Chris almost didn't make the meeting because he was stuck in traffic on 285 - Welcome to Atlanta. "Hi, Chris. Lets get together and take a few picturese before you speak to the group." He was glad to do it, look at that smile. He was so glad to be out of the car and out of traffic.
Before Christcame we had a lively discussion of his book "Providence" I put him to work right away and asked if he would pick the winners of the books I ahd to give away that night.
Here's my Monday night book club meeting. "Book Ends" You can never have too many group shots. :)
The woman sitting down admiring Chris is his mom. It was so nice to meet her.

After he spoke to the group everyone got in line and had him sign their books.
Still more questions and comments as Chris signed everyone's book. He is a good listener.

Chris took his time talking to everyone as he signed their books that night. We were so thankful he did.
Chris did very well handling the tough questions that the ladies asked him. Chris also gave us a BEHIND THE SCENES peek at his book "Providence". You know how they have the deleted scenes from movies as something you can watch on a DVD movie? Chris filled us in on a few deleted scenes from his book "Providence". It was very fascinating. We agreed with him that those scenes didn't need to be in the book. But we were very glad to hear about them. Chris was a hoot!! He said it took him 3 years to write this book. We could understand why when he talked about the deleted scenes.

Everyone listeded intently as Chris spoke to the group.
Chris was right at home answering the ladies questions and describing the process of writing that best suits him. He described how he came up with a few of the situations that Jack had gotten into. (the main character of the book). Chris described how many different authors work and then he talked about his methods.
Chris had everyone's attention as he told some really funny stories about his adventures in getting published. He told of how God's hand was in it all. How the Lord kept telling him the same thing over and over again.
Chris has a radio show in Nashville called "Soul 2 Soul" His first book was about interviewing music personalities and getting the story behind the person. He said that he learned so much and every one was willing to talk to him. He was encouraged.
Chris was a delight to have speak our group. At times he was so funny; he made us all laugh. He told us of how he got started writing fiction books. The book that we read "Providence" is his fourth published book todate. He has written non-fiction books until this point. We are all glad that he has ventured out into fiction. He has a new book coming out this year "A BEAUTIFUL FALL". We can't wait to read it.

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