Book Pick of the Month. "CHOSEN" By Ginger Garrett.

Heavenly Dove book store held a book signing for Ginger Garrett. I met her there. She signed my book and told me of a book she wrote that was coming out soon "Beauty Secrets From the Bible". I asked her if she would come speak at our book club. She said to let her know and she would be there. (truth be known I hadn't even started the club yet - I just put out flyers the week before getting to see who was interested and contacting my first author that agreed to speak at the book club meeting). I thought the Lord was doing a fine job putting this all together.
Ginger had a tough time getting to this meeting because her kids were sick. But duty called and she gave her husband a turn at being nurse to their little ones for a few hours. We greatly appreciated the fact that she made the meeting even though her little one's didn't feel so good. As she said "It was a nice break to have that night (speaking to us that is)"
I had a challenging time getting to book club as well. My husband had been gone one and a half weeks to Florida. His father had died and they couldn't find his body. There was a 911 call made by my father-in-law from his house. The ambulance came and took his body away - no one knew where he was. He had a dog and they knew where he was alright. This was something I never thought could happen in a town outside of Orlando, Florida. They finally did find his body under a wrong name in a couple of counties over. It took my husband 3 days to find his dad. It was all so upsetting.
My husband was on his way home from Florida that night. I was so excited to see him again. He called me 5 minutes before I was suppose to go to the book club meeting to tell me his car had just broken down on Jimmy Carter Blvd. He was stranded right on the highway. We were both concerned about him being stuck in the fast lane of the 400. There was no electrical current in the car so no hasserdous lights came one. My husband said that people were yelling at him, beeping at him. He sat in his car and prayed in waiting for help to arrive. I did what any responsible book club leader would do (with my husband's blessing) go to the meeting. Phred had called a road service like AAA I found comfort in that. I prayed and prayed on my way to the meeting and beyond. I was unnerved to say the least but I was determined to have a good time and learn from the author that night. I really Loved her book "Chosen". It was fascinating to learn about what happened in castles and what Queen Esther went thru to prepare for "One Night" with the King. It was crazy talk about body wraps, mud baths etc. all for one night.
When Ginger was asked how she got started writing she said that she had written a little gift book to help couples deal with the loss miscarriage brings to their lives. She started shopping it around. The idea got signed she was on her way. There was a change of events and Ginger asked the publisher if she could change genre's. She really felt lead to write a fiction book instead. Thankfully they went for it. Ginger doesn't recommend doing that but the Lord had His hand in it all. She eventually published a couple of other non-fiction books. She brought a couple that night to show us. She was most generous and gave away a couple of her books as well.
Ginger Garrett did extensive research for her book "Chosen". Some of the research on Queen Esther (who the book was about) she leagally couldn't even tell us about. She had told us of a snag in writing the triology which "Chosen" was the first book of. She had written another book in the series called "Dark Hour". There would not be a third. The publishing company she signed with went under. Things were tied up in ledgligation including her third book. She would love to finish that series and plans to once the smoke clears.
"BEAUTY SECRETS OF THE BIBLE" by Ginger Garrett should come out in 2007. She is also working on another Fiction book in a different series to be released in 2008 about Angels it sounded pretty exciting.
The picture was taken from far away but trust me Ginger Garrett is really in the picture. Marla snagged someone to take this picture so that she could get in the group shot. I'm so glad that she did. She took some really nice shots tonight. THANK YOU MARLA!! I do apprecaite that you brought your super duper camera to help us all remember such a fun night inspite of how it started for Ginger and myself. It was great to get to kno wthe author behind the book.


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