How did you come up with the idea for your book, “Her Unlikely Family.”

I like to play “what if”, and I love to pair opposites together. Maybe because my husband and I are opposites in many ways! So I thought, what if a spunky waitress got together with a stodgy blue-blooded banker? That was my initial idea.

What are you working on now? Any new books coming out soon? Do tell!

Well, I had a book come out in June, His Forever Love, also by Steeple Hill Love Inspired. And I have another coming in November! It’s titled A Forever Christmas. And right now, I’m working on another proposal.

How much of you is in this book? If there is a lot of you does that make it easier or harder to write?

One of the themes I tend to write about is how we all want to be loved for who we are. It’s always been part of who I am—from wanting to fit in in junior high and high school to wanting to marry someone who loves me even with extra pounds and morning breath. So I find myself going back to this theme over and over. In Her Unlikely Family, Josie had left her family because they couldn’t accept how different she was from them. And in His Forever Love, my hero grew up feeling left out because he was considered nerdy. In the upcoming November book, my hero has a chip on his shoulder because he grew up on the “wrong side of the tracks” and has to fight feeling inferior to the wealthy heroine.

As far as does it make it easier to write?

I think yes. I think we as writers have to find something that touches something deep within us so that we really care about what we’re writing.

When did you start to think of God’s plan or dreams for your life and not your own – like the characters in your book?

This is something I think I’ll always battle! I can be rather controlling (just ask my kids! LOL). So I tend to want to try to control everything in my life. I’m sure God often wants to shake me and tell me to let Him sit in the driver’s seat. I’m still learning to pray and turn over everything to God, to trust that He has a plan—a better plan than anything I can ever dream up. And I guess I tend to write about things God is teaching me while I’m writing.

You write about the Foster Care system in your book, do you have any experience with this in real life? Did you do research on this? If so, what?

Actually, I don’t have any personal experience with keeping foster children. But I did volunteer on a Citizen’s Review Panel for a few years where we reviewed all the cases in our tri-county court system. We would meet each month with the social workers, foster parents, parents/guardians and children to go over the case plans and make recommendations to the judge. It was very draining but very rewarding to think we might in some way help the system work the way it’s supposed to.
**NSL: Can't imagine that Missy--Thanks for sharing that!!***

Do you have any pets at your house? If so, can you tell me something about them?

I have two dogs I can't imagine living without. I just love my four-legged babies. And they are literally like my children. When we got our first puppy, a chocolate lab, nearly nine years ago, she was 8 weeks old. And she missed her mother. The first night, we closed Libby in our bathroom with lots of newspaper, and she cried and cried. I couldn’t bear it. So I went in the bathroom and lay with her on the floor. She was perfectly happy to snuggle in with me and went right off to sleep.

These days, Libby sleeps on the floor all around the house (snoring very loudly!), moving from one bedroom to another, and Duke sleeps on a pillow near our bed. They’re all grown up now, well past the puppy stage, and I’m so glad! I can’t imagine starting out with another “baby”.
***NSL:They are SO SWEET!! Thanks for sharing your babies!!***


1.You are in a life threatening situation and you need to call on a life line to help you live another day – who would you call? Why? (You can pick anyone from movies, TV, books – the sky is the limit)

Well, I don’t supposed you’d let me choose God, here. So I guess my second choice would be my husband—because he loves me enough to do anything in his power to help me live.

2.Someone has created an invention that could change one thing about you. I have two questions for you. One would you use the machine? Two If you use the machine what would you change and what would that change look like in your life?

Yes! I would have a machine that would make me skinny with the snap of my fingers. LOL! And maybe it could somehow help me quit craving French fries.

3.You have to be a superhero for 48 hours, Who would you pick and why? (you are the author here you can mix and match powers and costumes be creative)

Fun question! Well, I’ve always thought it would be really cool to fly. And to rescue people who need help. So would that be Superman? If so, I’d like to be Superwoman.

4.If money isn’t an object here what is your favorite place to have breakfast? What would you order? Again money isn’t an object where is your favorite place for dinner and what would you order?

Oh, breakfast is my favorite meal! I would eat out every morning if money (and health) were no object. And I would get what I had yesterday, a tenderloin and scrambled egg biscuit at our Dairy Queen here in town. They have the BEST biscuits anywhere.

And for dinner…wow, that’s harder. There are so many restaurants I enjoy. There are two I especially love, so I’ll name both. One is Five and Ten in Athens, GA. They take local, in-season ingredients and put them together in the most unique and YUMMY ways! I really love the shrimp and grits when they have it available. The other favorite restaurant is Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen, which I just found out is a chain. Oh my goodness, they have the best seafood! And I especially love the chopped salad with crawfish. Okay, Nora, now my stomach is growling! Gee thanks.

5.What movie most impacted you as a child? Why?

Most memorable is The Wizard of Oz because it terrified me! So setting aside that one, I’d like to choose one from when I was in college, if I can. E.T. really touched me. It’s still my all-time favorite, and I still cry when I watch it!

6.You have the opportunity to hang out with anyone alive or dead in the history of the world; for 48 hours what TWO people would you pick and why? What would you do?

I’d love to spend time with Oprah to follow her through a day and see how she operates her businesses and see what she’s like in person. She’s always fascinated me.

And I would love to spend time with my grandmother, who was an amazing woman who passed away in 1990. She was born in 1900, and after her dad died in the big flu epidemic of 1918, they had to put her siblings in foster care. She went to school, then to work, so she could support her family so they could get back together with their mother. I really admire that strength and drive and would love, now that I’m older, to talk with her about that time in her life.

7.What is a special quality, talent or event you have experienced that would surprise people? Please explain?

**NSL:You are right!! Never heard of an author with that kind of back ground. Oh, what stories you can tell!! Grin!**

People are usually surprised when I tell them I’m a former clinical microbiologist. So I’m a science geek like my hero in His Forever Love. I got a Masters of Medical Science in clinical microbiology from Emory University and then worked in hospital labs before staying home with my children.

8.IF you had all the time in the world (and just as much money); to do anything you wanted, what would that be?

I hope I don’t have to list one thing. I’d swim with dolphins, go whale watching, take an Alaskan cruise, visit castles and cathedrals all over Europe, buy a new laptop computer, buy a really cool environmentally-friendly car, pay an organizer to whip my house into shape… and give away that much and more to all my favorite charities and ministries.

9.You’ve found a magic lamp and a genie wants to grant you three wishes, what would those three wishes be?

One, world peace. (No, I’m not joking, and I’m not being Sandra Bullock in Miss Congeniality.) Two, that my kids would be happy and healthy and would always love God and serve Him. And three, that I could have three more wishes! (Is that selfish of me?? LOL)

10.What’s the last movie you saw? Did you like it and what snacks did you eat?

Oh, it was Aliens in the Attic with my daughter. It was cute, and I laughed a lot. But we didn’t eat anything because we wolfed down Chick-fil-a for lunch as we drove to the theater!


Thanks so much for having me, Nora. It was so fun to meet you at the W.O.R.D. chapter meeting. You had such great information on book clubs and were entertaining as well!


Thanks for your encouragement. It was Great to meet you too Missy!! Thanks so much for stopping by and giving us the opportunity to get to know you and your books. It sure was fun to meet you and talk about my favorite topic "book clubs".

Blessings to you,


Nora :D


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    She has paperwork to prove that.

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    We were just talking about moral premise elsewhere and there you mentioned it in your interview. Does it sort of naturally evolve in your story do you think or do you have to consciously put it there? Hmmm, interesting.

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  11. Hey, Tina! You know, since I've been reading the book, The Moral Premise, I'm learning so much more about it. I've written with themes before, but I'm learning more about how it should affect every part of the book--every character, every scene. So it's something I'm having to work on!

    Betsy, thanks for stopping by!

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  17. I could so relate when Missy said "So I tend to want to try to control everything in my life. I’m sure God often wants to shake me and tell me to let Him sit in the driver’s seat."

    I want to contro;l everything too and it is so hard to Let go and Let God. he is teaching me in new and eventful ways.

    I love that you asked her about people she would spend time with and she chose her grandmother... For me it would be my greatgrandmother. She came here from Ireland and married the man that helped her off the boat. they were traveling west to find "free Land" when she got as far as Pickens County MS, and refused to travel another step. She buried 4 husbands before she died. I cant wait to meet her in heaven jsut to learn all about it :)


  18. Carole Sue Jones August 27 at 7:26pm Posted on facebook.


    I cant figure out how to post... Thanks for posting this for me.

    I really enjoyed the interview with Missy, I totally get it when she said.

    "I tend to want to try to control everything in my life. I’m sure God often wants to shake me and tell me to let Him sit in the driver’s seat."

    I have control issues as well and i am not Good at "let go and let God". He is teaching me everyday... but im a difficult student :)

    I also liked the idea that she wanted to know about her grandmothers life. I would love to spend a day or two at the foot of my Great grandmother. She came over from Ireland and Married the man who helped her off the boat. they headed west to get some "free Land". she got as far as Pickens Country MS and refused to travel another step. she buried 4 husbands before she died and my Dads older brothers and sisters remember her so she lived into the 1920's. When I get to heaven, I'm going to enjoy knowing her.

    thanks for the interview

    Carole Sue

  19. Thanks for stopping by, Carol!

    And Carole Sue, what an interesting story about your Great-grandmother!! I love looking into and hearing about family history.

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    THANKS Everyone for leaving comments and encouraging Missy in her writing career.

    Blessings to you all.


    Nora :D