THIRSTY - by Tracey Bateman - REVIEWED

By Tracey Bateman
Published by: Waterbrook Press
ISBN# 978-0-307-45715-8
376 Pages

Back Cover: For Nina, even in recovery, the truth of the declaration has demolished her hopes and condemned her to return to the town she ran away from nearly two decades earlier-Abbey Hills, Missouri. But the place she once called home is no safe haven. A ritualistic-style murder.

Animals are disappearing from the Ozark reserve where Nina works, and turn up slaughtered. And someone-or some thing-is watching Nina. Wanting her and Stalking her with a 250-year-old desire that burns like a raging wildfire.

Nina's ex-husband Hunt shows up, hoping to protect Nina and Megan, the angry teenage daughter who followed her to Missouri. But another man has entered the picture, testing Nina as she attempts to walk the tightrope of recovery-and the power of thirst. Much more than Nina Parker's love hangs in the balance. The battle between love and obsession is destined to unfold to its startling, unforgettable end.

REVIEW: I’m a huge Tracey Bateman fan, so when the opportunity came to sign up for Thirsty’s blog tour and receive a review copy, I quickly signed up. I’ve read Tracey’s Leave it to Claire series, the Westward Heart Series, and the Drama Queen Series, all of them showing different aspects of this talented author. Thirsty shows yet again how versatile Tracey is in her writing.

I’m not a vampire expert by any stretch of the imagination. In fact the only other vampire book I’ve read is Twighlight, which took a lighthearted, humorous look at vampires, their families and how they got along in a High School setting.Tracey’s book is far from humorous. Thirsty begins with a prologue where you meet Markus, a male vampire. Chapter one you meet Nina, the main character who struggles with addiction. Nina has made decisions under the influence that have cost her dearly.

After rehab, Nina moves back to her childhood home in Texas, with the support of her ex-husband Hunt and her family that lived there. Nina desired a new beginning. She needed strength to face the demons and pain that haunted her mind and emotions daily. They lived there. She was facing them without a pain killer? Would she make it?
Tracy explores the struggles Nina faces trying to change her life. God is the only one who can bring change and healing in relationships. This is what her ex-husband says about loving Nina, “Too bad winning her heart meant giving her the power to break mine into a million pieces.” Hunt knows all too well that loving someone makes you vulnerable.

Markus the vampire seeks Nina out because she is the only one that can truly understand him. She struggled with demons inside her like he did. The struggle he had to battle with--his thirst to kill humans for their blood, he knew she could relate to that struggle.

This story surprised me. Tracey really gets to the heart of an addicts struggle to be free. The only way to truly do that is through Jesus Christ. No way around it; this was part of Nina’s struggle too. She was running from God. This is a heartfelt story. Tracey has you care about her characters even the vampires. I could feel the characters struggles, cheer with them in their victories and feel sad for their losses.

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Nora St.Laurent
ACFW Book Club Coordinator


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