Dark Pursuit
By Brandilyn Collins
Published by Zondervan
283 Pages

Back Cover: Novelist Darell Brooke lived for his title as King of Suspense - until an auto accident left him unable to concentrate. Two years later, reclusive and bitter, he wants one thing: to plot a new novel and regain his reputation.

Kaitlan Sering, his twenty-two-year-old granddaughter, once lived for drugs. After she stole from Darell, he cut her off. Now she's rebuilding her life. But in Kaitlan's town, two women have been murdered, and she is about to discover a third. She's even more shocked to realize the culprit is her boyfriend, Craig, the police
chief's son. Desperate, Kaitlan flees to her estranged grandfather.For over forty years, Darell Brooke has lived suspense. Surely he'll devise a plan to trap the cunning Craig.

But can Darell's muddled mind to it? And - if he tried - with what motivation? For Kaitlan's plight may be the stunning answer to the elusive plot he seeks...

REVIEW: A few years back I had a brief encounter with Brandilyn Collins at a large get together we both attended. I knew who she was because her picture are on the back of her books - books I was to afraid to read. I watched her joking around and laughing with friends. Then I heard the announcement, Brandilyn Collins would pray for us before our meal. While everyone else closed their eyes, I watched this woman as she prayed. I was touched by Brandilyn's joyful spirit while she prayed. It deeply touched my heart. At that moment, I was determined to try and read one of her books! Her book covers were scary to me. I attempted to read a few of her them
, but I never got past the first chapter. Great news to report…I have finally read one of Brandilyn's books cover to cover - "The Dark Pursuit". It was one thrill ride that I totally enjoyed. I was sucked up into this very suspenseful story that's full of plot twists and turns. It was more fascinating than scary for me this time, you might think so too.

"Remember to breathe". I heard you need to remember this when reading one of Brandilyn's books. They were right. I caught myself holding my breath several times as one of the characters were running for their life. My heart raced as I turned the pages. I wasn't sure how it was going to end. I could really feel for Darell Brooke who had been in a car accident and struggled to get back many of his writing skills. I could also feel for Kaitlan who struggled to do all the right things and now find herself in unbelievable cirsumstances she didn't create. This was a very good story!!!

Ex-drug addict, Kaitlan Sering, was finally getting her life together, all was right with the world until she found a dead body in her bedroom. How did this happen? What should she do now? She ran to the only person that could help her, Darell Brooke, her grandfather. She stole from him the last time they lived together, and she would have
to face the music on that one. But she had no one else to turn to who knew a murder's mind like he did. Darell Brooke was the 'King of the Suspenseful' murder story.
Kaitlan had heard her grandfather had been in an accident a few years back. She had heard it affected his writing ability but thought he was fine mentally. She soon realized how this accident affected him when she asked him for his help.

Would her grandfather be able to help save her life? She didn't know. They were in God's hands now. Only He could save them.

Nora St.Laurent - Book Club Servant Leader


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