By Myra Johnson
Published by Abingdon Press
ISBN # 978-1-4267-0070-5
274 Pages

Back Cover: Only love makes a Christmas Perfect. Christmas is the season of miracles, but when blame and guilt keep two people apart, sometimes a miracle needs a helping hand.

Natalie Pearce loves Christmas so much she’d gladly make it a year-round celebration—until her mother suffers a massive stroke while taking down the decorations. Natalie’s guild over not being there to help her mom soon builds a wall that separates her from the rest of her family, including her husband Daniel and their teenage daughter. As the next December approaches, the last thing Natalie wants to be reminded of is another Christmas season.

REVIEW: Life changes all the time. No one knows how they’ll react to a sudden change in their life until you are in the middle of it. Natalie’s mother has a serious stroke on the very day she was supposed to go over their and help her. She starts to beat herself up for not being there to rescue her mother in time to get her to the hospital quickly in order to prevent serious side effects of the stroke to set in.

Natalie pours herself into taking care of her mother and neglects her daughter Lissa and husband Daniel. Natalie and Daniel have been married a very long time and everyone does their best to cope with their new family situation. Natalie thinks that her family will stay waiting for her to come back to them after she completes her mission but Daniel and Lissa don’t react well to being neglected, and shut out of Natalie’s life. Natalie decides to take on a full time job in order to help her father pay for medical expenses and life changes again pushing her family further away. Myra Johnson does a great job of showing how a family deals with a sick family member and the effects on a marriage. Just because you’ve been married a long time marriage and family still take time to nurture. The author also does a really good job in showing that nobody handles a crisis in the same way. There is hurt, guilt, and neglect on all sides. It’s a situation only God could save.

Natalie holds out hope for a perfect Christmas after her mother’s stroke. Natalie’s mother had promised everyone 50 perfect Christmases. This is a heart warming story of family’s pulling together, forgiveness and letting go of control to let God work his magic in our lives. This story will definitely get you thinking about family, Christmas and how Jesus is the reason for the season. He brings us together and heals our hearts like no one else can.

Nora St.Laurent
ACFW On-Line Book Club Coordinator

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  1. Sounds like a great book! Loved the trailer!

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