Barbara King has been a member of my book club for a few years now. She is the mom of Olivia King who is awaiting a organ transplant. This is her Mother's Day encouraging note she sent out. It really touched my heart and I wanted to share it with you all. Check out her personal story at their website HERE Medical updates are at Caring Bridge

Nora :D

Hi everyone,

I am sitting here thinking about the weekend coming up. Mother's day is such a mixed blessing for me. My Mom passed away about five years ago and it really makes this weekend a little hard. But I have such a wonderful blessing in Olivia and she just loves Mother's Day. She loves to make me something and surprise me. Even at almost 13, she still wants to make it, not buy it. I love that. How can I not be happy and proud at the same time with such a strong, courageous, hard-headed, loving, almost a teenager ...daughter. These are the characteristics that I think God gave her that gives her that "push through it" mentality. But as I think about our "normal" every day, I think about all the Moms that read this. Those that are a part of this group because they have such a Mom heart.

I confess, I have about six other blogs, carepages, etc that I keep tabs on other children. I sit here and cry and pray at times when I am reading what they are going through but more importantly I am praying for that Mom. That Mom that might be lost and feels the hope is slipping away. Or that Mom that has lost a child and it takes every effort to take that next step each day. That Mom that the child has finally turned the corner and she cannot contain the joy and the blessing.Or even those Moms that have healthy children but yet are struggling with how to help them make right decisions, grow up and be able to face this world. OVerall being a Mom is the greatest opportunity, the greatest challenge and the greatest gift. No matter, the heartache, the pain, the struggle....God has given us that heart that expands greater than we can even imagine and the joy, compassion, servants heart and love grows deeper everyday when you are a Mom. And all of that more than makes up for the hard times. One smile from your child can cover a multitude of sin.

So many of you say, "I could never do what you do"...My answer is..."Are you a Mom?", if so, you can walk in my shoes any day. God takes us where we need to be. He trains us in so many ways to handle what He knows is ahead of us in our lives. So, to me, if your situation is tragic, He is there, if your situation is overwhelming, He is there, if your situation is just confusing and not sure of what to do, He is there and He has already prepared that path for you, given you the strength to walk...keeping your eyes straight ahead, and do not turn to the right or the left...because every situation is relative to you. It may not be mine, but it is yours, and you do not walk alone. He is there with you! And you know what, if nothing else, know that I am praying for you...because if you are connected are on my prayer list. And you are never alone...and even if you are not a are still on my prayer list. Have a wonderful weekend.

In His Grip


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  1. What an awesome letter! Barb, you are an amazing person - an amazing Mom - and an amazing inspiration to Moms everywhere!!!

    God Bless you and your family...