Why are you so passionate about the Regency Era and what made you want to write about this time period?

In my twenties, I stumbled across a few books by Georgette Heyer and instantly fell in love with the genre. Jane Austen’s works strengthened that love, augmented greatly by the Hollywood adaptations. I started really wanting to see the regency setting in a book with a Christian worldview. The longer I waited for someone else to write one and it didn’t happen, the stronger my passion grew to see it occur.

Can you give us a sneak peek into what project you are working on right now? When do you anticipate a release date?

I recently finished The Country House Courtship, which will release in January, 2010. It picks up five years later with characters readers already know and love, and sees Mr. O'Brien experience a courtship of his own. It's a fun book. And the Mornays are a big part of the story, which was great, to show them in their marriage and with children.

What do you hope your readers take away from reading your books? What do you hope God accomplishes through you and your books?

One of the messages I see in my writing is that we cannot anticipate the strength of the heart; we can’t plan for it, plan around it (without severe consequences) or reason it away. God works on our hearts and turns them where He will; and we are somewhat powerless when faced with the truth of our deepest, heart-felt convictions.

In my books, I try to show the power of coming clean, of being totally honest with ourselves and with God, and the way that can change a life. My prayer is that readers who don't have a "working" relationship with God will realize that He is only a prayer away. Yes, He has requirements and He has plans for our lives, but in the beginning people need to know that He is accessible. They don't have to get their act together or be perfect to approach him, when they come through Christ. If people are encouraged to approach Him after reading one of my books, then I'm a really happy writer. : )

On another level, I just want to give my audience a sense of having visited Regency England in the best and most enjoyable sense of having done so. Of seeing what it was like to live and love during that time.

Did you get a say so in picking out the book covers for your books? Any mishaps in the cover decision making process? Do Tell !

For Grosvenor Square, (and for, Before the Season Ends) we did have to change a few things from the original design. Nick Harrison, my editor, is always wonderful about sending me the cover designs, and he asks my opinion. For Grosvenor Square, the first house on the cover was a country estate, but the title was the house in Grosvenor Square!-which is in the city of London. Even during the Regency it was a developed square, with much of it being "terraced" housing (what we would call attached houses). So I asked for a change, giving my reason, and they were good enough to do a second design that was more appropriate. For BTSE, the first model they used seemed too old for Ariana, not to mention modern-looking, which I mentioned; and the guy standing behind her was dressed in Georgian clothing! (For those not familiar, Georgian styles were worn before the Regency; the preceding (18th) century.) Happily, they changed both and I love the final cover. The man on both covers is not a Mr. Mornay to my mind, however (he's more like Mr. O'Brien in fine clothing!) but I still like the covers very much. Harvest House does great covers.

What has surprised you about being an author? Have you run across things you didn't expect? If so, what?

I suppose I knew I'd be busy,but with today's online venues and opportunities, with having a website and blog and memberships in social networking--I didn't realize how much of my time I'd be doing tasks other than writing! Answering interview questions, guest blogging, and other tasks can really eat away the hours. I've had to purposely choose to focus on my family when in the past I'd be doing that anyway.

I guess you could say my biggest surprise is that doing the actual writing of a book seems like the smallest job I am faced with! (Except as deadlines approach).


You're in a life threatening situation and need someone to save you. Who would you pick and why?

It can be anyone in books, movies, TV, the sky is the limit. Well, I truly believe that all of our "superheroes" are based on the Son of God--after all, he's the only one who really possesses SUPER natural power. T

The world loves their Supermans, Spidermans, etc. because they come with the power, but not the moral judgment of a Holy God. However, for the sake of fun, if there were such a thing as a Superman who looked like Christopher Reeves, he could rescue me anyday!

If you could live anywhere on this planet where would you pick and why?

Oh, if I could find a place with the beauty, serenity and privacy of a house on a lake in Maine, but without the severe winters, I'd live there in a heartbeat. I've recently become friends with a beautiful, wonderful and generous lady named Sandi who actually HAS a getaway cabin-house on a lake in Maine and has made me the extraordinary offer of letting me visit sometime for a writing getaway! How amazing is that? I was so honored! My husband and I have rarely even left our kids for an overnight jaunt--maybe three whole nights (not consecutive) in our 21+ years of parenting! But this Maine escape could be just the thing to tempt me to do it. Especially now that I have older ones to stay with the youngest, who is six.

Where are your two favorite places to shop? Why? and Kohl's. I am a book addict, and so I always have a huge wishlist on Amazon, and in my files, besides the fact that we choose our tv viewing by buying DVDs (mostly. We do get a few channels. We love old tv shows that are mild and funny, unlike much of the raunchy stuff on tv these days, and Amazon has some good pricing.) And Kohl's runs such wonderful sales! I love a good sale. I want to mention another favorite, because I live in a small town with antique stores and gift shops. My two youngest girls and I love to stroll in town, browse the shops and often we end up at a place called, "Lilly's Corner," that is full of antiques, china, odds and ends, and now has an area to sit and have a cuppa while the kids enjoy a treat. My daughters beg me to take them there, and when I do I enjoy it as much as they do. (Besides, Lilly carries my books, lol). There are other shops we love, but this is the favorite of my girls.

If you could use a time machine and witness two (2) events in the history of the world what would you pick to see and why?

Oh, this is a hard one. 1. The birth of Christ.

2. The parting of the Red Sea. (I would say the Creation of the world, but I'm not sure I could handle it!!)

What's the last movie you saw in the theatres? Did you like it and what kinds of snacks did you eat?

I only go to movies that I know for sure I will like. To me, there's nothing worse than seeing something I don't like on the BIG screen. I also don't go to a great deal of movies, since I'm picky. I think the last movie I went to was Amazing Grace. I love all period dramas and all JA adaptations, but I don't always catch them while they're still in theaters as my life is so busy as a mom with a family at home. So I rent or buy the ones I want to see. As for snacks, it is not past me to smuggle in treats for the kids. Hey, five children--and theater prices--don't go well together.

Personally, I don't need snacks during a movie, but I do like to have bottled water. If I do go for a snack, anything chocolate works for me. (I'm a dark chocolate fan, not milk chocolate.)

Now, my children and husband do go to movies more often than I do. And I will go alone to see a great film if I really want to see it. Doesn't bother me in the least to go alone. I prefer to, in fact, so I can just enjoy the atmosphere (such as for Amazing Grace--about the life of William Wilberforce; what a great film!) I ended up buying that one to watch it again, and I love having it.

What movie most impacted you as a child? Why?

Hmm. As a child in a large family, I didn't see many films in a theater. We didn't have a movie theater in our town (though you could see the NYC skyline from our 3rd floor window--we lived in a big old three story house); so the only thing that comes to mind are the occasional horror flicks that ran on tv now and then. I would usually "happen" into the room while others were watching these, and they scared the daylights out of me. But I was stuck watching, like a morbid curiosity, you know? "The Haunting of Hill House," was one. I can't think of any movies that really impacted me except for scary ones! Perhaps an exception would be that classic, "The Red Balloon," that we watched all together on a Sunday afternoon, and were delighted with. My dad knew the story (I guess he had seen it) and his enthusiasm at that time was rare enough so that it made an impression. It's still a great family experience, to watch that short film.

What were your favorite books you read as a child?

Now this is a question I could take pages to answer! I read voraciously as a child, and used to think I would read every book in the children's section of our public library. I actually stumbled upon many classics simply by trying to read the entire top shelf of one section--the Little House books being among them. I "accidentally" read books that I later discovered were "classics"--Old Yeller, My Side of the Mountain, (this spawned my very first stint as an "author," though I didn't think of it that way at the time. I wrote my own story, based on the example of this book, putting myself in the story as the protagonist. It was pure escapism, and sheer delight. I still remember neatly inscribing a fresh piece of yellow-lined paper with a new chapter heading, and loving it. I was nine years old.) Harriet the Spy, The Moffats, Emmy Keeps A Promise, The Good Earth, The Boy Who Had the Power, Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH--all of these were "finds."

As an adult, I've had to go to Ebay to find some of these old books again. The Velvet Room--I spent many wonderful hours lost in such books. I also freely roved the bookshelves in our house, as my mother was an avid reader also and subscribed to book clubs. The old Reader's Digest Condensed books gave me tons of amazing reading. I don't even recall the names of all the reading I did from those, but much of it was fabulous. [I eventually abandoned the idea of reading entire shelves, however, as I got tired of trying to plough my way through some truly awful books.]

Thanks for stopping by Linore so we can get to know you and your books better. It was great fun to have you speak at my book club a few months ago. LOVED THAT and especially meeting and talking with you! I'm really looking forward to our on line discussion with the ACFW on-line book club. Anyone can join us at ; the discussion of your book starts on Sept. 20th. So everyone has time to get a copy of Linore's second book, The House in Grovner's Square, and participate in the discussion.



You're a doll, as always, Nora. I loved meeting and talking with you, too! And thanks for running this discussion for the ACFW On-Line Book Club in September! I'd also like to tell your readers about two promotional offers I currently have going on.

I'm offering TWO special deal? ONE to your READERS and the other to WRITERS.

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Many blessings to you!


You do have a great offers. Thanks for telling us about them.Blessings on your writing adventures Linore.
Nora :D


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