BOOK SIGNING SEPT 3rd-at Barnes and Nobel

Ok, Why was I at a Richelle Mead book signing at Barnes and Nobel in Alpharetta, GA last night? Bonding with my daughter of course! She invited me out on a date. I'm all about book clubs and authors so Hilary, knew I'd be hooked when she asked me to go to a book signing.The last book signing we went to together was to meet Stephanie Meyers, author of Twilight at the same Barnes and Nobel.

I didn’t take pictures of the first book signing I went to with my daughter. I didn’t have a blog when we saw Stephanie Meyers so you didn’t hear about that visit. Let me say right up front that I hadn’t a clue who Stephanie Meyers was and I hadn’t read the book Twilight before the book signing!!

So needless to say I was majorly FREAKED out when I arrived that night to see Stephanie at the Barnes and Nobel and had to park 5 stores down from where we wanted to be, because the place was packed. My daughter assured me that this book signing with Richelle Mead was not going to be like that experience. She purposely didn’t tell her friends about this signing. She wanted time to talk to Richelle Mead not like the chaos that went on with Mrs. Meyers book signing. I loved her strategy—I had to laugh. Ok, sign me up it’s a date.

We arrived at Barnes and Nobel one hour before the book signing all was calm, this was a good sign for us. I'm not so sure Richelle Mead would agree with us. Not like our last book signing when we arrived two hours before the event,and saw so many people were walking around the parking lot and pouring into the store It made you ask, “Who is in there that everyone has to see? It had to be someone famous”

I dropped Hilary off so she could get a place in line and I parked the car. When I found her in the store, she had gotten a seat in the fourth row back from the stage. Wow, we had a great seat. About 30 minutes before the books signing and reading people started to file in with their stacks of books for the signing. Hilary giggled because we had a front row seat and from where we were seated we could barely see the back of the store because of all the people standing in line.

One of the employees came out to announce Richelle’s arrival. Everyone clapped and welcomed her as she cleared a place for her to speak. She was a petite woman with long red hair. She said,” Thanks everyone for coming out. This is my first time to Atlanta. I got stuck in traffic on the way over here. I hear that’s normal. I noticed that all the streets are named Peachtree. I’m so glad that I don’t have to drive here I could see myself getting lost.” Everyone laughed.

“I’m thankful to be here in the South.I will first read from my book and then have a 20 minute question and answer time before I sign your books. Ok, I’m reading from my newest book, some of the first chapter and some of Chapter two.”

She had a microphone and proceeded to read the first two chapters. My daughter got out her book and we followed along. This was my first look at the inside of the Vampire Academy books my daughter had with her. The author read about action, mystery and some suspense. My daughter and I love to read each other the first sentence of a book.We both say it makes or breaks a book. The first sentence in this book was ,"I was being followed." Ok, action here we come. Richelle was soft spoken and I noticed in the first chapter there was one cuss word. When Richelle read out loud she censored herself. We were close to the children’s section in the store, and my daughter pointed out how she didn’t say the word. That was thoughtful of her to do that we both thought.”

Then came the question and answer time. She looked around the room and picked someone. They asked, ‘When do you write?” (she would repeat the question into the mico so all of us could hear).

The author said, “I used to write late at night but I've changed to write during the day now. I have a boyfriend. I want to be on the same time schedule as he is so we can see each other.”

How do you pronounce your Russian characters names?Richelle spoke the names out loud and said, "I'm not Russian but this is how I pronounce them."

Did you go to Russia to do the research for this book? “I took a virtual tour of Russia on the computer. It was amazing, made me want to go there some day.”

When was the time you spent the longest time writing? "One time I had 28 pages to re-write. I pulled an all nighter for my first 20 page revision. Stated awake eating nothing but fruity pebbles and caffeine. I don’t recommend it."

How do you deal with writers block?
"If I have time I wait it out. The more I stress about it the worse it gets. Except when I’m under a deadline and then I force myself out of it because I don’t have time for a block. Ha! Ha!"

You have three successful book series being written at the same time. How do you manager that?

"Right now its working.I finish one book in one series and then I start another in a different series. I have all the books planned out before I start. I know the beginning and the end of each book. I vaguely know what will happen in-between. I work on the details as I go."

I glanced back a time or to to notice my now there were a couple of hundred people listening to her speak. She was generous and took her time with everyone's questions making sure that everyone had a turn to ask a question. We were near the front so our wait to have our book signed wasn’t too bad. She personally signed one book per person. Then just signed her name to however many books you had. She handed out pens, and post cards. Even signed the post cards she gave out to people. My daughter's friend couldn’t make it that night. Hilary said to Richelle,” Oh, could you please sign this card for my friend. She really wanted to be here.”

“Of course I will. What is your friends name? I’d love to make it out to her personally.”

“Wow, Great!!", Hilary said. "My friend is going to freak. Her name is Rachel.”

She posed for two pictures one with Hilary, and one with me. She insisted that I get in on the fun to document this event. Ok, what else was I to do.?:D

After having such a pleasant time with Richelle, I think I might check out her books. She writes about Vampires. It seems that everyone is writing vampire books lately even Tracey Bateman from the Christian Fiction market will have one out soon.

As we walked past the crowds on our way to the car we talked about what a great time we had. I said, "I didn’t expect to find such a kind, considerate, friendly author. She had hundreds of people there so see her tonight."

"I know Mom. She really was nice, it wasn't at all like our experience with Stephanie."

"Hilary did you notice that Richelle went out of her way to have a conversation with people as she signed their books. Now that’s my kind of book signing. I just might read the first book in the series called Vampire Academy.

"Just want you to know there are a few cuss words in there Mom, not to many and not too bad."

I have a ton of books I've promised to read so I won't be checking out this series any time soon. But when I do I'll let you know what I discover.

This is all the news for now. Oh, by the way my daughter and I had the best time waiting to meet Richelle. It was a time of laughter and fun. It’s was a WONDERFUL time, bonding and making great memories. We haven’t had fun like that in a while. I was thankful to enter her world, and her mine!! Books have brought us together once again!! :D

Nora St.Laurent
Book Club Servant Leader


  1. aren't books awesome? i'm glad you and hilary had a great time. if it's a fun group sometimes standing in line is half the fun. glad to hear the author was friendly and gracious.


  2. I love Richelle's books! I think they're great I read a lot of teen books and hers are some of the best! I can't wait ti read her latest...I think I'm requesting it for my birthday! Hahaha! Happy you girls had a great time! I live in a very small town and actually a pretty small county so cool authors are never in the area...*sigh* :-(

  3. So glad you and Hilary had such a great time! Reminds me of when we went to Kennesaw for the book signing. See ya soon!

    Gail Mundy

  4. Sounds like a super time! I haven't read those, but have been tempted. I may have to pick up the first one now that I've read your blog.

  5. when are you coming to brisbane Australia i love your books and would love to meet you and carn't wait to see you in down under thanks