How did you start your writing career? Did you always know that you wanted to be a writer?

I started my writing career by reading books! LOTS of books. But I've known since I was a teenager that I wanted to be a writer.

I read that you have 5 children ages 8 - 18 months, How do you balance writing and taking care of your family? When do you do your best writing work?

Honestly, it would be easy to balance writing and family, if I didn't also have a full-time day job :) I've got a lot of help around the house. My oldest two daughters are great with the housework, and helping with their younger siblings. Then, my husband tries to keep them out of my way when I do get a chance to write. I do my best writing work when I'm inspired. Inspiration doesn't come at any particular time of the day or night, but when it comes, it's awesome!

You have written two other books "What a Sista Should Do" and "Farther than I meant to go, long than I mean to stay there", how was writing your third book "Bishops daughter" different than writing the other two?

I wrote half of "The Bishop's Daughter" from a male perspective and that was new! It was also a lot of fun.

How did you come up with the idea for the book "The Bishops Daughter"? Was that the working title for this book? Did you have any say so in what the cover would look like?

I don't know where the ideas come from :) But when they come, I run with them. I like to think that God has a hand in me crafting my stories. This book did have a working title other than "The Bishop's Daughter" but I don't remember it! LOL. I just remember "The Bishop's Daughter" just popped into my head one day after writing one of Emoni's chapters.

Is being an author everything you thought it would be, If not what has surprised you?

I don't know what I thought being an author would be like. I didn't have that many preconceived notions. I didn't think it was glamourous, but maybe I had unrealistic notions about the amount of money I'd make. I was certainly surprised by my first royalties check!

When you sit down to read a good book what do you read Tiffany? What spoils a book for you?

I read alot of sci-fi, contemporary fiction and of course Christian Fiction. What spoils a book for me is a sloppy plot, too much description and not enough action, cardboard one-dimensional characters and a rushed ending.

Some authors plot by the seat-of-their pants and others say they plot everything step-by-step. What kind of writer are you?

Seat of my pants all the way. I write outlines, but when the story takes on a life of it's own, the outline pretty much goes out of the window.

What are some hobbies that you enjoy? Family acitivites that you look forward to?

I love travelling and cooking. Anywhere there's a beach, I'm totally there. I'm famous around these here parts for my red velvet cake.

What do you enjoy most about the writing proces? What do you enjoy the least?

MOST: Having that lightening bolt idea that becomes the story.

LEAST: Deadlines.

Tiffany what books inspire you, have changed you?

I know this is gonna sound so cliche for a Christian Fiction writer, but The Bible really inspires me. Some people only read the Bible to study, and I do that too, but sometimes I'll open up an Old Testament story and read it like a novel! Outside of the Bible, I've been inspired by Octavia E. Butler's books.

What are you working on now? Can you give us a sneak peek into your newest project? Any ideas as to when it will be available?

I'm working on the third novel in my young adult series. It's called the SO FOR REAL series, because I wanted to be up front with young people and get on their level. It's been a blast writing them so far.

The first in the series, STEP TO THIS, comes out at the end of February under my pen name, Nikki Carter. My next adult novel is called IN THE MIDST OF IT ALL and it's about a young woman with a prophetic gifting that escapes a Christian-like cult. It will be out in 2010.

Of course, my baby is the Faith and Fiction Retreat! This is the third year we're doing it, and it will be July 16-19, 2009 in Orlando, FL. Check out the website at It's all about bringing faith fiction authors together with readers. The featured authors this year are ReShonda Tate Billingsley, Angela Benson, Tia McCollors and myself. It's going to be a great time!

Questions you really wanted to know about Tiffany but were afraid to ask- So I did.

If you could hang out and/or interview (2) people who are alive or dead in the history of the world for 48 hours, who would you pick and why? What would you do? What would you ask them?

Jesus, because how could I not! I would ask Him if I'm on the right track with my life. I'd hope He say yes!

I'd also like to meet that woman in Proverbs 31 who makes all the other wives look bad. I would tell her to sit down somewhere and microvwave something frozen for once.

Where are your two favorite places to shop and why?

Ross and Ann Taylor.

I just discovered Ross when I moved to Dallas! We didn't have them up north. Can I tell you I almost went into a Holy Ghost shout when I found some Nine West boots for $20!!!!!

There is a time machine availabe to you. It will take you anywhere you want to go Past or Present or Future. Where would you go and why? What would you do when you go there? You could visit any historical event or some place in your past.

I'd want to go back in time to when I was skinny! To when I could eat corned beef sandwiches, Pepsi and Hostess cupcakes and still fit into a size 6.

What were your favorite books you read as a child?

A Wrinkle in Time, by Madeline L'Engle. Are You There God, It's me Margaret by Judy Blume.

You have just found a magic lamp and the genie says he'll grant you three wishes. What would your three wishes be?

I'd wish for three million dollars, because that's enough that me and my family are comfortable, but not enough for people to think I can make their dreams come true.

I'd wish for Barack Obama to have a successful presidency and send his daughter to college with my 11 year old so they can be sorors :)

And my third wish would be for more wishes, because why would I NOT wish for more wishes???

They have just invented a machine that would allow you to change one thing about yourself. First of all would you use the machine? Second if you did use it, what would you change? why? what would that change look like in your life?

I see Nora wants to get deep!!! Well, I would definitely use the machine. I'd want to be more patient.

You find yourself in a life threatening situation, who would you pick to save your life? Why? (you can choose from some one on T.V,> movies, cartoons, books, use your imagination).

My husband Brent, because I know he would do it! He wouldn't want to have to raise four girls without me. The hair combing and feminine products would be enough to send him to an insane asylum.

You have been given two generous gift certificates to eat at the place of your choice. Where would you pick to eat breakfast at? Given you have lots of time and money. What would you order? Where would you pick to eat dinner? What would you order and why?

I would go to the Half Moon resort in Jamaica and eat fresh pineapple and banana bread on the beach.

For dinner, I'd go to an Italian restaurant in Portofino, Italy or on the Amalfi Coast.

If you had to pick a TV Realty show to be on, which one would it be and why?

Hmmm...American Idol. I'd want to be one of the judges though.


Yes! Thank you so much for reading my book! Please hit me up online with your feedback at I really enjoy hearing from avid readers! Hope to see you in July :)

Thanks so much Tiffany for hanging out with me today. It's really be a pleasure to get to know you better. I enjoyed your book "The Bishops Daughter" I look forward to meeting in July too when you are in Atlanta again. Look forward to reading more of your books.All the best to you Tiffany.

Nora :D


  1. Hey, Nora and Tiffany,

    That interview was fun. I am a big Ross Shopper. Tuesdays before noon are the best deals here in Atlanta. lol.

    I also have to say that Tiffany's kids are very well mannered or they are bookclub meeting pros!!

  2. The Bishop's Daughter, from a man's point of view,...I'd like to read that one! I would want to ask how you did it. Men and women think so differently! I'm going to do some 'googling' on you. That's how I get to know more about an author, however, this was a very 'open' interview! Thank you for sharing yourself with us.