No Sex in the City
By Lindsey N. Isham
Published by Kregel
ISBN# 978-0-8254-2906-4
176 Pages

Back Cover: Take a little advice from someone who has been there and NOT done that.
In No Sex in the City, Lindsey N. Isham offers the brutally honest and often hilarious story of her quest for sexual purity in the face of an impure culture, baffled peers, and ..yes… sexual desire. Speaking from years of experience as an abstinence advocate, Lindsey talks to young women where they are in life, exploring their curiosities about sex while relating candid experiences and truths about purity.

A great tool for bible studies, youth groups, and abstinence organizations. No Sex in the City is for every young woman who needs to hear someone say, “You are worth waiting for!”

Review: Just because she’s a Christian and following God’s will for her life doesn’t mean temptation isn’t knocking at her doorstep every minute of the day. I loved Lindsey’s refreshing frankness in expressing how she feels about remaining pure till marriage.

“My entire life people have tried to convince me that I am “missing out” because I haven’t had sex yet. It has taken me a while to see their point of view, but I am finally ready to admit that they are right: I am missing out!” She lists several things that she is missing out on with an explanation of each, which I found to be outstanding. A few of the things she mentions she is missing out on is the fact that, “Some researches say that as little as seven minutes after having sexual relations with a girl, the guy is looking for something else, or someone else to “do”. Seven minutes!! I don’t know about you but I’m not looking for that kind of love… I’m waiting for REAL Love!!” She then goes on to describe what real love is. Her explanation of love is powerful and definitely worth waiting for.

Lindsey lists several other things she is missing out on by not having sex. Other chapters in her book are Girls gone crazy? Or, Is thirty years too long to wait for anything?, Bringin’ Sexy Back, My two cents about dating, God, the Matchmaker, and many more.

This is a must read for parents and their teens. Lindsey tells it like it is. Just because you read the bible every day and pray doesn’t mean you are not going to have struggles in this world even if you are doing the right things. I moved by and enjoyed this honest book and Lindsey’s heart after God. I could see her passion for remaining pure when everyone in the world is trying to get her to walk on the wild side. Thanks Lindsey for sharing your life with my daughter and I. You are encouraging, funny and honest. I wish the best for you and your book.

Nora St.Laurent
Finding Hope Through Fiction
Book Club Servant Leader

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