BIO: In 2006, Rebeca decided to join their ranks and sold her first novel specifically for the scrapbooking world, Prints Charming, to Thomas Nelson Publishers. Creating a world of girlfriends and scrapbooking was such fun, she then signed on to write four more scrapbooking novels, this time for B&H Publishing Group. Sisters, Ink, the firstnovel in the series, will release February 2008. Subsequent books in the series will release every six months. For those of you who hate math, that means there will be another Sisters, Ink novel in August 2008, February 2009, and August 2009. (Rebeca understands math deficiency - it's why she works in the world of words and leaves the math to her engineer-minded husband.)

After crafting a world where women came together to scrapbook, Rebeca realized how important her girlfriends were to her stability and growth as a wife and mom. When she moved to a new area, she learned just how hard it can be to find those kinds of girlfriends and - being high on all that sugar from the chocolate - decided to help other women in the same predicament. Thus, Sisters, Ink the community was born.

Rebeca Seitz loves to scrapbook. And read (while eating chocolate). And write (while eating chocolate). And hang out with girlfriends (while eating chocolate). And laugh (not while eating chocolate - that'd be gross!). And tell stories about her crazy husband and crazier toddler (pausing on the chocolate since her momma taught her not to talk with her mouth full). And...well, you get the picture. She's been in the publishing industry for many years as a literary publicist, securing media placement in places like The Today Show and USA Today for astounding authors of amazing fiction.

I've asked Rebeca about her Book Club Encounters.

Which do you prefer? Live, on the phone, or the on-line author chat? Why?

I prefer live. Communication is such a multi-dimensional thing and I suppose I’m just dumb enough to need every aspect of it to begin to make sense of what’s being said. Taking body language out of the equation leaves me resembling a confused puppy dog – vacant gaze, head twitching back and forth…

Please describe a book club experience that really moved you, encouraged you. Why did it touch you?

I visited several clubs during the release of Coming Unglued, which is about a woman’s struggle with infidelity. Many women shared with me stories from their own marriages or the marriages of their friends and children – stories of betrayal, loss, forgiveness, and redemption. One woman in particular, though, touched me deeply. Her husband cheated after thirty years of marriage. She was shocked, of course, and had gone through all the stages of grief, including finally forgiving him. But she still harbored a deep resentment for the “other woman”.

When she read Coming Unglued and then heard me talk about going through the experience of forgiving the “other”, she finally came to a place of admitting her resentment and then forgave. The look on this woman’s face, oh, it was pure freedom. She’s an older lady now, but the light shining from her eyes looked like a 20-year-old’s. I came away from that experience so grateful that God had used a nothing like me to help that lady come to a point of forgiveness. Humbling and awe-inspiring barely begin to describe it.

What surprised you most about doing a live book club event?

How enthusiastic everyone was about my stories! Writing is a difficult thing, especially for someone like me who wrestles with needing human approval as a sign I’m doing the “right” thing. Being in a roomful of story-lovers who have decided something I wrote was worthy…it’s a bit of heaven on earth. I remember when I visited your club, one of the ladies had marked passages in her copy of Sisters, Ink and read them out loud to the group so everyone could enjoy the words again. That felt like a shot of adrenaline straight to my heart! I left that night with an incredible feeling of affirmation. She didn’t know it, but God used that lady to encourage me to write the next one.

What do you like most about the book club experience?

Getting to meet people. Book lovers are such fun people and they always give great conversation!

Did you get an unexpected reaction to a book your read? Didn't expect your audience to find something on one of your books or react they way they did?

I’m shocked every single time a woman tells me that Coming Unglued helped her through her experience with marital betrayal. I was floored when a lady told me that I “nailed” the emotions in Scrapping Plans. I’ve never personally experienced infertility (what the main character of Scrapping Plans wrestles with), but have walked that road with two people in my life whom I dearly love. Knowing that the story stayed true to their emotions, hearing that from a reader trudging down the infertility path, surprised me.

Rebeca it was great fun to have you speak to my book clubs. You were funny, full of life and expecting your second baby. I had told you I was hesitant to read your books because I wasn't a scrapbooker. I was and still am pleasantly surprised how much fun your books are and at the same time the message is so clear and moving.

Thanks for stopping by to share your book club encounters. All the best to you on your writing and book club adventures.


Nora :D
Book Club Servant Leader

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