter dangerously intersects Steven and Gracie’s worlds–a collision that demands a decision. But are they willing to pay the high ransom required to redeem dreams and reignite hope?


Book Pick of the Month. "CHOSEN" By Ginger Garrett.

Heavenly Dove book store held a book signing for Ginger Garrett. I met her there. She signed my book and told me of a book she wrote that was coming out soon "Beauty Secrets From the Bible". I asked her if she would come speak at our book club. She said to let her know and she would be there. (truth be known I hadn't even started the club yet - I just put out flyers the week before getting to see who was interested and contacting my first author that agreed to speak at the book club meeting). I thought the Lord was doing a fine job putting this all together.
Ginger had a tough time getting to this meeting because her kids were sick. But duty called and she gave her husband a turn at being nurse to their little ones for a few hours. We greatly appreciated the fact that she made the meeting even though her little one's didn't feel so good. As she said "It was a nice break to have that night (speaking to us that is)"
I had a challenging time getting to book club as well. My husband had been gone one and a half weeks to Florida. His father had died and they couldn't find his body. There was a 911 call made by my father-in-law from his house. The ambulance came and took his body away - no one knew where he was. He had a dog and they knew where he was alright. This was something I never thought could happen in a town outside of Orlando, Florida. They finally did find his body under a wrong name in a couple of counties over. It took my husband 3 days to find his dad. It was all so upsetting.
My husband was on his way home from Florida that night. I was so excited to see him again. He called me 5 minutes before I was suppose to go to the book club meeting to tell me his car had just broken down on Jimmy Carter Blvd. He was stranded right on the highway. We were both concerned about him being stuck in the fast lane of the 400. There was no electrical current in the car so no hasserdous lights came one. My husband said that people were yelling at him, beeping at him. He sat in his car and prayed in waiting for help to arrive. I did what any responsible book club leader would do (with my husband's blessing) go to the meeting. Phred had called a road service like AAA I found comfort in that. I prayed and prayed on my way to the meeting and beyond. I was unnerved to say the least but I was determined to have a good time and learn from the author that night. I really Loved her book "Chosen". It was fascinating to learn about what happened in castles and what Queen Esther went thru to prepare for "One Night" with the King. It was crazy talk about body wraps, mud baths etc. all for one night.
When Ginger was asked how she got started writing she said that she had written a little gift book to help couples deal with the loss miscarriage brings to their lives. She started shopping it around. The idea got signed she was on her way. There was a change of events and Ginger asked the publisher if she could change genre's. She really felt lead to write a fiction book instead. Thankfully they went for it. Ginger doesn't recommend doing that but the Lord had His hand in it all. She eventually published a couple of other non-fiction books. She brought a couple that night to show us. She was most generous and gave away a couple of her books as well.
Ginger Garrett did extensive research for her book "Chosen". Some of the research on Queen Esther (who the book was about) she leagally couldn't even tell us about. She had told us of a snag in writing the triology which "Chosen" was the first book of. She had written another book in the series called "Dark Hour". There would not be a third. The publishing company she signed with went under. Things were tied up in ledgligation including her third book. She would love to finish that series and plans to once the smoke clears.
"BEAUTY SECRETS OF THE BIBLE" by Ginger Garrett should come out in 2007. She is also working on another Fiction book in a different series to be released in 2008 about Angels it sounded pretty exciting.
The picture was taken from far away but trust me Ginger Garrett is really in the picture. Marla snagged someone to take this picture so that she could get in the group shot. I'm so glad that she did. She took some really nice shots tonight. THANK YOU MARLA!! I do apprecaite that you brought your super duper camera to help us all remember such a fun night inspite of how it started for Ginger and myself. It was great to get to kno wthe author behind the book.