#1 WILL OF WISTERIA by Denise Hildreth

#2 THE SHACK by William Paul Young

#3 GIDEON’S GIFT by Karen Kingsbury


What authors did you enjoy most on the phone or “live” at book club meetings? What made it special for you?


Angela HuntHer books have kept me up late at night and stayed with me for months. It was exciting to get to talk to this amazing writer. I feel I got a glimpse at what makes her tick and how she gets the ideas for her incredible cutting edge stories. It was fun. We laughed a lot that night.

Angela Hunt - Fascinating and so diversified

Angela Hunt - She was so interesting and fun to talk to on the phone

Chris Coppernoll - Loved Providence – I couldn’t believe this was his first book. Wow! I appreciated the fact that he gave us the opportunity to read & review his second book “A Beautiful Fall”, I was thrilled he included so many of our reviews inside his new book.

Chris Coppernol – a guy that enjoys life, writing and hearing what others thought of his book. He was also interested in hearing what we had to say so he could do better for his next book. He loves life and God. It was very special to be given the opportunity to read and review his new book “A Beautiful Fall” Wonderful!! Thanks Chris.

Chris Coppernol - Loved his excitement, he was very engaging, loved his smile.

Dale Crammer – very interesting journey to becoming an author. Loved how he gave us a sneak peek into the behind the scenes of his book “Levi’s Will” and “Bad Ground” which were stories very personal to him. He was one funny guy. Loved Sutter’s Crossing.

Dale Cramer - one of my favorites - Loved the story and totally enjoyed the author when he talked to our group.

Deborah Raney – I have loved Deborah Raney’s books for years. It was so fun to talk to her at book club on the phone. I was intrigued at how some of her stories came about. Beneath a Southern Sky was a story that I’m still thinking about. Nora’s interview helped me to really get to know the heart of this author. I loved her honesty.

Denise Hildreth – very engaging and super excited as she read her books to us. I loved that she used a southern accent as she read from her books Savannah from Savannah and Flies in the butter.

Denise Hildreth - Loved talking with her and the way she read excerpts from her books. She read to us with such a great southern accent. It was a wonderful night.

Denise Hildreth – I loved how she became the characters in her book as she read from them – It really made me see how she meant the characters to be – Loved the authors spin on it. Loved Denise and her books.

Denise Hildreth – Loved how she read from her books – she had such an interesting story behind becoming an author. I loved her!

Denise Hildreth – She is such a genuine Southern Lady – I just adored her.

Denise Hildreth – I’d never heard of Denise Hildreth before Nora made Will of Wisteria a book club pick. Her presentation at book club was outstanding as she read parts of her book in character.

Denise Hildreth – she has heart that seeks God. I loved how she could laugh at herself. When she read excerpts from her book the way it was intended to be read I felt like we got a behind the scenes pass to her books. She became the characters and brought a whole new meaning to what we had read.

Mary Connealy – very witty, funny and her book Petti Coat Ranch was just a hoot. I’m looking forward to her other books.

Mary Connealy – Funny, honest

Mary Connealy – She was very forthcoming, genuine and funny.

Miralee Ferrell – I loved the interview Nora did with Miralee it helped me get to know her before talking to her on the phone. Miralee's pictures of her horse and cat made the interview fun to read. Which gave me something to ask her at book club. I couldn’t believe Miralee’s honesty and willingness to share from her heart about how The Other Daughter came about.

Rebeca Seitz - She was so much fun & real. We both loved the same author. It was great to talk with her and find out so many interesting things.

Rebeca Seitz – She was the first author I have ever met and talked with. She was so humble, straight forward and funny.

Rebeca Seitz – was engaging, and funny. Her journey to becoming a published author was like none other. She was honest and excited to tell the stories that God put on her heart to tell – even if they were sensitive and exposed real hurts in her life. She wants to encourage others and learn from her readers. Great fun!

William Paul Young – Engaging - fascinating journey to becoming an author, loved our extended time with him.

William Paul Young – very personable, honest and easy to talk with

William Paul Young - I enjoyed meeting William Young at Lifeway. He was so kind and felt so sincere. I liked how he met with each of us one-on-one. Thus, I felt like I had known him for years. I really liked this

William Paul Young - I found his journey to becoming a published author fascinating, definitely a God thing. I love how he shared his heart and his passion to pursue the things of God even if they stretched him. He was vulnerable enough to share the hurts God has healed him from. What an incredible book and he is on one fascinating adventure with God.


SUTTERS CROSSING by Dale Cramer - January
THE WILL OF WISTERIA by Denise Hildreth - Feburary
PROVIDENCE by Chris Coppernoll - March
THE SHACK by William Paul Young - March
THE SWAN HOUSE by Elizabeth Musser - April
PETTI COAT RANCH by Mary Connealy - May
SISTER'S INK by Rebeca Seitz - July
THE OTHER DAUGHTER by Miralee Ferrell - August
UNSPOKEN by Angela Hunt - September
BENEATH A SOUTHERN SKY by Deborah Raney - October
A BRIDE MOST BEGRUDGING by DeeAnn Gist - November
GIDEON'S GIFT by Karen Kingsbury


  1. Nora- I'm slightly overwhelmed. I honestly can't believe that. Thank you so much for sharing that with me...What an honor and a privilege. Please thank the ladies for me. Much love, D

    Denise Goude Hildreth at 4:23pm February 3

    (Facebook comment from Denise when I told her of our poll)

  2. I am so glad that Denise won!!! She is my favorite!!!

    Gail Mundy