By Julie Lessman
Published by Revell
ISBN# 978-0-8007-3213-4
475 Pages

Back Cover: Has she fallen in love with a man who cannot love her back? Elizabeth O’Connor has been like the little sister John Brady always wanted, sharing his love of literature and his thirst for God. But in the throes of the reckless Roaring Twenties, Lizzie has grown up. Suddenly she wants more from the man who has been her friend since she was a child. When this shy little bookworm blossoms into a beautiful young woman bent on loving John, she discovers that his past won’t let him return that love. But Lizzie refuses to give up – until his shocking secrets push her away.

REVIEW: Hold onto your heart when you read this final installment to the Daughters of Boston series. The author has each of her books deal with a different sister in the O’Connor family up-close and personal. Elizabeth O’Connor (everyone calls her Lizzie) is a woman who loves the Lord with all her heart and has the most pure intentions when it comes to love and John Brady. Why can’t he see her as a grown up now. Lizzie wants to be more than his best friend. Charity her sister, tries to teach her how to catch a man’s heart. Oh, she tries some of Charity’s tricks but they just don’t seem right for Lizzie’s life.

John Brady tells Lizzie this,” When He (God) is in the center of the love between a man and a woman, you can’t imagine the rightness of it, the freedom, and the joy. No guilt, no shame. Just becoming one with your husband. And in the process, one with God.”

The author took me on an emotional roller coaster ride in this story. From dealing with the secrets of John Brady’s past to how Lizzie is trying to discover the will of God for her life and everything in between. As hard as Lizzie tries she is confused about God’s direction. Things go from bad to worse as she tries to do the right thing. She’s not real happy with God or how things are unfolding. Maybe she should try some of Charity’s trickery after all. Can true love survive betrayal and deceit?

The bible says the truth will set you free. If only John Brady and Lizzie believed this statement. John tries to help Lizzie learn the difference between love and lust. He tells her, “Kisses are not the problem. It’s the desire they ignite that can weaken our will to please God. Guard your affections and stay strong. Because when it comes to kisses, men are weak…and quite skilled at disarming women.”

The author is a romantic at heart and pulls out all the stops in this book. The two sisters and their husbands from the other books play apart in helping Lizzie with life and its struggles. Julie Lessman is a woman with a passion to pursue God’s heart and do His will no matter how hard it is. Her world view and passion for God is woven into every page of this very gripping, heart felt tale, as her characters struggle to do the right thing. You won’t want to miss the conclusion to this series and future books by Julie Lessman.

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  1. Off-limits love is a difficult situation. It's often what leads to affairs (adultery) in today's world. Would love to see how it plays out in a Christian setting.

  2. Can't wait to see how the author approaches this subject. Thanks Nora.

    Gail Mundy

  3. Wow! I must read this whole series. It sounds great and so practical to life situations today. Thanks, Nora!

  4. Great review. I loved this series.