By John Lynch, Bill Thrall, Bruce McNicol
Published by Windblown Media
246 Pages

Back Cover: High-powered exec Steven Kerner has no idea his tightly wound American dream is about to come crashing down. His high-profile, high-octane life has always provided everything he’s wanted. Or so he thought.

When his unresolved anger threatens his marriage, and his attempts to fix it only drive the one he loves further away, he is pushed to the brink. An invitation from mystery man, Andy Monroe, may be the greatest hope Steven’s ever been handed.

REVIEW: After reading the last page of this book I’m speechless, pondering all that I had read. Where do I begin to tell you the hope this book released in my heart, mind and emotions. The thing I LOVE about Christian Fiction is the fact that it can take you places you’d never go on your own. It can help you explain things that are just unexplainable, and put you in situations where you can see GRACE and LOVE in a very real way.

The opening scene read like the movie Mr. Destiny, where a distraught man heads to a run-down restaurant, meets a man that knows everything about him, then the distraught man makes a wish and lives his dream. No magic here -- only a book filled with hope in the future and a way to live life to the fullest. What does a real loving community of believers look like? You’ll meet Andy, Hank, Carlos and Cynthia, just to name a few of the fun loving, real characters; who tell it like it is. It’s refreshing and at times painful to read because I found them talking right to my heart!

Here’s a clip from the book—Steven and Andy first meet—he asks Andy a question.
” It starts young doesn’t it? They get hurt.”

Andy says, “All those people down there, walking and driving around, confused—angry, hurt, wounded, afraid, resentful—they all have something in common.”

“What’s that?” Steven says.

“…they’ve learned to protect themselves. Now they’re adults and they’re discovering this cruel secret: they can’t protect themselves. In fact, the last person who can protect them is them.” Wow!!

Bo’s Café helped me identify some of the lies that I believed about myself, some of the old tapes I had playing in my head until Jesus set me free. Andy takes it a little deeper in a very simple but profound way. I think this is a must read for everyone. I know that I’m going to be reading this book again and again, giving it out to my family and friends.

I had asked the authors about their book club experience and here's what they had to say. These guys are a hoot!!

Nora, thank you for inviting us to engage with you at Bo’s Café. It’s great to meet you! In return, we invite you to can join us at as the characters of Bo’s Café hang out at Bo’s Café every week on our blogs and as we three get to talk about our community on our 15 minute podcast.

We are new to “book clubs.” When Bill hears “club” he thinks golf clubs. When John hears “club” he thinks Club Med. Bruce is the only one who has been in a book club, which didn’t last long before he and his family needed to make the move from Chicago to Phoenix to be with their friends John and Bill.

So our favorite book club is the one to which we have yet to be invited! You, Nora!—you could be our first book club interview—if you like our book! Let us know!!

As you can tell from their comments here these guys are funny, yet very sincere in how they wrote Bo's Cafe. It's not like anything you've read! That's a GOOD thing!!

Nora St.Laurent
ACFW Book Club Coordinator

Author of The Shack William Paul Young had this to say about Bo's Cafe-- "Bo's Cafe is a treasure for all of us who harbor a longing to be authentic."

He's got that right. You just have to check this book out and discover its fun and wonder.


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  1. This book sounds incredible and I would love a chance to win it thanks

  2. This book does sound very different and very interesting. I would love a chance to win it.


  3. It will be interesting to see how three guys write a book together. It sounds like it would be fun to be around them for a while. I will ahve to check out Bo's Cafe website.


  4. I agree with Ginger from Suwanee. A book that three guys wrote must be interesting. Can't wait to check out the book and the website.

    Gail Mundy

  5. Sounds good. Would appreciate being entered in the drawing. Thank you!


  6. Sounds like a great book . . .I will look forward to reading it. I think we should definitely have these 3 guys at one of our book club meetings. It would be a blast I'm sure! Hope I win the book!
    Ann K.

  7. Nora Bo's Cafe sounds like a fun book to read. Look forward to it.
    Carol Littleton

  8. Wow! Interesting how 3 people can write a book! Can't wait to check out the website. In the meantime, the review sets us up for a great read!

  9. This is my type of book, as secular books do not refer to God and His ways, and how to apply what you know. This sounds like a great book!

    desertrose5173 at gmail dot com

    October 1 at 4:13pm

    I read your enterview About Bo's Cafe this morning . I was fasinated with the interview. Thanks gentlemen for wring the book!!!!

    Betsy Hoffman Schaknowski

  11. You are welcome, gentlewoman!

    Betsy, thanks for your kind words. Let us know how this plate of jumbo shrimp goes down for you (that will come clear for you around pg 52, Bo's Cafe)

    If you get a chance, we'd like to know how this story connects for you, and if you think of anyone while reading this adventure.

    Ann, if you and Nora invite us to our very first bookclub, one of us will try our best to drop in, and if we can't make it, Bo loves to crash those kind of parties.

    Everyone, this was fun! See ya at Bo's (

    Thank you Nora for starting this conversation for all of us, Bruce, John, & Bill

  12. I am always looking for more great male CF authors to read. This one sounds like it's just up may alley!
    cmrobin at bellsouth net

  13. I am most interested in this book because the three guys wrote together. I think that's different and would like to see their finished product. Please include me in the giveaway. Thanks. gasweetheart211{at]netscape{dot}net

  14. It's an amazing book. It will leave you longing for a place like Bo's Cafe where you can take of your mask and be loved more for who you really are, not less. It's one of those books that needs to be talked about over a copy of coffee or a plate of shrimp! I was fortunate enough to read a galley copy a few months before it came out and am thrilled now that others are joining in the reading of this book.

  15. This sounds like a really good book that I want to read! Bet these guys would be fun at Book Club.

    Marlene Rauch

  16. I think this book sounds exciting. I loved the Shack. My copy is still circulating around somewhere. I would love a chance to read this. Hope more books like this are written. Thanks.

  17. When I first saw this book in CBD's fiction catalogue, I decided to pass it by for some reason. But as I look at it more closely, read Nora's review, and see the authors' humor, I definitely want to read it. Thank you so much for the chance to win a copy.

    cjarvis [at] bellsouth [dot] net

  18. Nora the books sounds great...maybe we can read it next year in the bookclub??? Anyways, I'd love to be entered to win one of the copies. Tks...

  19. Would love to read this!

    and we posted about it at Winning Readings:

  20. Nora, The book sounds great! I can't wait to read it! Would love to win a copy. I also think it would make a great book club read next year. Tisha

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    But I'd love to win one

  23. Hhmmm, I love books that you have to chew on for a while. Those kind that you read, put down and then pick back up looking for that section that just keeps nagging at you. I love it when a characters story becomes a part of you.

    Nora, Thanks for reviewing this one for us.. I will be picking it up.

    Carole Sue

  24. Would love to win this. I have never read a Christian fiction book. This book keeps popping up everywhere I go, maybe it is for a reason?

  25. I love the sound of this book! It would be great to win it, as our money is so tight; but I'll find a way to read it, one way or the other (legally, of course - LOL!).

    Midgie Bardo
    Kalamazoo, MI