RACHEL HAUCK will be the Commentator for the CHRISTY AWARDS PROGRAM - MONDAY, JULY 16th 7-9p.m. @ The Rosen Center Hotel in Orlando, FL

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I thought it would be fun to re-publish the BOOK CLUB EVENT Rachel did in January 2009. She spoke to Finding Hope Book Club near the Atlanta area. I had two face to face book clubs that met at the Christian Book Store I work at back then that had different names.Grin! Today both groups are called Finding Hope Book Club.

ABOUT AUTHOR: Rachel Hauck is the bestselling author of Carol Award winner Sweet Caroline, and RITA Finalist Love Starts With Elle, and of the critically acclaimed fiction collaboration with multi-platinum country artist Sara Evans, The Songbird Novels. She lives in sunny, though sometimes hurricane plagued, central Florida with her husband and their ornery pets.

Rachel earned a degree in Journalism form Ohio State University and is a huge Buckeyes football fan.  She is the past President of American Christian Fiction Writers and now sits on the board as an Adviser. Visit her web site at to read her blog, and follower her on Facebook and Twitter.
Rachel Hauck spoke at both Monday night "Book Ends" book club and Tuesday night "Ladies of Hope Readers" book club. It was a real treat to learn about the woman behind the books.

Some of the ladies wanted to know "How did Rachel start writing"?
Answer: "I wrote my first book at 10 years old. It was a story of a horses. Don't all authors write their first books at 10?"

One night Rachel came dressed in a man's suite jacket. Rachel said it was her dad's jacket. He had leukemia for a while and suddenly died three years ago. Her father was the first one to encourage her writing. He often called her his little writer.

Rachel graduated a Jr. College and went off to Ohio State where she majored in Journalism. After graduation she quickly learned Journalists weren't paid well. She was ready for work. A friend connected her to a job at Harris Corporation,where she worked as a software company problem solver.

Traveling was Rachel's dream. Her new job required traveling 70 percent of the time. Going to Austrailia and several wonderful places around the world and in the states was exciting at first. But being a "Road Warrior" 24/7 is exhausting. Life had become hectic and a little bit overwhelming. She sought God's face.

"God, I know you have a destiny for me and this isn't it. Please show me where I'm supposed to be."

Soon after Rachel got married she took a sebatical from work. It was a strange feeling for her at first. Rachel had been working since she was 14, and put herself through college. She started to think about what God had for her next.

She got the desire to write. During this time she wrote a WWII Epic. Rachel later used parts of this story in "Love Starts with Elle". She sent out proposals for this book. Received 5 rejections and went back to work.

Rachel went to her first "Blue Ridge" conference and met Linda Coleman. They teamed together to write "Lambert's Pride" and a few other books.

In the middle of writing these books, working, leading Praise and Worship at Church, and also being a Pastors wife she became stressed. By 2003 something had to give. She went seeking God again with all her heart, mind and soul. "Tell me Lord writing is from you. It's my destiny. Writing is very time consuming,exhausting (in a good way), and emotional. It's taking everything in me to meet this writing schedule. I want to know I'm spending my time doing your will for my life. - What do you have for me God Bring it on!"

She gave up the only thing bringing in a steady income to their household - her day job. So, with peace in her heart she quite inorder to write.

Her desire was to partner with God in what He had for her. She asked Him "What are the stories you want me to write? What do you want to do through me?? There's always some of me in each character. What can I learn?"

In 2004 God opened up doors for Rachel to write Georgia on My Mind.

The next project by Thomas Nelson was the NashVegas set of books. Her editor called and said "Rachel we'd like you to write a book about a girl song writer/country singer in Nashville - we'll call them "NashVegas", what do you think?"

She was in but knew nothing about Nashville. Research was a blast as she had the opportunity to eat at the "Blue Bird" and met several well known country singers.


Answer: "Anywhere from 3 to 5 months - 5 months is ideal. My goal is to write 2000 words a day."

Rachel enjoys developing and really getting to know her characters. She makes up their Bio. Has each of her charcters answer the following questions.

1. What is their secret fear?
2. What is their secret desire?
3. What is their ambition in life?
4. What lie do they believe?
5. What is their love language? A new one question to add to the list.


My editor asked me "How would I like to work with Sara Evans on a series of books?"
I'm in I told her. What are they about?

Sara Evans
Sara Evans is the country singer who's hit song is "Saints and Angels". The book coming out in 2009 ... Look for it!

Rachel's project "Dining with Joy" is the next solo project for her. It's a story of a T.V. Chef that really can't cook. Only one person knows her secret and he is out to destroy her. This book sound really fun.

2002 was Rachel's first ACFW Conference (American Christian Fiction Writers) is a conference just for christian fiction writers. Rachel says it's a place where you can learn your craft and met great people.

It's also a conference for experienced writers to re-invent themselves and learn the new style of Christian Fiction writing. Rachel Hauck was President of the ACFW organization for two years. She leads Praise and Worship at the conferences every year. Her favorite speaker at these conferences was Liz Curtis Higgs. They are trying to get Karen Kingsbury to speak at an ACFW conference in two years


"I believe that God can minister to us in so many creative ways - He is very resourceful. I am God's Masterpiece to be used as He desires! I am the only child of my mother so are you - I am so uniquely made there is no one like me (or you) - No one has your DNA." Rachel went on.

"The Holy Spirit guides us and inspires us along our journey with God. The fragrance of God is in everything we do if we follow Him - so whoever we come in contact with - we are the fragrance of Christ - God is always present."

Rachel shared about someone she knew who was going through cancer treatments and felt all alone. Where was God in all this? Her friend wondered.

One day Rachel's friend and husband were driving along when her nose started to itch. Her friend pulled at her nose and a feather came out. Then another feather dropped from the ceiling of the car. It wasn't a convertible either.

Soon after that Rachel had lunch with her friend and a few others. She watched her friend talk and saw her picking something out of thin air. Finally Rachel said "What are you doing?"

Her friend said "Oh, it's feathers. God is sending me feathers." Rachel said maybe 4 or 5 of them dropped into her hands and put them on the table. Her friend told her they took the feathers to an expert and asked what kind of feathers they were, The expert said "Dove feathers". Wow!

This ministered to Rachel's friend like nothing else could. God knew this would be a unique way to show Rachel's friend He was there, give her hope and reminder her that He loved her and would never leave her.

Many of the ladies in all three of the clubs were touched by the references to the feathers, and the feather picture in "Love Starts with Elle". It was made more powerful by Rachels testimony of her friend.

One of Rachel's favorite scriptures is Isaiah 41:13

"For I am the Lord, your God; who takes hold of your right hand and to you. Do not be afraid. I will help you."

Rachel held hands with us as we pray with the women each night. How exciting it was to be in the middle of a Christian Book Store holding hands and praying out loud. The spirit was so sweet that night no one wanted to go.

Tuesday Rachel did a book signing at Life Way Mall of Georgia Christian Store.

I was honored to chat and giggle with Margaret Chind, Rachel Hauck and Ane Mulligan at Rachel Hauck's Book signing!

THANKS RACHEL for sharing your journey and your precious heart with us. Know that you are in our thoughts and prayers for the new projects God's given you. Can't wait to read them! Congrats on the opportunity!

Since I'm up-dating this I've included the Book Covers of the books Rachel Hauck has written with Sara Evans. I really to like the covers!! Grin!


  1. That sounds like a lot of fun. I'm gearing up for Miralee Ferrell to come visit our book club next month with her new book coming out this month. We're all so excited and can't wait.

  2. Hey Patty, it was lots of fun. Miralee is precious. We read her first book "The Other Daughter" for book club.

    Thanks for dropping by Patty.

  3. Thanks for having me! It was fun!

    Love, Rachel

  4. Nora, thank you for setting this up. The book not only was great, but I'm reading Rachel's other books now.

    Rachel, thank you for sharing yourself with us at the book club meeting. It was so much fun for me to get to meet you and see how you pull your stories together. I look forward to the books you are working on with Sara.

    Best of luck to you.

    Catherine Kinney
    Hoschton, GA

  5. Loved the interview with Rachel. I had a great time and really enjoyed listening to her tell about her writing and how she is now writing with Sara. What fun!!!

    Gail Mundy