Rebeca Seitz author of a brand new series "Sister's Ink" came to speak at the two night time book clubs I run. There are 4 books in the "Sister's Ink"series. The next book in this series is to be released in July of this year. A book in that series will come out every 6 months after that. Hooray for us!! Lots of work for Rebeca.

Rebeca was wonderful enough to speak to all three of my book clubs - two in person and one via a telephone conference. Here she poses with some of the members of "Hope Readers" one of my night time clubs.
As you can see Rebeca was very entertaining and very informative. She had us laughing out loud quite a bit just like in her book. She said "The Lord kept putting people in my life that would say to me "Did you ever think about writing a book. I really believe you should be a writer." That still small voice of the Lord kept getting confirmed by the influencial people in her life. She wrote her first story at 8 years old. Before that she memorized books and would resite them for friends and family. She felt even then she was onto something thru books.
Another thing that people kept telling her was to get as many jobs as she could by the age of 25. She could get away with that habit until age 25 after that it would be a problem. A couple of teachers had told her you are young and you think you know everything, trust us you don't; so inorder to write you either have to have life experiences to be able to write about or you can spend a great deal of time doing research. Rebeca decided she wasn't a big fan of lots of research. So, Rebeca set out to gain life experience through working as many jobs as she possibly could. Sometimes working a two or three jobs at a time.
Shortly after college she was asked to go to a writing conference - where yet more people told her that she should be a writer. At the conference she met a person from Focus on the Family that wanted her to turn in copies of the book he had just read that she had written in her late teens. Rebeca didn't feel the time was quite right for her to settle down right then and become a full time author.
Then an unexpected opportunity came her way to check out a position at Thomas Nelson Publishing Company. She want thru an extensive 3 month interview process where she eventually got the job. She was fascinated to learn another aspect of the book publishing business.
At Thomas Nelson Rebeca was a publicist. She learned many things about the publishing business that has helped her now that she is an author. Little did she know what was still instore for her future.
When Rebeca became pregnant with her first child she was looking for ways to stay home with her little one. Thomas Nelson did not have flex time available or let their employees work out of their houses at the time. One of her bosses at Thomas Nelson suggested that she start a public relations firm. She thought this was crazy but the more she thought about being away from her child, the more she thought why not give this a try? Rebeca was not the bread winner in her home so what was there to lose?
She consulted her father in law who is not a fan of being self employeed and he thought it was a GREAT IDEA. Rebeca couldn't believe her father in laws' excitement. He even said "You were born for a job like this" So, she quit her job the very next day. She was full steam ahead working to develop her own company "Glass Roads Publications."

Rebeca said that she was working for clients even as she was about to deliver her first child. She is passionate in regards to getting the word out about GREAT STORIES!!! Her business is thriving, so much so that her husband has joined her in this exciting pursuit. She enjoys a good story and totally loves telling a few herself. I'm very excited to read the next book in the Sister's Ink adventures you will
Rebeca also spoke to the other night time club that I have called "Book Ends" here are some of the gals in that group posing with Rebeca. The were great to hold up Rebeca's book as we took our pictures.
Rebeca was such a sport to come all the way from Kentucky to speak to our groups and do a book signing at Life Way. She is very excited to be about 4 or 5 months pregnant right now with their second child. Rebeca and her husband are looking forward this new little addition to their family.
Top on Rebeca's list is journaling to the little one growing inside of her. She wants the baby to know how much they are loved and wanted. Rebeca already has a lovely active little boy who is 4 years old. She said that she started journaling to her 3year old when he was growing and developing inside her too. It's a tradition. She hopes to present thes special books to each child as they go off to college. She has lived many places but now calls Kentucky home. There she lives on a 7 acre farm with her husband and son. They are in the process of renovating their 100 year old farm house which has made news in the town paper. She says her husband has now taken on raising chickens. She never thought that this would be part of her life but it's another thing that might just show up in one of her books. Her favoriate T-Shirt to wear around her small town (population 2,500 or there about) is "Watch what you say to me - it just might end up in one of my books!" Ha! Ha! She said people are laughing and cutting up until they read her shirt. She loves people's reactions to that shirt but is might be missing out on really good dialogue. Ha! Ha!

Rebeca was approached by a publishing company to write a story for scrapbookers. Rebeca is an avid scrapbooker. She thought this would be a great idea and couldn't believe this hadn't been done before. She quickly jumped on board to write about another one of her passions which was scrapbooking with girlfriends. "Sister's Ink" is the first series of its kind which has the theme of "scrapbooking" all thru the book. Her main characters LOVE to scrapbook and look forward to the times when they can scrapbook together. There are many other advenutes that the ladies have besides scrapbooking - so if you are not a scrapbooker you might be by the end of Rebeca's book. Or you might be able to understand the scrapbooking mind. It was all very interesting.

At the end of her talk with us she shared with the ladies that scrapbooking doesn't have to be VERY SERIOUS or ARTISTIC!!! It was meant to be fun!!! Sharing time with friends as you scrapped certain periods of your life. Rebeca said "YOU DON'T HAVE TO SCRAP "IN ORDER"!! Many of my ladies were relieved. So much pressure was been put on scrap bookers that wasn't meant to be there. SCRAPPING IS FUN KEEP IT THAT WAY!!!

Scrap what you want to that day. It will come out much better in the long run. Be elaberate if you want to. But most importantly Rebeca says is to JOURNAL!!! Especially in your own hand. That way the people that you pass the scrapbook down to will have your PERSONAL TOUCH!!! It loses alot when you type your entire book. One of Rebeca's treasures is the photo book/scrapbook that her great grand mother left for their familiy to glean from. It is written in her great-great Aunt's hand writting. It's a piece of history from her family that is priceless!! Yours will be too!!


  1. OK, once again, I'm jealous!

    And for the record. The picture came from an e-mail forward. Don't even own a G I Joe. I'm sure the squirrel was only acting, too.

    The stories. Well, I have to take credit for those.

  2. What a wonderful piece on Rebeca's visit! She looks wonderful AND she's pregnant?! So excited for your readers who got to spend time with this vivacious author.