By Ron Blue & Jeremy White, CPA
Published by Tyndale Publishers
127 pages

Back Cover: How Will Today’s Economy Affect you?
Answers to your most pressing financial concerns – and a long-term strategy for financial health

Increasing layoffs, rising food prices, a stagnant houses market, an erratic stock market. Surely these jeopardize your family’s financial future, right?

They don’t have to , say trusted financial experts Ron Blue and Jeremy White. They’ll show you how to take charge of your family’s financial well-being-no matter how bleak your situation appears right no.

REVIEW: This small book is a user-friendly book filled with beneficial information and set up so you can keep referring to parts most useful to you over and over again. This book left me with so many practical tips; it was easy to understand which gave me hope in these uncertain times.

This book is 127 pages of very practical, encouraging helpful tips on how to weather the financial storms of life no matter what they maybe. Jesus said, “In this life you will have trouble”. He did promise to be with us in the storm. We have a choice to believe that and seek His comfort or go it alone. Our attitude will affect how we go through any storm. We choose our attitude, approach and response to these storms. It will affect the outcome. I loved how they explained this in the book.

If we buy into the fear the media feeds us, we can overreact to any situation. Ron Blue says “You don’t have to react to your changing financial climate. You can thrive during economic uncertainty….How we respond to unexpected events of life will directly and indirectly effect our personal finances?” and everything else in our life for that matter.

Ron Blue and Jeremy White, CPA agree it’s not easy but being constant and disciplined to meet your goals will pay off huge in the long run.

This book was easy to read and find instructional help I needed. I loved the Information boxes used throughout this book. It made it easy to go back to facts I needed to generate new financial habits.

Some of the Topics are:
4 Things to do if you’ve heard your bank may fail
6 incredible promises from God to Remember in tough times
7 Websites to visit for helpful personal finance resources
8 Things not to skimp on during tough economic times
5 Places to find Extra Cash to Build your emergency fund

(Several more boxes are through out the book – very useful and encouraging)

There is a large chapter on investments and investing. How to deal with the situation you have and what to do with investments in the future.

There’s a great chapter at the end of the book on 40 money-saving tips that you’ll be referring to often. These are great money tips that are easy to apply to your life and save right away. I was pleasantly surprised and encouraged by this book you will be too. There is something for everyone.


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