BIO From Ann's Blog: Ann's mother always wanted to write a book about her ancestors. She felt there was enough material in her collection of family memoirs, which dated back to the 1600's, to make fascinating reading.

Thanks to the computer age, she wrote the book her mother had envisioned and in the late 1990's distributed it to family and interested historians.

In the process of researching her family history, Ann discovered that all of the collected memoirs had been written by men. Memories of the American Revolution, the Mexican and Civil Wars, and the westward migration were all told from the male perspective. What was life like for the women who maintained the homes, reared the children, and followed their husbands from place to place? That question sparked her interest in writing fiction to fill in the gaps. Over the next several years Ann learned her craft by attending classes, reading books, and, yes, collecting a few rejections.

On a research trip to Kentucky in 1997, Ann and her husband, Richard, were fortunate enough to locate the graves of her great-great-great grandparents on the land they had settled in 1800. Standing in front of her great-times-three grandmother's resting place, Ann promised that grandmother she would not be forgotten.

The At Home in Beldon Grove series honors that promise. The first volume, titled The Edge of Light, is scheduled to be released in January, 2009.

One of the best things Ann learned about fiction is that it's okay to make stuff up! Thus, although these novels are inspired by her courageous female ancestors, the largest percentage of their adventures are fictional. Ann leaves it to her readers to separate truth from "it could have happened like this."

Have you ever been involved in a book club as a member before?

No, I'm not in a book club, and haven't been in one. Would love to be in a local club, but with writing deadlines now I don't have the free time. Guess that's a smile/frown. Maybe someday. I do reviews of books I recommend on my blog, so that's as close as I get right now.

What has you book club experience been like? Please explain.

I've done book club phone interviews and loved them. It really wasn't much different than answering questions in person to an audience, except I couldn't see my questioners.

What do you like best about speaking to book clubs?
What I like most about the experience is talking with people who have read my book and have questions and comments about the story. I love to share about my characters and the history behind the books I write.

Thanks Nora for letting me talk about book club. I hope to be in one some day.


Ann Shorey

Yesterday's women--Today's issues.
"The Edge of Light" Available now from Revell
"The Promise of Morning" Available March 2010

Hey, Ann; Thanks so much for stopping by an letting us get to know you, your books and your book club experience. If you were closer we'd love to have you at our book club.

Blessings to you in your writing adventures.

Nora :D
ACFW Book Club Coordinator


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