Fear Not Tomorrow, God Is Already There
By Ruth Graham
Published by Howard Books
274 Pages

Back Cover: Tomorrow is a word often filled with promise and hope. But during times of uncertainty, the very thought of tomorrow can be filled with fear.

An unexpected turn of events can flip our lives upside down and bring us face-to-face with daunting challenges that leave us feeling anxious, inadequate, overpowered, ill-equipped, or even beyond hope.

Can God be trusted? Does He care? Ruth Graham asked herself these questions as she faced uncertainty in her own life. Join her as she explores the character of God as revealed in Jesus’ encounters with real people—a band of frightened fishermen, a woman facing unspeakable grief, a man scarred by his own sin, and others. You will discover as she did, that you need not fear tomorrow…God is already there.

God is at work in your life, demonstrating His character and His love in the midst of your trials. Within these pages you will encounter the all-sufficiency of God and His power to enfold your tomorrows in His might grip.

REVIEW:I met Ruth Graham a few years back and I could sense her presence as I read this book. She is honest and frank as she talks about stories from her life where God became real. Ruth also tells of her struggle with fear and other issues.

Some of the chapters in this book are titled Trust at My Doorstep, Discover His Trustworthiness, Experience His Presence, Know His Comfort. In each chapter Ruth gives a story from her own life and one from the bible, that helps describe yet another aspect of God which helped her grow in His love and the plan He has for her life.

I liked how Ruth described fear. “Fear takes the air out of life. When we live with fear, we lose our capacity for fun and spontaneity. We struggle to love others whole heartedly...sometimes we experience fear as torment. Torment is not God’s will for us. God is committed to our peace.”

Ruth also says, “When I am willing to be myself, when I am willing to let God work through my insufficiency, incredible things can happen. Through my weaknesses God can work and show His greatness. Paul taught this truth." I liked how Ruth helps us apply scripture to our lives.

In the back of this book, Ruth includes a list of God’s attributes in alphabetical order. This can be used as a tool in prayer. It’s also a starting point for praising God. I was really encouraged by the message and hope in Ruth’s story. It’s easy to understand and refreshing. As I read this book, I was in awe at how Ruth was able to inspire me from beginning to end. I know that you will be inspired as well!

(I signed up for this blog tour and received a copy of this book)

Nora St.Laurent
ACFW On-Line Book Club Coordinator


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