Book Jon & Kate wrote about their experience having children and trusting God through it all. The book was released right before Christmas 2008

Eight Litte Faces was released a couple weeks ago. It's a picture book that's really cute showing all of her kids.

Family pictures taken on their journey.

Believe it or not these young ladies started the line at about 12 noon. They were determined to be the first to meet Kate that night. As you can see they were prepared.

The Line wrapped all along the outside of Life Way Christian Store. The weather was not too hot and the guests were in great spirits. This is Atlanta after all we wait in line for every thing. :D

This is the back of our store where later Kate would make her way into Life Way.

Started letting people into the store at 6p.m. Kate was arriving to the store by 7p.m. Everyone was excited to get out of the heat and make it into the air conditioning. :D

Look at these HAPPY FACES. REMEMBER THESE LADIES? They were FIRST in line hanging out in their chairs. They are anxiously (but comfortably) waiting for Kate's arrival.

As Traffic would have it Kate arrived 15 minutes late. As soon as she walked to where we had her signing table set up the entire audience screamed and cheered with deilight. Kate had made it safe and sound. Let the book signing begin :D

Jill's husband Darren was the one that took ALL these wonderful pictures. Right before Kate left Jill was able to get a picture with her. The stack of books are the books that she signed BEFORE she left to have extra signed books on hand in the store.

Kate waves goodbye and is ready to call it a day. We counted a little over 1500 people that went through out store. Kate had done another book signing before she came to Life Way Christian Store Buford - Mall of GA area. Can't imagine how her hand feels. :D

I have to admit I didn't know who she was until I heard she was doing a book signing at the store. Since then I've learned a lot by listening to customers tell me about their FAVORITE show. Many were disappointed the eight children didn't make it.

THANKS again to Darren Jones for providing these photos and for Chris for using my camera and getting a few shots while I was on the register with my fellow team members Michelle and Brittany!! Everyone was so excited. It was one busy day and for that I was thankful.


  1. Thanks for the pictures, nice blog, I have to tell you that I'm looking forward to Authors that you bring into the store that actually show there fans how much they appreciate their fan base, go the extra mile, and stay for the time that they say they will, especially when there are still many people in line. And don't demand special things from the stores that sell their books. All of them we have had at the store up till now do appreciate their fans and book sellers. Love ya Nora, appreciate you.

  2. y husband and I came to meet you this afternoon at the Books-A-Million in McDonough, GA at 2:15 only to find out that you up and left without telling anyone. You were scheduled to be there from 1-3 and left at 1:45 for no reason. That doesn't sound like a very nice thing to do for all of your fans. There were SEVERAL people that came in after us to have a copy of your book signed and meet you face to face, only to find out that you LEFT EARLY!!! I understand that you are a busy person, but leaving an event early just to go to another one, doesn't seem very business like to me. You could have made the day of many fans, plus a lot of money off your book, if you had just taken the time to meet the down to earth people of McDonough, instead of hurrying off to meet the people of Buford.

  3. What a hoot of a book to read! All those babies and she kept her figure so slim. I LOVE to read about multiple births, the joys and struggles of raising them. I'm sure with all those babies, there were a plenty surprises each day!

  4. Were there not enough people at the 1-3 signing so she just left? That is rude.
    What is that thing sticking up out of the back of her head?

  5. Hello! A fan of my blog sent me your link and I was so happy to read it and see the pictures! I run a Jon & Kate fan site and I would love to share the link so that other fans can see your beautiful photos! Let me know. I'm so happy to hear you had so much fun!

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  7. Jon has sinned in the eyes of his Assembly Of God church by appearing intoxicated in public on multiple occasions but all anyone wants to talk about is a book signing ? Why not use this opportunity to remind folks that in a Christian marriage God comes first ? Why not use your blog and compare and contrast what a Christian family is like compared to the Gosselin family ? It might be more illuminating than the subject of your last post. I get weary of people saying that Christians aren't perfect, just forgiven. Jon's behavior will be excused in this manner while yet again he has lost a chance to help other families and actually be a role model. This family behaves like no other Christian family that I have ever known.

  8. I am deeply saddened by what I've read about Jon and Kate lately in the news. This behavior they've both been doing lately brings down the name of God to non-believers. I hold the Gosselins up to God in prayer as I hope others will do also, and my prayers most especially go out for the "Eight little Faces" whom everyone seems to have forgotten about other than how much money they can make for their parents. May God step in and bring the little ones close to Him, and may Jon and Kate see how much damage they are doing to their kids and to the name of God.