by Stacy Hawkins Adams
Published by Revell
ISBN: 978-0-8007-3267-7
272 Pages

Stacy Hawkins Adams is an Essence bestselling author whose books illuminate the themes of faith, forgiveness, and women’s friendships. She is the author of several books, including Speak to My Heart and The Someday List. Adams is also a freelance journalist and inspirational speaker who devotes considerable time to child advocacy issues. She and her family live near Richmond, Virginia.

From Essence Bestselling Fiction Author:A captivating story detailing a woman’s journey of faith when faced with questions about what her future holdsWorth a Thousand Words is the second book in Stacy Hawkins Adams’ Jubilant Soul series. In this novel, readers will follow young Indigo Burns of Jubilant, Texas as she searches wrestles with the desires of her heart and all that tomorrow may hold.

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Indigo Burn's life is going according to plan. She possess the ambition and talent to be a professional photographer, and she thanks God for all the blessings that surround her. Now, all at once, Indigo's family life, love life and hopes for success have flipped upside down. Indigo loves the Lord, but can she trust him to work his plan in her life?

Worth a Thousand Words dramatically explores the tough decisions one woman must make in the world of love, relationships, and career. Will Indigo find the courage to face her own truths--and accept those being harbored by the people she loves most? Either way, she risks losing everything she's ever wanted.

REVIEW: I’ve never read anything by Stacy Hawkins Adams before this book. While reading this “slice of live” story I soon discovered what a honest and deep thinker this author is.

In her book Pastor Taylor, says this to a gathering, “We want God to fix things, or grant our desires, but we want Him to do it in the way that we think is best. We want the answer now, in the fashion that we’ve decided would be perfect. Am I telling the truth?”

Ouch, sometimes the truth hurts. I’ve felt this in my life at one point. Another character says, “Sometimes God leads us to the foreign land so we can take our eyes off of ourselves and our drama, and focus on Him.” I’ll Amen this one. Yes, I’ve experienced this too.

This story delves into the life of Indigo Burns, who is young and on the brink of having hear dreams come true. Her life has suddenly been filled with so many enticing choices. What to do? Is she supposed to throw her dreams away for someone else’s? She struggles to do the right thing in her life.

Another character says to Indigo,” The key is to keep prayer at the forefront of every decision. If God gives you a peace about the choices you’re making, then it really doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks. Have you prayed about this Indigo?”

She had to admit she hadn’t. I like how Stacy shows a slice of life where a young person is trying to walk out this Christian life in a very natural way. It’s not preachy or over the top church drama. It’s just gut level honest and innocent at times.

I also like how this author shows young people struggling but desiring to do what they feel God wants them to. “Learn how to thrive despite life’s challenges. I’ve learned that sometimes the turns we didn’t anticipate can lead us to our biggest blessings.” Indigo stops and really thinks about this one when life takes a sudden unexpected turn.

I was pleasantly surprised by Worth a Thousand Words. This story is honest, refreshing, revealing, intriguing, and it allows the reader to evaluate if they earnestly seek God for the decisions in their life or do they tell God how it’s going to go and seek His blessings on the plan they’ve come up with. You’ll want to read this story to discover how Stacy Hawkins Adams brings up this issue and many more inside this revealing book.

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  1. Hey! You picked one of the same passages to highlight that I did! Great minds think alike!! :)

    This was a really unexpected story for me. I enjoyed it too.