Fire Proof
By Eric Wilson
Published by Thomas Nelson
312 pages

Back Cover: Inside burning buildings, captain Caleb Holt lives by thefirefighter's adage: "Never Leave Your Partner".

Growing up, his wife Catherine always dreamed of marrying a loving,brave firefighter…just like her father. Now, after seven years ofmarriage, she wonders when she stopped being "good enough". Countlessarguments and anger have them wanting to move on to something withmore sparks.

As they prepare for divorce, Caleb's father challenges him to committo a 40-day experiment. "The Love Dare", wondering if it's even worththe effort, Caleb agrees, for his father's sake more than for hismarriage.

Surprised by what he discovers about the meaning of love, Calebrealizes that his wife and marriage are worth fighting for. His jobis to rescue others. Now Captain Holt is ready to face his toughtestjob ever…rescuing his wife's heart.

REVIEW: Caleb is a hero – a hero, that is, to everyone but his wife.

What has happened lately? Things were so great! When did things startto change? Now his wife wants out – "fine" he thinks. I'll give herout!! He seems to be the only one doing anything in this marriageanyway. He never gets any respect from his wife. Doesn't she see allhe pays for and does in their marriage? She just doesn't get it!!Caleb's thoughts begin to turn to divorce.

When Caleb tells his father that he has been thinking of a divorce,his father asks him to hold off on the divorce for 40 days. His dad says that there is a book that he wants Caleb to read -- and followwhat it tells him to do. Out of respect for his father, he honors thisrequest. The book arrives in the mail – the front cover reads "LOVEDARE". Caleb starts to read this book "Man, can dad be serious? Why does he have to do this?" Caleb starts out doing this darehalf-heartedly. He does what he can to get by!! He skips over all the scripture verses (that's his dad's thing not his), but he does the practical things mentioned in the book -- nothing more.

Caleb and Katherine get into a huge fight one day. She definitelywants out and after the fight he is willing to let her go. This "LoveDare" thing is a joke. He calls his father and informs him that thedare is off. His father asks if he could just talk to him before hemakes up his mind about anything. Caleb agrees. Caleb's father shareswith him how life can be challenging and how he almost gave up on hismarriage too! Caleb is surprised, but then again knowing his mother,heisn't. The discussion goes ok until his father starts talking abouthis relationship with Jesus. Caleb didn't need a crutch – he didn'tneed any help -- thank you very much!! But in a scary way, his fatherwas starting to make sense. Caleb agrees that the choices he's madein life have gotten him this far,but it wasn't pretty to look at. Whatto do?? This was really tough stuff!

The author, Eric Wilson, had his work cut out for him when he turnedthe movie "Fire Proof" into a book. It is a powerful story.Although I had seen the movietwo times before reading the book, it did not spoil the experience forme; it actually filled in the missing pieces the movie didn't cover.The book helped answer the questions I had in my mind while watchingthe movie. Questions like: How did Catherine and Caleb meet? What wastheir marriage like before it went bad? It kind of eludes to whytheir marriage was very strained in the movie, but what did Calebreally think about what he was doing on the internet? How didCatherine feel about it all? Who was Gavin? This book also includespictures from the movie, information on the making of the movie, anda great letter from Stephen Kendrick about his experience with "FireProof" from his point of view. This book has it all -- it evenincludes discussion questions for your book club meeting.

This book takes the movie a little deeper for you with the action,funny scenes and romance. Eric Wilson does a great job of telling therest of the story that the movie didn't have time to tell. I enjoyedthe book so much, I was compelled to do a search for other books thatEric Wilson has written. Eric has written other novelizations' suchas "Fly Wheel" and "Facing the Giants". Some of his other booksinclude "Dark to Mortal Eyes", "Expriration Date" and his newest book"Field of Blood". You'll definitely want to check them out! In Eric'sother books, he is not limited creatively and really comes alive inhis story telling – you definitely won't be disappointed -- I know Iwasn't!!!.

Nora St. Laurent
Book Club Servant Leader


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