RICK ACKER'S BIO: Rick Acker writes his novels while commuting to and from his "real job" as a Deputy Attorney General in the California Department of Justice. His most recent novel, Blood Brothers, is an intense sequel to the legal thriller Dead Man's Rule. Christy award-winning author Randy Ingermanson calls Blood Brothers "an excellent legal suspense novel, with a strong biotech backdrop. It reminded me of Michael Crichton's latest novel, Next, except that Blood Brothers is better." Rick is also the author of the well reviewed Davis Detective Mysteries, a series of adventure/mystery novels for "tweens."

Rick is a transplanted Chicagoan who spent thirty-five years in the Midwest before finally trading the certainty of winter and mosquitoes for the risk of earthquakes. He now lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with his wife, Anette, their four children, and two cats.

Which do you prefer? Live, on the phone, or the on-line author chat? Why?

Definitely live. Phone or on-line chats are fun too, but nothing quite compares to being in the same room with the people you’re talking with.

Please describe a book club experience that really moved you, encouraged you. Why did it touch you?

Talking to kids is always special. I started out writing young adult action/mystery stories (The Davis Detective series) and I still speak to “tweens” whenever I can. They’re just starting to make the major life decisions that most of my adult audiences have already made, so I know that what I say in my books and in person can have a real impact on them. They also have a wonderful enthusiasm and openness. I always come away from those talks wanting to write more YA novels.

What do you like most about the book club experience?

I love getting readers’ perspectives on my books—which characters and scenes they liked and which they didn’t, what messages they drew from the story, which plot twists completely surprised them and which they saw coming, etc. I always learn something new!

Did you get an unexpected reaction to a book? Didn't expect your audience to find something on one of your books or react they way they did?

I almost always get at least one unexpected reaction, usually to some minor detail. For example, I just spoke to a terrific local club about my most recent release, Blood Brothers. It tells the story of two brothers who built a $300 million company together and are now locked in a bitter feud over it. I use the image of the two brothers fishing together as boys to symbolize their long dormant filial love. The book club members noticed and liked those scenes, and several of them mentioned something I’d completely forgotten: the brothers would freeze a canteen of lemonade on hot summer days and drink it as it thawed. That detail made the word picture come to life for them in a way that I hadn’t anticipated.

Thank you for stopping by Rick and letting us get to know you and your books better. I love book clubs too!! But you already know that. :D

Can't wait to meet you at my book club in February 2010.
Until then Blessings on your writing adventures Rick!!

Nora :D
ACFW Book Club Coordinator

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  1. Thanks for having me on your blog, Nora! And thanks for inviting me to speak to your club in February. I'm looking forward to it.