What's Age Got To Do With It?
By Robin McGraw
Published by Thomas Nelson
218 Pages

Back Cover: Though it's her husband, Dr. Phil, who has his own nationally-syndicated talk show, Robin McGraw's appearances on the show, draw thousands of questions from viewers of all ages, who want to know how she looks and feels so fabulous at the age of fifty-five. In "What's Age Got To Do With It?", Robin shares her journey, including the ups and downs, and the secrets for staying healthy and in shape.

She also provides insider information from a panel of top experts in the areas of fitness, nutrition, skin care, menopause, hair, makeup,and fashion.

REVIEW: First, I must confess that I have never watched Dr. Phil and have never seen Robin McGraw on TV. I know who Dr. Phil is and I recently became acquainted with Robin McGraw through her last book. I can only imagine that Robin writes this book the way she talks. She is funny, honest and shares things she used to do when they had no money, and things she does now because she's Dr. Phil's wife and can.

Each chapter is broken up into categories, so you can just flip to the section you want to read first, or you can read the book from the beginning to the end as I did. She shares her search for fitness,nutrition, and skin care with all its ups and downs. Robin brings awareness to body changes all through a women's life, and what these changes mean. I think women of all ages will definitely get something from every chapter of this book.

When Robin shared about menopause in the chapter called "What's hormones got to do with it?", I learned about so many types of hormones and therapies I never knew existed. She tells women approaching menopause to let their whole family know, this will help them to be on your team and get you through. I wanted to share with you how Robin told her boys she was entering menopause… "it's a very normal process in a women's life, but there are certain things that are going to change around here." …Jay and Jordan squirmed a bit…"One of them is that I'm going to be sleeping naked because I'm suffering from night sweats….You have to tap on the door and wait until your daddy or I tell you to come in."

Funny, honest and very revealing, I don't know what Robin shares on the show, but I was glad that she shared this fun story in her book. She shares many stories similar to this one - some stories include one of a really bad hair days because of some spur of the moment decisions made,others about health choices. This book is informative, fun and told from a woman that has struggled with getting to know herself
and her body. You won't want to miss this. It's a keeper.


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