Recently my wife Nora asked me to read a book (Deadlock) - I had not heard about before named Robert Liparulo. Nora mentioned it was about computer games becoming real. That was enough to interest me.

The first thing that struck me about Deadlock was the back story that was being shared. It seemed so deep that I began to wonder if there was a “first book” and I checked through the back of the book, asked my wife and then went on line to find that there indeed was a first book “Deadfall” where this all began. The “back story” in the first few chapters of “Deadlock” is a spoiler for “Deadfall” so take my advice, read “Deadfall” first. (You will not be disappointed.)

That being said I have a new favorite author!

From the first page of “Deadfall” to the last page of “Deadlock” Liparulo takes you on a wild ride of action and suspense that literally keeps you turning page after page. He has a way of connecting you to his characters that makes you care about them. It is something that not all authors accomplish. There is an intimate level of relationship with each character that makes you feel like they are real and you want to continue the relationship beyond the pages of the book. Caution though: do not get significantly attached to some of the characters. I am just sayin’…

Yes there is violence; arrows and guns and secret weapons, obscure body parts and well… people you care about get hurt. Never once though did this violence get to a level that was disturbing. The message conveyed though is a strong one that involves a societal hardening of hearts through repetitive exposure to violence and how people in power can use games and movies to manipulate the next generation for their own ends.

That’s all I will say except that when I finished both books I immediately went and got “Germ” which I am reading now and I can guarantee that I will be reading everything Mr. Liparulo writes from now on!

So your mission Jim is to buy BOTH books Deadfall and Deadlock and then hunker down in the bunker of your favorite reading room for the next few days. You are about to experience an action packed tale and meet John Hutchinson, “Hutch” to his friends, and witness what the power of a few good people who care can do when they are faced with insurmountable evil.

Fred St.Laurent
The Book Club Network - Administrator


  1. I like Fred's reviews as much as I like yours, Nora. This team thing could work out real well. : )

    I agree about Bob's skill with characters. He does a great job, and doesn't seem to be slipping with the number of books he's putting out there, either.

  2. Ya gotta love Robert Liparulo. I was hooked with his first novel Comes A Horseman and look forward to each new one. He's a great thriller writer and a good man.

  3. I'm always looking for a new author. These sound great!!! It sounds like Mr. Liparulo have a keen sense of characterization. I love the intricate ones. They hold my attention and give such insight.

  4. Loved the review. I wonder if we could contact Robert Liparulo and ask if he could continue with this character John "Hutch" Hutchinson. I want more!