When The Morning Comes
By Cindy Woodsmall

Published by Water Brook Press
320 Pages

Back Cover: Hannah Lapp has fled her secluded Old Order Amish community in hopes of finding a new home in Ohio with her shunned aunt. Hampered by limited education and hiding her true identity, Hannah struggles to navigate the confusing world of the Englischers.

Back in Owl's Perch, Pennsylvania, Paul is wracked with regret over his treatment of Hannah. Fearing for her safety, he tried to convince Hannah's remaining allies – brother Luke, best friend Mary, and loyal Matthew Esh – to help search for his love. Hannah's father, however, remains steadfastly convinced of her sinful behavior. His blindness to his family's pain extends to her sister, Sarah, who shows signs of increasing instability.

Convinced her former life is irreparably destroyed, Hannah finds purpose and solace in life with her aunt and in a growing friendship with Martin Palmer. Will the countless opportunities in her new life persuade Hannah that her place is amongst the Englischers – or will she give in to her heart's call to return home and face her past?

REVIEW: Once again Cindy Woodsmall grabs the reader right from the start. I loved that Cindy starts this story exactly where the other story ended. Cindy has a way of taking the reader and having you see and feel Hannah's pain and struggle, which makes it real. It was fascinating how Hannah explores and discovers new things in this Englischers world. It's not like anything she was raised in. It's extremely hard to get used to, but she can't go back to being shunned in her Amish community. Lies were being spread about her and there was nothing she could do to make them go away. No one believed that she was faithful to her God – she did nothing wrong but everything was made to look and feel so terrible. She had left a note for Paul (the love of her life) and even called to see if they could be together, but he had begun to believe the lies also. She couldn't believe how fast he could turn on her - just like everyone else did. She was all alone to face a new life by herself. But, there was still one family member that might take her in - her aunt. She knew her aunt would understand her plight. Hannah had to reach out and try to connect with her - it was her only hope.

Back in Hannah's Old Order Amish community, they all start to regret their decision which forced Hannah to run off. They talked to one another and found out that she was telling the truth. How could they have abandoned her in her time of need? How could they live with themselves? How would this young woman make it on her own? Paul wants to run after her, but no one knows where Hannah went. Why hasn't she called or written? Everyone waited for the day that Hannah's heart was healed and she would want to come back to the community she was raised in. Then they could show her the love they had for her. Would they ever get that chance?

Cindy Woodsmall has many gems in her book mixed amongst the seriousness. The book has humor and gems of advice like "You need to forgive yourself. You need to believe what you did is not more powerful that what God can do from this point forward." Amen to that. Wow!

I loved how Cindy goes back and forth between the events in these two different worlds. In the first, the Old Order Amish Community, we see how life continues in this world while everyone deals with Hanna's disappearance. The second world is a new, exciting and terrifying world that Hanna has escaped to. Here, we see how she learns to take care of herself and find some peace in this unknown environment. She doesn't want to look back...she can't. It's just too painful!

You will be totally absorbed in this fascinating story of self-discovery, forgiveness, love and the really important things that make this life worth living. I can't wait to read the last installment of this series.

Nora St.Laurent
Book Club Servant Leader


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