by Amy Grant

I was pleasantly surprised by Amy Grant's first book..I guess I expected a kind of kiss and tell book. I'm glad that it is different than I thought it would be. This is definitely a book only Amy could write - I Love her style. She writes about little snap shots from her life and how she has felt about some situations she's gone thru. For example meeting Princess Diana and singing for the Bush family on their yacht. Not something you do every day for sure.

She talks about great blessings and amazing things that have happened to her and how the Lord has touched her life in many ways. Sometimes she shares how and why she wrote some of her songs. Throughout the book there are words to her music and some poems and thoughts from her journals.

At the end of the book she gives a time line of her career. It is actually amazing to read; it begins in 1975 when she started playing the guitar, 1976 her first public performance and goes way beyond that. It is truly astounding all she has experienced in her life in such a short time. She mentions some of her special days and some of her really sad moments. All and all she is very thankful for what the Lord has done in her life.

She was VERY CAREFUL not to mention anything about her previous marriage and or say anything about Gary Chapman (her x-husband) period the end. She did give Gary Chapman credit where credit was due on a song they wrote (something like that). She gushes about Vince Gill her current husband all thru the book but is not too detailed there either. This is a book about the girl next store (Amy Grant) that shares parts of her life with you as if you are sitting down with her in your living room drinking coffee and having a great time. I really liked that about this book.


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