by Linda S. Clare
Published By: Abingdon Press
ISBN# 9781426700736
294 Pages

Back Cover: When legally separated Muri Pond, a librarian, hauls her kids, teenager Nova and eleven year-old Truman, out to the tiny town of Murkee, Oregon, where her father, Joe Pond lived and died, she's confronted by a neighbor's harassment over water rights and Joe's legacy: a fence made from old oven doors.
The fence and accompanying house trailer horrify rebellious Nova, who runs away to the drug-infested streets of Seattle. Muri searches for her daughter and for something to believe in, all the while trying to save her inheritance from the conniving neighbor who calls her dad Chief Joseph. Along with Joe's sister, Aunt Lutie, and the Red Rock Tabernacle Ladies, Muri must rediscover the faith her alcoholic dad never abandoned in order to reclaim her own spiritual path.

REVIEW: Linda Clare pens a very heart warming and sensitive story about a woman, Muri Pond, who's whole world has been turned upside down with her pending divorce. An Aunt she hardly knows seeks her out for help. Help in keeping the property that belonged to her father. The father she never remembered meeting. Her mother divorced him when she was very young. She had hopes of meeting him someday but learns through her Aunt, her father is dead.

Muri brings her two teenage children to stay with her Aunt while she tries to understand the lawsuit against her fathe's property for water rights. When they get to Central Oregon high desert property and discover that her Aunt lives in a trailer in the middle of nowhere she wonder's if she's done the right thing. There's no Super Walmart, or any other modern convience near by. What has she done.

Life as Muri and her children have known it is over. Fighting this legal battle might take longer than she thinks. Her oldest child, Nova, gives her mother a really bad time (the way only teenagers can) about taking them away from her friends and the world they left behind. Nova couldn't get out of this dessert trap fast enough.

Murir discovers things about herself, her father and the beautiful nature around her that surprise her. In the author notes Linda reveals that she has had a similar journey in life where she was seeking to learn about her father and her Native American roots. I really enjoyed how Linda told this story thought the eyes of Muri with all her struggles, feelings and wonder. I received a review copy of this book and I'm looking forward to reading more books by this author.

Nora St.Laurent
ACFW Book Club Coordinator

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  1. Okay Nora....I'm posting the opposite opinion on this one. Just finished it and...bleck!! DID NOT like this one.

    Oh well...I've got to be honest. I'd say I'd re-read it to see what I missed, but the thought makes me shudder.