Which do you prefer? Live, on the phone, or the on-line author chat? Why?

Definitely live, as much as possible. I want to interact with my readers. I want to meet them. They are always with me when I am working, whether I have met them at the time of the writing yet or not. Getting to meet readers in person is one of the greatest privileges of writing, and the greatest rewards of the long days and bleary-eyed nights that go into a book. I leave writing a bit shell-shocked every time, reeling and hollow. But the moment I see that face and hug that person, it is all worth it and I am filled again.

Please describe a book club experience that really moved you, encouraged you. Why did it touch you?

One of the clubs I spoke with on the phone asked me if I would promise to read my own book, Havah. This touched me in that they wanted me to see it as they saw it—not as the giant pile of long hours and headaches and backaches and hair-pulling that went into it—but as the story experience that they did. The other thing that constantly moves me is when readers thank me for having written one of my books. I am just flattened with humility.

What surprised you most about doing a live book club event?

How much fun and laughter there is. To hear the things, the nuances and details that book club members pick up on. There is no getting anything by book club readers!

What surprised you about doing a phone chat with a club?

How much I wish I could be there with them in person.

What surprised you most about doing the on-line book club chat?

How much, again, I wish I could be there with them. But also—in every situation—the great questions they ask. Some of them are real stumpers. Also, by the time I meet with a book club, my book might have been out already a year or two. Their memory of the book is by then much fresher than mine! I had one reader remind me of something I had totally forgotten once. That was great. Embarrassing, but really great.

What do you like most about the book club experience?

I just love the people. I leave inspired to write for them, for each of them, specifically and individually. Their faces are printed on my heart. Their kindnesses and encouragements and love is something I take with me.

Did you get an unexpected reaction to a book your read? Didn't expect your audience to find something on one of your books or react they way they did?

I was a little worried about how readers would respond to the controversial nature and tone of my books; they are both controversial for different reasons. I did not expect the way clubs would discuss and process the risks we take as writers, the way they would recognize and support us for those. I am so grateful for it and for them.


Thanks for stopping by and telling us about your book club experiences. I know that I have enjoyed meeting you and hearing how the Lord has inspired you in your writing. I'm thankful to have met you and have you speak to my book clubs. I look forward to meeting up with you again.

Blessings to you on your writing adventures. You are a delight and so are your books.


Nora :D

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  1. Nice Q & A...Hope you all loved the books as much as I did. Tosca is a major wordsmith.