This month's book "WILL OF WISTERIA". Denise Hildreth got working as soon as she arrived at book club. I like to take the pictures right away so we could get on with the meeting. Denise jumped in the fun, sat in the middle so we could squeeze everyone in the shot. You can catch the group shot at the end of the pictures on this post. I'm delighted Lauren Masters took pictures tonight for me. Thanks Lauren. I was able to enjoy the meeting and not worry about pictures. Thanks!!
Everyone waited patiently in line for Denise to sign their books. She took time to answer their quesions they may have had about her book or talk and were afraid to ask in the group setting.
Denise did a reading from her book "Savannah from Savannah"; it is her first book written in a series of three. Denise became "Savannah " from Savannah, right before our very eyes. She had the accent of Savannah her main character. Denise was animated and brought her character to life as only the author could.
Most of the ladies had not had the opportunity to read other books by Denise. For many of the ladies this was the first time reading a Denise Hildreth book. All the ladies agreed that Denise should have her books on CD. Denise should read them herself. She was GREAT!! Denise said that she is working on making that a reality.
Denise also read from her book "FLIES in the BUTTER"; her 4th book , a stand alone. On the cover of the book is a dish of butter with a fly on the top right hand corner of the book. It looks so real you want to hit the fly and make it go away. Denise said the fly sold many a book for her. It definately got people looking at her book for more reasons than one. Ha! "Flies in the Butter" is another great book by Denise.

Denise Hildreth was engaging and entertaining as she read us parts of "Savannah from Savannah" and "Flies in the Butter". She had the southern accent "with attitude" down to a tee. It was very insightful to have the author read her own material. No other author has done that for our group before. We heard the voice of the character the way Denise intended us to hear it. Not our interputation. It was refreshing; a delight and helpful in understanding the message of the book.

The women in the beautiful yellow jacket is Denise's mom. Unlike mother characters in the stories Denise writes about; her mother is very pleasant and her biggest fan. Denise said that her mom reads her first drafts and gives her an honest opinion of the book before anyone else sees it. Denise values her mom's insight.

Denise listened to our comments and answered everyone's question. Even the question that everyone thought they missed in reading the book "Will of Wisteria".
WHO WAS THE EXECUTOR OF THE WILL?? Why he turned out to be a long time friend of the family. He lives just up the street!! I'm glad that mystery was solved. (sorry for the spoiler). Everyone could go home and sleep now that the mystery was solved. Ha! Ha!
Denise started her writing career by moving to Nashville to be a singer. (yes you read that correctly) The Lord had other plans for Denise's life (she wanted to be s singer) She said no one wanted to hear her sing in Nashville (I don't know about anyone!! I'm sure she has a beautiful voice)
She soon needed a job and landed one at an airconditioning shop where started writing advertising copy for them in the marketing dept. From there she meet people who knew individuls that needed help to write books. So, she co-authored several book before someone said to her "Hey have you every thought about writing Fiction?" She LOVED to tell a good story. Why not give a try "Savannah from Savannah" was born and published with Thomas Nelson Publishers. She later had the opportunity to write lyrics for a song that won a Dove award. God gave her part of her dream. Way cool!!
Thanks for your patience ladies as I passed out "Will of Wisteria" books for our group picture was taken. One more group shot!!! You can never take too many pictures. (That's what I say - somone always has their eyes closed Ha!)
To look at Denise's face (front and center) you would have thought we had hung out all night; gotten to know each other alot before taking this picture. We just met minutes before this shot was taken. Thanks Denise for being a great sport and taking this group shot with us we could remember what a special night this was. We look forward to your next book that you are writing. It sounded excited about it.
Many thanks go to Jill who designed our table in connection to the book "Will of Wisteria" that night. The center piece is beautiful and I LOVE the color of the table cloth. It's my favorite. CONGRADULATIONS THE BIG NEWS!! Jill and her husband Phillip are expecting their first little one. We are all so happy for you Jill!!!!! You are in our thoughts and prayers for a healthy baby and great pregnancy experience. THANK YOU JILL for ALL YOU DO!!! and Have done!!


  1. Ahhh! I didn't know that! I will have to send her a congrats e-mail.

  2. Oh yeah! Denise and her mom were the sweetest ladies ever. I love all of her books. The three Savannah books are my favorite, I think.

  3. Yes, Laken. Jill is with child and very happy. She just recently found out.

    Yes, Denise and her mom were definately sweeties. I like the "Savannah from Savannah" series as well. I'm so that that you were able to meet them.