The Great Eight
By Scott Hamilton
Published by Thomas Nelson
183 Pages

Back Cover: Beloved Olympic Skater shares his secrets to happiness on and off the ice.
From Gold Medalist to cancer and brain tumor survivor, Scott Hamilton has experienced the heights of accomplishment to the depths of disease. But through his successes, struggles, and setbacks, Hamilton has never lost his trademark humor and honesty. But more important, he has never lost his faith and optimism. How does he keep smiling?

In the Great Eight, Scott uses stories from his international career and personal life to describe the eight secrets that – through commitment and repetition – have helped him “clear the ice,” get back up, and “smile like Kristi Yamaguchi.”

REVIEW: Scott Hamilton is an Olympic Gold Metal winner, amazing skater, and life looked like it had been easy for him. Not! I loved how gut level honest he is in this book and was surprised at all the challenges he had overcome. We can survive hard times or thrive in them. He reminded me the only thing you can count on is CHANGE in this life. If we had NO change in life, there would be NO hope. Without hope we can’t thrive -we’d just survive. God didn’t intend for us to merely survive this life; He gives us the ultimate “hope” so we can bloom and grow in any situation. The choice is ours.

Scott found God to be his ultimate life coach. God is his biggest cheerleader. He unexpectedly found happiness and healing in skating. It was so fascinating to read how he started skating and how that dramatically changed his life forever. I loved when Scott said, “There is always going to be suffering. Its how you look at your suffering, how you deal with it that will define you.” He talks about falling down in skating, falls he made in life and about picking himself back up again. His insight into this was profound.

“All challenges are really just opportunities to learn more about yourself, to reach a greater understanding of self, of your mortality, and to be happy with that balance.” Scott shows how God’s ways are not our ways, but how we have everything to do with our attitude and how we deal with the changes that come our way. Scott says,” I strongly believe that the only disability in life is a bad attitude.” Amen!

Scott shares stories of his wins, life’s struggles, marriage, children and overcoming cancer and a brain tumor. I have so much respect for this man. He can smile and laugh at the face of a challenge. He says he’s been told ,“I was too short, too bald, and too goofy to win a gold medal. “ He used humor in his skating skits and in life to help deal with the hard times. I really needed to read this book. Scott is inspirational, funny, hopeful and honest. It’s a breath of fresh air. You’ll smile as you discover treasures you can apply to your life which will help you achieve the balance and the happiness God wants for you. I highly recommend this book.

Book Club Servant Leader

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  1. Scott was (is) my all-time favorite in ice skating because of his use of humor with his talent, and I do mean Talent! He is sorely missed on the ice! I hope he is tutoring new skaters! His comment, "I strongly believe that the only disability in life is a bad attitude” is so true. It's a book I definitely want to read.