Family! Can’t live with them – Can’t live without them – or can we??

Denise Hildreth gives you a sneak peek into a rich dysfunctional family at it’s extreme!! Denise’s story unfolds though the children of Elijah Clayton Wilcott II.

Elizabeth is a successful attorney who owns her own business. She’s headstrong, passionate and full of hostility for her father and brother Jeffery.

Jeffery is the oldest brother who is a very successful plastic surgeon. He is wrapped up in a world of his selfish desires and hasn’t a clue about family; how to be a husband or father. He doesn’t see the importance of either one.

Mary Catherine is a woman born to travel. She fly’s around with her husband to experience new places and collect interesting and fun items. Work for a living – Not her!!

Then there’s Will the baby in the family who is a professional student. He is the president of his fraternity and may never graduate. Work? He is having way too much fun in college. The babes love him. Fraternity parties now that’s where it’s at for Will.

Life as Elizabeth, Jeffery, Mary Catherine and Will know it, is about to be over after they are read the terms of their fathers will. Elijah Clayton Wilcott wants them to do the unthinkable for a whole year!! All the children think he has got to be kidding. This had to be some extreme joke. Not!! No money for any of the children that do not comply with their late father’s wishes. They can’t believe their father would do this to them. Who else could they talk to? There had to be a way around these demands so they could get the money now. The Wilcott children all had money but their father had so much more. You can never have too much money was their mind set. There had to be a way to beat this!! Each one was determined to find that way on their own.

Denise says this about herself “The one thing I believe the Lord has gifted me to do is to take the human relationship and strip it down to the place we all live." She does this so well. It’s very true in this book and the others I have read by her. On the surface this seems like a light hearted fun book, a no brainer. But after reading a few chapters I felt that Denise had a way of pirecing my heart and mind as I read this story. After a while I started to feel uncomfortable as I read about the Wilcott children struggling with the situations they found themselves in. I found myself searching my soul, my motives, hurts in my life and the lives of others around me. I walked away from this book knowing that in the middle of the “stuff” of life, (the good, bad, and the ugly). God sets us up for victory. Denise says “He surrounds each of us with everything necessary to win…Each of us will taste “life”. It’s inevitable. But each of us has been given every necessary tool for our refining, our taming, our potential." In the end it’s a matter of our will.

Will we trust God with our whole life, our dreams, our heart or not?? This is a powerfully moving book!! It will change your life and the way you look at people and yourself if you let it. I highly recommend this book and the other books that Denise has written.

Nora St.Laurent
Book Club Servant Leader


This month's book "WILL OF WISTERIA". Denise Hildreth got working as soon as she arrived at book club. I like to take the pictures right away so we could get on with the meeting. Denise jumped in the fun, sat in the middle so we could squeeze everyone in the shot. You can catch the group shot at the end of the pictures on this post. I'm delighted Lauren Masters took pictures tonight for me. Thanks Lauren. I was able to enjoy the meeting and not worry about pictures. Thanks!!
Everyone waited patiently in line for Denise to sign their books. She took time to answer their quesions they may have had about her book or talk and were afraid to ask in the group setting.
Denise did a reading from her book "Savannah from Savannah"; it is her first book written in a series of three. Denise became "Savannah " from Savannah, right before our very eyes. She had the accent of Savannah her main character. Denise was animated and brought her character to life as only the author could.
Most of the ladies had not had the opportunity to read other books by Denise. For many of the ladies this was the first time reading a Denise Hildreth book. All the ladies agreed that Denise should have her books on CD. Denise should read them herself. She was GREAT!! Denise said that she is working on making that a reality.
Denise also read from her book "FLIES in the BUTTER"; her 4th book , a stand alone. On the cover of the book is a dish of butter with a fly on the top right hand corner of the book. It looks so real you want to hit the fly and make it go away. Denise said the fly sold many a book for her. It definately got people looking at her book for more reasons than one. Ha! "Flies in the Butter" is another great book by Denise.

Denise Hildreth was engaging and entertaining as she read us parts of "Savannah from Savannah" and "Flies in the Butter". She had the southern accent "with attitude" down to a tee. It was very insightful to have the author read her own material. No other author has done that for our group before. We heard the voice of the character the way Denise intended us to hear it. Not our interputation. It was refreshing; a delight and helpful in understanding the message of the book.

The women in the beautiful yellow jacket is Denise's mom. Unlike mother characters in the stories Denise writes about; her mother is very pleasant and her biggest fan. Denise said that her mom reads her first drafts and gives her an honest opinion of the book before anyone else sees it. Denise values her mom's insight.

Denise listened to our comments and answered everyone's question. Even the question that everyone thought they missed in reading the book "Will of Wisteria".
WHO WAS THE EXECUTOR OF THE WILL?? Why he turned out to be a long time friend of the family. He lives just up the street!! I'm glad that mystery was solved. (sorry for the spoiler). Everyone could go home and sleep now that the mystery was solved. Ha! Ha!
Denise started her writing career by moving to Nashville to be a singer. (yes you read that correctly) The Lord had other plans for Denise's life (she wanted to be s singer) She said no one wanted to hear her sing in Nashville (I don't know about anyone!! I'm sure she has a beautiful voice)
She soon needed a job and landed one at an airconditioning shop where started writing advertising copy for them in the marketing dept. From there she meet people who knew individuls that needed help to write books. So, she co-authored several book before someone said to her "Hey have you every thought about writing Fiction?" She LOVED to tell a good story. Why not give a try "Savannah from Savannah" was born and published with Thomas Nelson Publishers. She later had the opportunity to write lyrics for a song that won a Dove award. God gave her part of her dream. Way cool!!
Thanks for your patience ladies as I passed out "Will of Wisteria" books for our group picture was taken. One more group shot!!! You can never take too many pictures. (That's what I say - somone always has their eyes closed Ha!)
To look at Denise's face (front and center) you would have thought we had hung out all night; gotten to know each other alot before taking this picture. We just met minutes before this shot was taken. Thanks Denise for being a great sport and taking this group shot with us we could remember what a special night this was. We look forward to your next book that you are writing. It sounded excited about it.
Many thanks go to Jill who designed our table in connection to the book "Will of Wisteria" that night. The center piece is beautiful and I LOVE the color of the table cloth. It's my favorite. CONGRADULATIONS THE BIG NEWS!! Jill and her husband Phillip are expecting their first little one. We are all so happy for you Jill!!!!! You are in our thoughts and prayers for a healthy baby and great pregnancy experience. THANK YOU JILL for ALL YOU DO!!! and Have done!!



1. Coke or Pepsi? Diet or Regular?

Diet Coke all the way!

2. Beach or Mountains?

The beach!!! For me, the sound of ocean waves is one of the most powerful reminders of God’s amazing power. And if I could go there sans bathing suits and sand, it would be pure bliss. ;-)

3. What is the neatest place you have ever visited and why? What made it so neat, special, memorable for you?

I loved visiting London when I was thirteen. Not only were the castles and history cool, but there was this totally cute guy in our touring group…

4. If you had all the time in the world (and just as much money) to do anything you wanted to do; what would you do?

I’d take my family to Munich and Berlin, Germany and show them where I grew up. Then we’d travel all over Europe and take tons of photos. As soon as we arrived home, I’d speed through the twelve boxes of photos awaiting placement in my scrapbooks and add all our awesome new pictures.

5. Who is your favorite chef on the cooking channel? Why? Have you ever tried any of their recipes? What did you try and did it turn out?

Do I really have to admit I don’t cook??? I’ve never even watched a cooking show. In fact, I taught my hubby to cook and he loves it. So it’s all good!

6. If you could interview or hang out with someone for a day who would you pick? Why?

Any really great chocolatier.

Seriously, I’d like to hang out with my biological father. I have a picture of him. But my parents divorced before I was born, so I’ve never met him. It’d be nice to get to know him and find out who he is.

7. How do you eat an Oreo Cookie? If you don’t eat Oreo Cookies, What cookie is your favorite? How do you like to eat them? (Do you Dunk them in milk?) If you do eat Oreo Cookies which kind is your favorite?

I take my yummy cookie, twist off the top, lick off the cream and then dunk the two cookie pieces in ice cold milk. My favorite Oreo? I’m nostalgic…I eat only the original Oreos. ;-)

8. If you had 24 hours to hang out with anyone dead or alive in the history of the world, what two people would you pick and why?

I’d pick Anne of Green Gables and spend the day with her and my daughters dreaming up and living out cool adventures. Oh, wait! You meant REAL people? Well, I’ll claim author insanity because I really do hope Anne is in heaven someday.

9. Have you ever been on or would you like to go on a mission trip? If you have been, where did you go? If you haven’t, where would you like to go and what would you like to do?

I’ve been on youth mission trips to Canada and Glorieta. Now, I’d love to take my family to visit our Compassion Child in the Dominican Republic.

10. I have seen your Chocolate fountains and you say that you LOVE Chocolate, if you won $50.00 to spend on Chocolate what different kinds of Chocolate would you buy?

Just $50? Kidding! With fifty dollars, I’d buy LOTS and LOTS of Godiva dark mint medallions! Throw in a few Heath bars and some Godiva truffles and... I really could go on and on and on. ;-)

Thank you Amy for letting the ladies in my book club and others get to know you better. I appreciate you hanging out with us. Anything else you would like to say or comment on?

Thanks for having me back to do the fun stuff! If you’d like to see just how much I adore chocolate, stop by the Heart Chocolate website: Lots of virtual chocolate to enjoy and some real pictures of that wonderful chocolate fountain. ;-)

Chocolate aside, I pray you’ll taste and see that the Lord is good… all the time!


January 31st Started out with a special MORNING BOOK CLUB MEETING. This group is small but special. We have only been meeting about 3 months now. We discussed "Sutter's Crossing" by W. Dale Cramer and what fun we had on Monday night listening to Dale talk. We also went through the Book Club Commitment form and they too were thankful I didn't include the LATE CLAUSE!!! :) That was way funny!!


January 28th The Ladies of HOPE READERS Tuesday night book club presented me with this beautiful flower arrangement. I was pleasantly surprised. I have been meeting with this special group of ladies for about 1 1/2 years now. This is my first book club and we started meeting over at Borders book store. They have all agreed to have the group move over to our new location so they too can experience all the special things that I can to at my store. I have more freedom to try special things there that I didn't want them to miss out on - Movie nights and field trips etc.
I'm so thrilled to receive these flowers and the lovely card that came with it. The Ladies of Hope Readers helped me be who I am today. I want to tell them THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart.



In "Sutter's Crossing" many treasures could be found.

My favoriate was a quote from the character Agnes as she talks with Jake.
" What's a prophet look like? How do you know he ain't a sow's ear?"

"A What?"

"A sow's ear. Airn't you ever noticed? I know you read your bible Seems like every time God needs somebody for something. He picks the last man anybody'd expect. If He wants to make a silk purse, He'll start with a sow's ear every time. Like when He needed somebody to kill a warrior giant, He went and got a skinny young'un with a rock. When He got in a fire-building contest, He first wet the wood. When He needed somebody to write a bunch of chapters for His book he picked one of His worst enemies."

Dale said this passage was the "heart" of the story. We also discussed his Christy Award winning books "Bad Ground" and Levi's Will". Dale was delightful, funny, sincere and very informative. Look in the near future for the book he is working on about "a Chicken" no kidding!!!

The night started discussing the Book Club Committment forms for 2008 and answering any questions anyone had. We went over making book club safe and being committed and responsible to the club. All went well.

The night ended with Dale graciously signing our books and talking to the ladies. It truly was a very special night. Monday & Tuesday night groups were combined so everyone got to meet Dale and one another. It was fun.

Jill Puckett had designed our tables which were themed around the book. She did a beautiful job. I made the Chili and rice. Gail Mundy made the corn bread. It was yummy!!!! Tish had a birthday on that night so we celebrated by eating the Birthday cookie Gail brought and singing her Happy Birthday!! We have some great memories from that night.