BOOK CLUB SELECTION - RED GLOVE SERIES by Karen Kingsbury - Book we read "Gideon's Gift". My book club ladies gave me a pair of gloves with a very special gift inside. THANKS TO YOU ALL - From the Bottom of My heart. What a Wonderful surprise!!

The ladies wanted me to make RED Reindeer ears so I did!!

I got out my guitar this year so we could christmas Carol - What fun!

The Ladies sounded so good you would have thought we practiced for weeks. Look at all our gift bags ready for our annual book exchange

The Ladies really got into the spirit of the game this year and stole books from one another. Fun!!

This year Randy Singer gave us a very special gift - which was his most recent Book -Reason of Insanity - BONUS Randy signed all the books he gave us. THANK YOU RANDY!! It was very thoughtful of you and most generous.


Photo opp at North Metro's book club. Randy Singer is the author of several books that you can see in his first picture = his books line the mantel on the fire place. He is a lawyer and pastor, teacher at the church he attends in Virginia Beach. It was fun to hear Randy talk about writing and the many other things he does.

EVERYONE that made it to the book club Party got a book from Randy signed. The other books will be given out as a drawing at the next book club meeting. Look at those HAPPY winners!! They are glad they came to the party!!

I have my Santa Bag and Hat thanks to Chris. Inside holds great treasure!!

Getting ready for the book give away!! They have no idea what is in my bag.

EVERYONE is anxiously waiting to see the contents of my bag.

Nora, Trisa, and Ginger posing for Gail as she cracks us up.

Carol & Terrie

Ashley & Marlene

Betsey & Jean - This was Betsey's first meeting. I hope she comes back next month. Ha! Ha!

Chris & Marcia


THANK YOU LADIES for a VERY SPECIAL night. About 5 days before our meeting I was worried about the last minute changes. My boss scheduled some really amazing singers to sing in the store. They were really good but that made us not have a place to meet for book club. THANK YOU ANGIE for volunteering your house immediately. You are the best. You helped to make that night very special!!

I'm excited about next month. REMEMBER Rachel Hauck will be speaking at our book club and doing a book signing!!

I'm VERY EXCITED to meet up with everyone then. REMEMBER we will be voting on the BEST book of 2008. It will be fun to see what you all thought was the BEST!!!

Blessings on your Holidays thanks for making mine so special. I really FELT YOUR LOVE!! It was the BEST GIFT OF ALL!!!

Your Sister in Christ
Nora :D


  1. I had a great time as always and can't wait for book club in 2009. May God bless you and keep you safe and sound.

    Have a wonderful Christmas. See ya in January.

    Gail Mundy

  2. Great photos, Nora! It looks like all you ladies had a blast! It's fun to see so many people I know there. Was this at Ginger's house?

  3. NO FAIR!! I so wanted to be there!! :( I LOVE Randy Singer's books! I want one!! Awesome pictures! It looks like you guys had an amazingly awesome time. I'll see everybody in Jan..hopefully. :)

  4. Thanks for making it such a great evening, Nora. And thanks to Angela for letting us invade her house!

    I've started Randy Singer's book and I'm loving it.


  5. The party was so much fun!!

    Thank you Angie, for hosting our party in your home - you have a very lovely home (and kitty and handsome son)!!

    Thanks Nora for a fun meeting/party - as usual - it was great to see ladies from the other clubs! We all love you Nora, and I'm sure I say this for everyone, YOU are what makes these bookclubs happen!!

    Have a Very Merry Christmas and a Wonderful New Year!!

    Chris G.

  6. Nora you are amazing - Thanks for getting all of us a FREE book - signed and everything!!!! I'm looking forward to reading it!!
    The Book Club meeting was great - thanks Angie for having it at your home......I look forward to Jan and getting started on a new year at book club.
    Looks like we need to read two books for the 2/23 and 3/2 signings!! I better get started.
    God bless you and your family.

  7. HEy Nora,
    I liked seeing all the fun your group had at your Christmas party. Gave me some ideas. By Reason of Insanity is our book for February. We are meeting with Sigmund Brouwer in January to discuss his book The Last Disciple which I first read in your bookclub.

    Shellie Powell