This is my FAVORITE childrens story. This deeply affected my life when I heard a woman read this to us at a womans retreat soon after my youngest son Isaac was born. It was at this retreat for the FIRST time I started to see myself the way God saw me, not the way others thought of me, or told me what I was. I started to get a glimpse as to how I could walk in the fullness of what God said about me.

In the Book UNSPOKEN by Angela Hunt. I loved when Glee's Nana says to Glee, "Sema is one of God's creatures, isn't she? Jesus said our heavenly Father cares about the sparrows...and about you, for you are worth more than many birds. Anything that affects your life concerns God."

Sema says that she sees someone and signs to someone no one else sees. Nana says again "Have you ever considered that perhaps Sema really is seeing someone? I know this sounds nutty to someone like you (talking to Glee who is a zoologist) but animals can see things we can't. They are much more in tune with the created world...Animals see angels - the bible says so." Something to think about. It definately goes with the message of the "You are Special" book read in this video.


  1. Loved the story!!!! Can't wait to use it with my 8th grade girls Bible study class who, of course, have a very hard time with this concept!!!

    Thanks for sharing it.


  2. I have often thought our pets are an example of God's unconditional love. Even though their devotion to us is relatively conditional, they are happy to see us when we have left them alone hours on end. I enjoyed seeing how Angela used Sema to bring Glee to the God who loves her more than she could understand.

    Thanks for a great story.
    Suwanee, GA

  3. Love the You Are Special story . . . a good lesson for all of us who struggle with the idea that God loves us unconditionally! I too loved how Angela Hunt used Sema to open Glee's eyes to our God who created all us creatures!

    Ann K.