Denise Hildreth's April Book Pick in her Newsletter was THE SHACK by William P. Young. With her permission I am sharing this with you. Denise shares her heart about the book THE SHACK .

DENISE'S WORDS: I'm about to be as vulnerable as I can. I've always believed that a man's "gifts make room for him." But this one made me pause and check my own heart. I was having dinner with a friend one night and he asked me if I had read a book called "The Shack." I told him I hadn't heard of it, and he said, "You have to get it." A couple days later I got an e-mail from a friend who asked me if I had heard about this book yet, that it had changed her life. Then at my book club I heard about it again. My first thought, honestly, was "why don't people go around asking 'Have you read The Will of Wisteria yet?'" It really was a moment of envy. Honestly. I just thought, "how is it that some books have people talking and other's of us have to work so hard to get just a few more people reading what we've written." That next morning having a candid conversation in prayer I came face to face with my heart over this matter, and it wasn't that pretty. And once again I was reminded that we each have a specific calling to touch specific people. And where we go is where we have been called to go. So, I apologized for that one quickly and went back to the heart of gratitude of being privileged enough to do what I love. Then I went and bought "The Shack." Let me just say, I'm not sure that any fiction book I've ever read has provoked the amount of emotion in me that this book has. There was one moment, in the tub, drinking a coke, where I had to put the book down and just sit there and ponder what I had just read. Then I called my dad who has been a pastor for over forty years and asked him if he had ever thought about that. (He'd just finished the book) And he said, "No, in all my years, I've never thought of it that way but it makes perfect sense." And it did. Then Thursday of last week, I'm sitting out on my back porch and was reading again and found myself weeping so hard and so loud that I was just hoping the neighbors didn't come to check on me. In no book have I ever seen the beauty of The Trinity with all its mystery revealed, at least as much as the human mind is capable, so beautifully. But it's more than that. It's not for people wanting to know more about what is so hard to explain. But it is for people who just need to know that the questions you have about life are okay. The pain you've been through is okay to question. The God of the universe can handle our questions, our doubts, our fears and our pain. And if you've ever known any of these, or if you just need to know how priceless you really are, pick up this book. My hope and prayer is that God will stop the world for a moment for you, just like he does for Mack. I recommend this book humbly and grateful that my pride didn't allow me to miss what God wanted me to see.


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