The Bishops Daughter
by Tiffany L. Warren
Grand Central Publishing
298 Pages

Back Cover: From the author of "What a Sista Should Do", comes a heartfelt novel about a journalist and a not-so-perfect woman who find love and are torn by decisions that could affect her family and his career in "The Bishop's Daughter".

Darrin Bainbridge is your typical playboy, in need of love but not yet ready. A struggling freelance journalist, Darrin is trying to break his big story, and after a visit from his mother Darrin gets an idea. He has heard all kinds of stories about "Hollywood" ministers who hold their church services on television, live in nice houses, drive nice cars, and have lots of money and women. Darrin is disgusted by it all and intends on exposing Atlanta Bishop Kumal Prentiss whom his mother
praises. However, Darrin never planned on finding himself torn between his newfound friend and his possible big break.

REVIEW: This was a refreshing, enjoyable and funny, yet honest story that I really enjoyed. Darrin Bainbridge is a man living life large. He's so full of himself and can't get enough of women. He doesn't want to get tied to anyone. He wants to enjoy them all. He's trying to prove to himself and his father that he is a writer so he doesn't have to work at his father's company - which is the last thing Darrin wants to do!But Darrin is running out of time and money. He has to get this big break soon so his rich father will keep paying his bills. Darrin gets an idea when he sees Bishop Kumal Prentiss on TV one day. Investigative reporting - that would be his big break. He will MAKE this happen one way or the other and Bishop Kumal was his ticket to the big time.

Little did Darrin know what was in store for him when he meets the Bishop. He didn't expect to meet the REAL DEAL. A man after God's own heart, a man that lives what he preaches and a man that lives within his means. This turns Darrin's world upside down. This wasn't supposed to be happening yet it was. He starts to notice the Bishop's daughter and she notices him. He has to stay far away from that girl;
she was marriage material and he didn't want any part of that.

I appreciated the authors honesty in how she portrayed Darrin a man struggling with life on his own, making a name for himself and not wanting to need his father or his money. I also appreciate the honest approach to how Darrin responded to Bishop Prentiss and all the confusion he felt in listening to the preaching of the word. Darrin struggled with his feelings and what God was calling him to do. This is a
great story that illustrates the verse Romans 7:17 " is no longer I myself who do it, but it is sin living in me....For I have the desire to do what is good, but I can't carry it out." (by myself - we need God - scripture goes on to emphasis that). I loved Tiffany's portrayal of real people struggling with doing the right thing.

This is the first book that I have read by Tiffany and it won't be the last.

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