Family! Can’t live with them – Can’t live without them – or can we??

Denise Hildreth gives you a sneak peek into a rich dysfunctional family at it’s extreme!! Denise’s story unfolds though the children of Elijah Clayton Wilcott II.

Elizabeth is a successful attorney who owns her own business. She’s headstrong, passionate and full of hostility for her father and brother Jeffery.

Jeffery is the oldest brother who is a very successful plastic surgeon. He is wrapped up in a world of his selfish desires and hasn’t a clue about family; how to be a husband or father. He doesn’t see the importance of either one.

Mary Catherine is a woman born to travel. She fly’s around with her husband to experience new places and collect interesting and fun items. Work for a living – Not her!!

Then there’s Will the baby in the family who is a professional student. He is the president of his fraternity and may never graduate. Work? He is having way too much fun in college. The babes love him. Fraternity parties now that’s where it’s at for Will.

Life as Elizabeth, Jeffery, Mary Catherine and Will know it, is about to be over after they are read the terms of their fathers will. Elijah Clayton Wilcott wants them to do the unthinkable for a whole year!! All the children think he has got to be kidding. This had to be some extreme joke. Not!! No money for any of the children that do not comply with their late father’s wishes. They can’t believe their father would do this to them. Who else could they talk to? There had to be a way around these demands so they could get the money now. The Wilcott children all had money but their father had so much more. You can never have too much money was their mind set. There had to be a way to beat this!! Each one was determined to find that way on their own.

Denise says this about herself “The one thing I believe the Lord has gifted me to do is to take the human relationship and strip it down to the place we all live." She does this so well. It’s very true in this book and the others I have read by her. On the surface this seems like a light hearted fun book, a no brainer. But after reading a few chapters I felt that Denise had a way of pirecing my heart and mind as I read this story. After a while I started to feel uncomfortable as I read about the Wilcott children struggling with the situations they found themselves in. I found myself searching my soul, my motives, hurts in my life and the lives of others around me. I walked away from this book knowing that in the middle of the “stuff” of life, (the good, bad, and the ugly). God sets us up for victory. Denise says “He surrounds each of us with everything necessary to win…Each of us will taste “life”. It’s inevitable. But each of us has been given every necessary tool for our refining, our taming, our potential." In the end it’s a matter of our will.

Will we trust God with our whole life, our dreams, our heart or not?? This is a powerfully moving book!! It will change your life and the way you look at people and yourself if you let it. I highly recommend this book and the other books that Denise has written.

Nora St.Laurent
Book Club Servant Leader


  1. I'm glad to know about this book and will add it to my 'watch out for this one' list. I appreciate a book that will make me evaluate where I am and give me the desire to improve who I am.

  2. Nora St.Laurent, how does one get ahold of you? I searched the blog page but am not too creative about this sort of thing.
    cepjwms at yahoo dot com

  3. Wonderful review as well as amazing coverage of your book club! I think I might just have to keep a look out for this one! :)


  4. Thanks Kelly!! It was a very special night. Denise is very entertaining and sincere. She took her time with everyone. She really cares. Her books pack a punch. She gets you laughing and then cuts to the chase. I love that about her books. If you have't read Denise you should check her books out.

  5. I just wanted to leave a comment and say this is by far my favorite book thus far. This book was amazing. The characters completely caught my attention! I was emotionally attached, eager to read the next page, and satisfied with the real life ending!