Did you come up with the titles to your Chick lit book series? They are very catchy. If not, what were the working titles of your books?

I have to confess, I suck at titles. Sushi for One - was originally The Ephesians List, then Solo Sashimi in the proposal, but Zondervan marketing decided on Sushi for One.

Only Uni was originally The Corinthian Rules when I first wrote it,but after Sushi for One was titled, in my proposal, I gave it a working title of Only Uni. It wasn't a very good title, but I couldn't come up with anything better, and I thought they'd change it...except they liked it!

Single Sashimi was originally The Lone Rice Ball, but someone mentioned that it might be a racial slur, so there were a bunch of suggestions, and I suggested Single Sashimi.

Did you have any say so in the book covers for your books? They are very unique and have eye appeal. I really liked them. Were you pleased? Any cover stories you'd like to share-things that happened in choosing the cover for your books?

I love the covers! The women are beautiful and they look a bit like how I'd pictured the three cousins. What was funny was when my mom looked at the covers. She's pretty accurate at telling what exact ethnicity Asian people are by looking at them--whether Japanese,Chinese, Korean, etc. (I, however, pretty much suck at it). Lex and Trish (Sushi for One and Only Uni, the red and green covers) are supposed to be full Japanese, while Venus (Single Sashimi, the gold cover) is supposed to be half Chinese, half Japanese. But Mom looked at the covers and told me that she thinks the models for Sushi for One and Only Uni are Chinese! And then the model for Single Sashimi is Korean! LOL I told her I didn't care because they're all beautiful. :)

How did you come up with the idea for Deadly Intent? I really liked that this story took place in a spa—an experience with a spa? Have to do research? It was a fun back drop.

I wanted to place the book in a small town, with a small town feel,and zeroed in on Sonoma, California, since it's not only a small town,but also a tourist town with lots of traffic in and out--the perfect place for a murder, since there's a good possibility for a (deadly)chance encounter. Sonoma is mostly wineries, but I wanted to place the book somewhere unique, and came up with the idea of a day spa since
there are several decadent day spas in Sonoma to cater to the tourists. I actually based the Joy Luck Life spa off of the Burke Williams day spa in Santana Row in San Jose, California, which is simply one of the most luxurious spas I've ever been to (not that I've been to a lot of them...but I was blown away when I went with a friend
of mine a few years ago!). I bumped it up even more with my imagination and some help from the TV show Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous. :)

Do you plan on writing anymore suspenseful stories like Deadly Intent? I kept looking at the front cover when I first started reading the book and verified that you were writing it. It was such a great change for you and the first series of books you wrote. I can’t imagine all the places you could go in your suspense/drama writing if you had a few more chapters to write!! I really can see you doing that!!

I actually just contracted for a sequel to Deadly Intent! It's called Formula for Danger and it'll be out in September next year. It's about the eldest sister, Rachel, who has a PhD and is the resident dermatologist researcher at the spa,coming up with unique skin care products for spa guests. However, someone is after her latest research and she turns for help to a local greenhouse farmer who has been
helping her develop the special plants for her new breakthrough product--and who is her secret crush. But now they're both in danger as someone tries to steal the new product and take Rachel's life at the same time!

Is being an author everything you thought it would be? If not, what has been surprising to you?

Now that I'm writing for a living, WRITING NEVER GETS ANY EASIER!!!!

What was your favorite scene in Deadly Intent to write? What was your hardest? Please explain.

My favorite scene in Deadly Intent is the kiss in the middle of the garden! (I mean, it's a kiss...of course it's a favorite scene! LOL) I imagine the gardens outside the Joy Luck Life spa to be like the gardens outside of the Kendall Jackson winery in Sonoma, which are beautiful!

The hardest scene is near the end when she's trying to escape the villain. I wanted a fight scene that would be realistic for a woman of Naomi's height, weight, and experience. I had to ask my husband--who watches a lot of mixed martial arts and jujitsu fights--to help me with how a woman could overpower someone realistically, without some stroke of pure luck making everything convenient for her.


You have the opportunity to go back in time and experience two events in the history of the world—what TWO events would you pick and why?

I'd get to know Jane Austen sometime before she died and try to save her letters which her sister Cassandra burned. I love Jane Austen--I think she was one of the wittiest women alive--and I'd love to read those letters!

Name four jobs that you’ve had in your life that might surprise us?

That might be hard because I've only ever had 5 jobs in my life, two of which are biology and writing. Library page in high school Desk manager at the Media Center library Flier distributor in college.

Name four places that you’ve lived? What was your favorite place and why?

I've only lived in two states--Hawaii--grew up there--and California. Within California,I lived in Stanford University when I was a student there, then Palo Alto, Sunnyvale, Santa Clara, and San Jose--all within the San Francisco Bay Area. I like San Jose the best because there are lots of great places to eat, and I get to live in a nice suburb that's not too urban but not too rural. I couldn't live too far
away from Starbucks. :)

What were four of your favorite TV shows you watched as a kid? The ones that
you just couldn’t miss!

They're all Japanese animation shows:

Star Blazers

What movie had the greatest impact on you as a kid? Why?

Dad took me and my brother to see Star Wars, but I don't remember it well--I do, however, remember when he took us to see The Empire Strikes Back. It was "Dad time" for us because Mom didn't want to see those movies.

Name four websites you visit daily.

You find yourself in a life threatening situation who would you pick to save you? You are the author her you can be creative, the sky is the limit.

Aragorn from Lord of the Rings. Because he's HOT!

What is a special quality, talent or event that you’ve experience that might surprise people?

I knit. Obsessively. And I mean, OBSESSIVELY. I will knit while I'm
talking to you. I'd knit while walking if I could do it without getting my yarn sweaty. I'd knit while eating if it wouldn't get food spilled on my yarn.

If you could hang out with TWO people in this history of the world (besides Jesus—which is a given) who would you pick? Why? What would you do?

Jane Austen because she's so flippin' funny. We'd have a ball.

Elizabeth Zimmerman, one of the knitting greats, because she could
teach me things no knitter every knew.

Name three everyday things you wouldn’t want to live without?

Potato chips


I blog about my obsessive knitting here:

And I promise I blog about other things, too! Also, join my newsletter YahooGroup because I said so.

Thanks for having me here, Nora! That lunch we had in Atlanta was way fun!!!!

Single Sashimi (Zondervan)
Deadly Intent (Love Inspired Suspense, July 2009)
Romance with a kick of wasabi

Hey Camy the lunch was fun. We should have taken pictures so I could have posted it here!! :D I really appreciate you stopping by and letting my readers get to know you. I’m looking forward to our ACFW On-Line Book Club chat starting Nov. 20th until the end of the month and then the Live Chat on Dec. 7th.

Anyone interested in joining us can just sign up to be a ACFW Book Club Member at there is not cost. We have lots of fun don’t we Camy?

Talk to you soon on-line. Blessings on your writing adventures, Camy.

Nora :D


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Thanks Camy for this opportunity for us to get to know you and your books better.

Blessings on your writing adventures.


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