This was our third annual movie night for book club. The Note a movie based on a book written by Angela Hunt, was our movie selection.Our theatre was located at the back of the book store where I work as a sales clerk. There’s a big screen TV that’s great for this kind of thing. Some of the ladies remembered cushions—a definite plus when sitting on metal folding chairs.

Chris brought freshly baked Crispy Kreme donuts. Carol brought wonderful fresh bread from a bakery downtown Atlanta, and of course popcorn was available also. Actors Genie Francis and Ted McGinley are the stars of the show. They have great chemistry together. I really liked that the movie makers stuck closely to the way Angela Hunt wrote The Note.

I’m a huge fan of Angela Hunt’s books. I’m always surprised by the subject matter she tackles. She makes you think about unbelievable situations. Some of the subjects she’s dealt with are cloning, monkeys and how they communicate, someone stranded on a desert island and genetic engineering. All her books have made me wonder about life and how I feel about a myriad of situations.

The Note is another unique situation. Angela asks the question, “What if you were in a plane and knew it was going to crash—would you reach out to someone? Write them a note? Leave final last words to someone you loved? Would you write them a note—put it in a plastic bag in hopes of it being discovered and delivered to your loved one?

Hunts book starts out with a note washing up onto the shore and a reporter/columnist discovers it. She makes it her mission to hand deliver a note that a dad wrote to his child—his final words of love. It’s a great book and movie.

Angela Hunt has also written the novelization for the squeal of this book called The Note II, based on the screenplay by Douglas Barr. Another winning movie/book combination, that takes a look at the joys and hurts in relationships. It asks the question, Can you find the courage to take a chance on love? Or, Do you let it slip away, only to live with the regrets of love lost and what could have been? Everyone enjoyed this touching, thought provoking movie. The Note II is just as good as the first. You’ll want to catch them both.

Our first movie night (as a book club) featured, Dinner with a Perfect Stranger, based on a book by the same name, written by David Gregory. The only difference in the movie and book is it’s seen through female eyes, the book’s point of view is through the eyes of a husband who’s meeting Jesus for dinner.

We also watched the movie, Day with a Stranger, based on the book, Day with a Perfect Stranger, also by David Gregory. The producers changed the main character in the movie to be portrayed by a teenage girl. In the book a wife is the main character not a teenage girl. I felt that both changes worked for film.

In Day with a Stranger, movie, the child mentioned in the book is now a young adult in this movie. The girl is on her way to check out a potential college. She’s very anxious to get out of the house where her very religious parents are talking way too much about Jesus. Funny she would soon discover that she was sitting on the plane with Jesus himself. It’s a wonderful book and movie.

For our second annual movie night we watched a movie called The Ultimate Gift, based on a book written by Jim Stovall. Great book and show--this was James Garner’s last movie. He was brilliant in it. I was totally surprised by the movie which did not follow the book's plot very closely. The movie focused on the main character being in a relationship with a woman and her sick child, while he sorts out his grandfathers will. The book only mentions this sick girl on one page.

Even so, the movie is heart felt, funny, memorable and a tear jerker in parts. Everyone in the store and my book club loved this film. It definitely pulled at your heart strings..

Want to spice up your book club. Have movie night! Read the book and then watch the movie. Later discuss the book vs movie differences. It’s always great fun and a winning combination.

Book Club Servant Leader

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  1. Great report on our movie nights Nora. Thanks for everything!