By Christa Parrish
Published by Bethany House
350 Pages

Back Cover: Sarah Graham is living life hard and fast—and she is flat broke. When her estranged father dies, she travels to the tiny mountain helmet of Jonah, New York, to claim her inheritance. Once there, however, she learns that her plans for the future—and her memories of the past—are about to change forever.

REVIEW: “Yes, there is a problem,” Sarah snapped. “I’m broke, I have hypothermia, my car was stolen, and I hate my father. Can’t you have compassion and leave me alone until my ride gets here?”

“You need to get yourself a grateful spirit, yep. Ain’t never gonna be happy without one.”

Sarah was a woman with a chip on her shoulders- she didn’t live the life she thought most kids did and was angry about it. She grew up without her mom and dad; but if that wasn’t bad enough no one would tell her exactly what happened to them and/or between them. Sarah felt she had the right to know.

She’s headed to Jonah to claim her father’s inheritance and didn’t feel good about it; especially after the executor of the will tells her the only way to get the money left to her, is to live in her father’s house for at least six months. If Sarah doesn’t, she won’t get a dime.

Sarah’s father, Luke, never talked to her when he was alive, now he’s dead and she’s expected to life in his house—that’s just creepy! This made Sarah hate her father more. She was penniless and had no place to call home. She’d have to stick it out; she didn’t have many options left.

Sarah thought, “Every time Reverend Jack and I spoke, I tore off a piece of myself and gave it to him; crumbs at first and now chunks a bit bigger. Eventually, if I let him, he’d have all of me and no one had even known me like that!” She was comfortable being in control, she would not let these country people get to her with their kindness. She’d hold onto her emotions and the hard thick layer over her heart.

Jonah is a very small town and Sarah couldn’t help but run into people who knew her father. Pieces of her life she never knew start jumping out like pieces of a puzzle falling to the ground. She starts to pick up the pieces and put them together, only to discover an unexpected picture that shakes her world to the core.

Christa Parrish weaves an amazing,deep,compelling and haunting tale of betrayal,forgiveness and love. Christa’s characters drive this story in a way that will touch your life just as unexpectedly as Sarah’s life was touched by the people in the city of Jonah.

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  1. Very interesting. Now I want to know what happens!

    Gail Mundy