Don’t Miss Your Life!!
By Charlene Ann Baumbich
Published by: Howard Books
ISBN# 978-1-4165-6299-2
255 Pages

Back Cover: When was the last time you kicked off your shoes, twirled in a circle, threw your head back, and laughed yourself silly?

Charlene Baumbich has news for you. God is wooing you to live life and the fullest! Don’t Miss Your Life! Shows you how to slow down, wake up, let go, hold on, and LIVE!

REVIEW: I loved this book and the author’s enthusiasm she has in discovering the joy of life. Are you letting fear get the better of you? Is fear stopping you from living life to the fullest?

She says, “Hope is perhaps the first key that can enable you to wake up, and then open up, to your life. Without hope, we are left with only despair,” which stops us from experiencing anything good. It keeps us just going through the motions of life not living it.

I enjoyed how this author described life in simple terms, time a precious thing waste. “Do your days pass by in a blur, one melding into the next? …We thirst to be living life to the fullest, but first we need to be stunned into realizing just how asleep we’ve been…For instance, have you ever been driving down the road and..OHMYGOSH! I didn’t remember driving the last five blocks! How did I get here?”

Charlene has very practical ideas to jump start you back into living life to the fullest, make you aware of the flowers in your path and to take the time to see and smell how beautiful they really are. It’s much like our lives. There are so many special moments in our lives to be recognized and savored

Some of the chapters in her book are: Wake Up!, Crowned Princesses of Sparkledom, Humor Hogties—overcoming a Spiritually Constipated Life, Always Question your Assumption, I’m sick of listening to me and so much more.

What an encouraging, up-lifting, hopeful book to read in these uncertain times. I’ll leave you with the authors words, “Enjoyv the most important gift you’ve been given—your one and only, true-self, God breathed life: Don’t miss it!” This book helps you do just that. I know I’ll be reading this book again.

Nora St Laurent
Finding Hope Through Fiction
Book Club Servant Leader

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  1. Hello Nora and anyone else reading, Finding Hope through fiction is a great idea. A few years ago, my wife and I read a couple novels by Karen Kingsbury, and the example of one indulging in regular Bible study hit home for me. I now make time to do this within a calendar week.
    Hope and reams are 2 similar words and perhaps 2 intertwined personal experiences, maybe interchangeable.
    I am currently reading the biography of Strom Thermond's daughter, Essey Mae, and am intrigued to discover how various challenges were faced and overcome as an African American growing up in the 1940s and 1950s.
    Actually this bio covers probably 40 to 50 years of her life but very intriguing. The thing that she feared the most, others finding out who her real father was, seemed to actually be the piece of info that completed her identity puzzle. I could think on these things all day but that's one reason I too have a blog,
    Thanks for providing a forum with which to share. Bless God for you!