BEST Birthday Present for 2008

My daughter Hilary has just given me my birthday present early. She created this blog spot for me today and my birthday is Sunday. I appreciate all the hours she put into making this spot for me to use and my ladies to enjoy. Now for the rest of my present; she has to give me lessons on how to maintain this spot. I have to say this is the best present she has ever given me. THANK YOU HILARY!!!!!

I will be posting to this as least once a month. All our book selections and events are posted on this site for you to view. I told Hilary that she has saved hundreds of trees. I don't have to keep passing out handouts about the books we will be reading next. They are all in one handy spot. Blog Spot that is.

Remember Ladies of Hope, Book Ends and Ladies of Giggles N' Grace for the first three months the Authors are actually going to speak to us at the Monday night book club only. You are welcome to join us for this fun filled night. If you can't make it I will be taking pictures and will share them with you at the Tuesday night meeting and the Thursday morning meeting as well.

This blog looks better than I had imagined Hilary. Thanks dear one!!!
Until next time.


We were honored to be able to meet Chris Coppernoll Barbara King's family friend. We were all excited to hear about his new book "PROVIDENCE". I gave him the floor at the end of the book club meeting so he could tell us what his book was about and when it was expected to hit the book shelves.

Chris Coppernoll was in town to MC a benefit concert for Olivia King. The Benefit concert was to raise money for the organ transplant she needs along with some other children who have silimar medical struggles. Chris sold his books at the benefit concert before and after the concert. He was available to talk with folks and sign their books.

Barbara King is a member of our book club we were so delighted that she was able to share her friend Chris and his book with our group. THANK YOU BARBARA.

I asked Chris to consider coming back to officially SPEAK to our book club after we had the chance to read "Providence" his new book. He agreed - Hooray!!
The original Pager Turner book club that met at Borders Book Store near the Mall of Ga. "EVEN NOW" by Karen Kingsbury was the book we discussed that night. It was interesting to hear Chris's reaction to our group discussion. He got to hear first hand what we talk about before the author comes to speak to our group. I'm sure he was taking mental notes. It was fun to watch his face as we discussed the book and give our opinion . It was a really fun night. Page Turners went on to become Ladies of "HOPE READERS" and meets at Life Way Mall of GA store.
I have KAREN KINGSBURY on my T- Shirt. My husband blessed me with a trip to TN to actually meet Karen Kingsbury at Life Way Christian Store in Nashville earlier this year. The whole family went and got to meet her. The picture on the front of the T-shirt is of my whole family with Karen Kingsbury after she signed my books. It was a thrill to meet her. She is delightful. My husband had that picture put onto a shirt for me. Words on top of the shirt say "I WORK FOR BOOKS!". How true that is!!! :):)