1. Coke or Pepsi? Diet or Regular?

Diet Coke all the way!

2. Beach or Mountains?

The beach!!! For me, the sound of ocean waves is one of the most powerful reminders of God’s amazing power. And if I could go there sans bathing suits and sand, it would be pure bliss. ;-)

3. What is the neatest place you have ever visited and why? What made it so neat, special, memorable for you?

I loved visiting London when I was thirteen. Not only were the castles and history cool, but there was this totally cute guy in our touring group…

4. If you had all the time in the world (and just as much money) to do anything you wanted to do; what would you do?

I’d take my family to Munich and Berlin, Germany and show them where I grew up. Then we’d travel all over Europe and take tons of photos. As soon as we arrived home, I’d speed through the twelve boxes of photos awaiting placement in my scrapbooks and add all our awesome new pictures.

5. Who is your favorite chef on the cooking channel? Why? Have you ever tried any of their recipes? What did you try and did it turn out?

Do I really have to admit I don’t cook??? I’ve never even watched a cooking show. In fact, I taught my hubby to cook and he loves it. So it’s all good!

6. If you could interview or hang out with someone for a day who would you pick? Why?

Any really great chocolatier.

Seriously, I’d like to hang out with my biological father. I have a picture of him. But my parents divorced before I was born, so I’ve never met him. It’d be nice to get to know him and find out who he is.

7. How do you eat an Oreo Cookie? If you don’t eat Oreo Cookies, What cookie is your favorite? How do you like to eat them? (Do you Dunk them in milk?) If you do eat Oreo Cookies which kind is your favorite?

I take my yummy cookie, twist off the top, lick off the cream and then dunk the two cookie pieces in ice cold milk. My favorite Oreo? I’m nostalgic…I eat only the original Oreos. ;-)

8. If you had 24 hours to hang out with anyone dead or alive in the history of the world, what two people would you pick and why?

I’d pick Anne of Green Gables and spend the day with her and my daughters dreaming up and living out cool adventures. Oh, wait! You meant REAL people? Well, I’ll claim author insanity because I really do hope Anne is in heaven someday.

9. Have you ever been on or would you like to go on a mission trip? If you have been, where did you go? If you haven’t, where would you like to go and what would you like to do?

I’ve been on youth mission trips to Canada and Glorieta. Now, I’d love to take my family to visit our Compassion Child in the Dominican Republic.

10. I have seen your Chocolate fountains and you say that you LOVE Chocolate, if you won $50.00 to spend on Chocolate what different kinds of Chocolate would you buy?

Just $50? Kidding! With fifty dollars, I’d buy LOTS and LOTS of Godiva dark mint medallions! Throw in a few Heath bars and some Godiva truffles and... I really could go on and on and on. ;-)

Thank you Amy for letting the ladies in my book club and others get to know you better. I appreciate you hanging out with us. Anything else you would like to say or comment on?

Thanks for having me back to do the fun stuff! If you’d like to see just how much I adore chocolate, stop by the Heart Chocolate website: Lots of virtual chocolate to enjoy and some real pictures of that wonderful chocolate fountain. ;-)

Chocolate aside, I pray you’ll taste and see that the Lord is good… all the time!


  1. Oh, Nora! I LOVE the pictures! The one of Berlin nearly made me cry. There's a story behind it. The big globe thing (sorry I forget the name) has a cross shape on it when the sun shines. When the Wall was up the East German's tried to whitewash and blackwash that globe. The cross still appeared. Isn't that so cool??

    Anyway, thanks for having me back here and the super fun questions and pictures!