My Soul to Keep
By Davis Bunn

Published by Bethany House
ISBN# 10-07642-0435-12
395 pages

Back Cover
Falling Star…Do They Ever Rise Again?

Brent Stark thinks his days as a leading man are over until God – in the form of a visionary tycoon – offers him the role of a lifetime.

Celia Breach vows never to forgive Brent for the hurts he inflicted. Can she manage the unthinkable and trust I'm again?

Bobby Dupree, a southern entrepreneur with a revolutionary idea for filmmaking sets out to make a new kind of movie. He has all the faith he needs, but none of the know-how.

Shari Khan is determined to succeed in Hollywood at any cost. Backed by an influential studio, she makes it her personal mission to destroy the upstart “shoestring” production.
So begins the battle: an unlikely group of has-beens, armed with only faith and vision, against all the money and power Hollywood can wield against them.

It’s “David against Goliath,” and Brent is fresh out of stones….


This book by Davis Bunn reminds me of the books he has written under the name T. Davis Bunn, The Warning, The Presence, The Ultimatum, just to name a few. They were powerful, gripping, thought provoking, and life changing. They revealed God’s power in a way I had never read before.

My Soul to Keep is that kind of story. This book describes the movie business inside and out. Very similar to what the book The Devil Wears Prada did with the fashion industry. It reveals the good, the bad, and the process of how people got to be evil in the choices they make.

I have seen broken lives transformed right before my very eyes into something really awesome. God tells us to renew our minds daily and walk in what “He” says about who we are in Christ. It’s crucial for those who have a colorful past. I have seen people like this hang on to what God says about them and “stand” on what God has done in their lives. The World (Satan) always wants to come along and expose our failures (our juicy stories) for the whole world to see. Satan has won if we stay stuck in the past. It’s only when we let God Break us “Free” of our past, that He can do amazing things with our future.

Davis Bunn describes this entire transformation process which is so eye opening, heart felt and moving it had me cheering the victories and have tears in my eyes as I read how God moved in the characters hearts and situations. I felt like I knew them personally.

This story and the characters ring true to who God is and what He can do with our lives if we let Him. Davis Bunn reveals what can happen when God does move mountains and reveals His miracle in the making? Questions he makes you think deeply about are: Will we be strong enough to take the challenge in our life even when it looks impossible to us? Will we grab the miracle He is offering us with both hands and hang on no matter what – like our lives depended on it (most times it does)? Can we believe in miracles in such modern times? This author thinks so and so do I.

Davis Bunn lifts the veil and gives us a glimpse at what God is capable of doing in us if we let Him put a spark in our heart though the Holy Spirit who can launch us beyond our comfort zone. The author says in his book and I quote “What I have discovered is that God has taken these broken shards and made a vessel into which He could pour His greatness in …” so true!!

Bunn’s story and characters bring this statement I heard come alive; “God has to minister to us before He can minister through us”. This story is powerful, gripping, thought provoking and life changing. I highly recommend this book to everyone. The characters and message stay with you long after you finish reading the book.

Nora St.Laurent
Book Club Servant Leader


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